391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95865
Aircraft Details for serial number: 42-95865 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-95865 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26B-50-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 16/11/43. Next listed at Charleston Army Air Field, South Carolina (ATC) from 13/12/43. Then went to the 3rd AF staging area at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 14/12/43), Daytona Beach Municipal Airport, Florida (from 29/12/43), and to Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, Florida (30/12/43), from where the aircraft was flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Carribean Wing), departing the USA on 1/1/44. The aircraft record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe - 8th AF) on 1/1/44, and SOXO R (Europe - 8th AF) from 30/1/44. Shot down by Me-109 and Fw-190 fighters on the 23/12/44 Ahrweiler Railway Viaduct mission. The aircraft flown by Capt. Clyde G Brown had its tail shot off and crashed near Bollendorf, Luxemburg. Only two crew members, the radio operator and tail gunner managed to bail, and both were captured as POW's. Engines, P&W, R-2800-43, serials: 42-52398 (left), and, FP-060174 (right). The aircraft had flown 107 combat missions. Earlier flown by Lt. F J Majka. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, SOXO CON SAL NBD on 23/12/44.

Incident listing for serial number: 42-95865
Mission Source_id Description Serial
203M11664MACR 11664, 42-95865. 23 Dec 194442-95865

Picture listing for serial number: 42-95865
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"Sky Hag"Nose Art42-95865
"Skyhag"Nose Art42-95865
Majka CrewCrews42-95865
Saunders CrewCrews42-95865
"Skyhag"Nose Art42-95865
"Lady Chance" and "Sky Hag" in flightAirplanes42-95865
"Skyhag"Nose Art42-95865

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-95865
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
115 Feb 1944166232Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
224 Feb 1944166235Bird, S.574865-42-95865
325 Feb 1944166113Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
702 Mar 1944166213Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
803 Mar 1944166236Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
1005 Mar 1944166122Bird, S.574865-42-95865
1106 Mar 1944166112Fleck, W. E.574865-D42-95865
1207 Mar 1944166237Roeper, F. R.57434865-D242-95865
1318 Mar 1944166222Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865flak
1419 Mar 1944166212Majka, F. J.57431865-D42-95865
1520 Mar 1944166135Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
1826 Mar 1944166125Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
1927 Mar 1944166133Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
2008 Apr 1944166132Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
2412 Apr 1944166133Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
2518 Apr 1944166333Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
2619 Apr 1944166135Majka, F. J.57422865-D42-95865
2719 Apr 1944166135Majka, F. J.57422865-D42-95865
2820 Apr 1944166122Blute, J. W.574865-42-95865aborted
3021 Apr 1944166227Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865flak
3222 Apr 1944166232Alexander, J. P.574865-D42-95865
3525 Apr 1944166136Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865flak
3625 Apr 1944166116Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
3726 Apr 1944166135Dauteuil, D. F.574865-42-95865
3827 Apr 1944166231Schleicher, F. K.574865-42-95865
3927 Apr 1944166321Schleicher, F. K.574865-N42-95865flak
4028 Apr 1944166223Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
4707 May 1944166214Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
4908 May 1944166226Smith, J. W.574865-42-95865
5008 May 1944166225Smith, J. W.57434865-D42-95865
5109 May 1944166227Whitson, J. H.57434865-D42-95865
5310 May 1944166116Watson, F. D.574865-42-95865
5410 May 1944166115Callison, W. K.574865-42-95865
5511 May 1944166116Newman, R. A.57434865-D42-95865flak
5611 May 1944166123Stanfield, L. B.574865-42-95865
5712 May 1944166126Kiedinger, C. E.574865-42-95865
6119 May 1944166126Evans, F. L.574865-D42-95865
6220 May 1944166215Bollinger, C. M.574865-D42-95865
6320 May 1944166136Sullivan, L. R.57434865-D42-95865
6522 May 1944166224Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
6623 May 1944166215Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
6724 May 1944166244Spare, 34865-D42-95865spare
7026 May 1944166134Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
7127 May 1944166124Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
7227 May 1944166113Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865flak
7328 May 1944166243Spare, 34865-D42-95865spare
7428 May 1944166124Harlow, F. S.57434865-D42-95865flak
7529 May 1944166222Bollinger, C. M.57434865-D142-95865
7629 May 1944166112Petrich, M. R.34865-D42-95865no fly
7730 May 1944166234Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
8103 Jun 1944166116Alexander, J. P.574865-D42-95865
8204 Jun 1944166114Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865aborted
8305 Jun 1944166135Schreiber, L. A.57434865-D42-95865
8406 Jun 1944166132Evans, F. L.57434865-D42-95865
8607 Jun 1944166134Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
8808 Jun 1944166225Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865flak
8908 Jun 1944166226Kiedinger, C. E.57434865-D42-95865
9413 Jun 1944166233Wolfe, D. H.57434865-D42-95865
9614 Jun 1944166122Schreiber, L. A.574865-42-95865
9817 Jun 1944166115Harnest, E. M.574865-D42-95865
10020 Jun 1944166326Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865flak
10121 Jun 1944166123Lakin, R. K.57434865-D42-95865
10422 Jun 1944166131Olfson, J. W.574865-D42-95865
10524 Jun 1944166225Boone, W. R.574865-D42-95865
10625 Jun 1944166234Sullens, J. A.574865-D42-95865
10730 Jun 1944166136Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
10906 Jul 1944166134Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
11007 Jul 1944166136Wolfe, W. W.57434865-D42-95865
11515 Jul 1944166124Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865flak
11919 Jul 1944166231Majka, F. J.574865-K42-95865
12225 Jul 1944166132Wolfe, W. W.574865-D42-95865
12731 Jul 1944166236Watson, F. D.574865-D42-95865
13708 Aug 1944166136Boyd, R. H.574865-42-95865
13808 Aug 1944166126Kiedinger, C. E.574865-D42-95865
13910 Aug 1944166132Kiedinger, C. E.574865-D42-95865flak
14010 Aug 1944166234Shaffner, L. H.574865-D42-95865
14111 Aug 1944166234Majka, F. J.574865-42-95865
14212 Aug 1944166224Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865flak
14313 Aug 1944166235Saunders, R. M.574865-42-95865
14413 Aug 1944166226Saunders, R. M.57434865-D42-95865
14514 Aug 1944166232Jacobi, S.34865-D42-95865no fly
14615 Aug 1944166132Majka, F. J.574865-D42-95865
14716 Aug 1944166133Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
14816 Aug 1944166135Kirschke, W. H. E.574865-D42-95865
15018 Aug 1944166131Ruble, J. C.57434865-D42-95865
15327 Aug 1944166224Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
15427 Aug 1944166234Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
15530 Aug 1944166233Brockway, H. M.57434865-D42-95865
15601 Sep 1944166134Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
16005 Sep 1944166213Willis, J. B.57434865-D42-95865
16411 Sep 1944166137Chism, J. W.34865-D42-95865spare
16512 Sep 1944166233Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
16612 Sep 1944166212Majka, F. J.57434865-D42-95865
16714 Sep 1944166234Breesman, R. N.57434865-D42-95865
16816 Sep 1944166134Horridge, R. M.57434865-D42-95865
17023 Sep 1944166115Tomon, R. A.57434865-D42-95865
17127 Sep 1944166116Cambier, O. J.57434865-D42-95865
17229 Sep 1944166216Henage, G. F.57434865-D42-95865
17302 Oct 1944A-73122Newman, R. A.574865-D42-95865
-17405 Oct 1944A-73215Matus, P. M.574865-D42-95865aborted
17406 Oct 1944A-73215Matus, P. M.574865-D42-95865flak
17507 Oct 1944A-73233Flanagan, R. J.574865-D42-95865
18029 Oct 1944A-73226Ackland, G. G.574RW865-D42-95865
18309 Nov 1944A-73124Brown, C. G.574RW865-D42-95865
18410 Nov 1944A-73122Matus, P. M.574RW865-D42-95865
18511 Nov 1944A-73124Flanagan, R. J.574R865-D42-95865
18618 Nov 1944A-73115Brown, C. G.574RW865-D42-95865flak
18819 Nov 1944A-73115Flanagan, R. J.574865-42-95865
18921 Nov 1944A-73132Matus, P. M.574865-42-95865
19128 Nov 1944A-73135Brown, C. G.574RW865-D42-95865
19229 Nov 1944A-73132Flanagan, R. J.574RW865-O42-95865
19401 Dec 1944A-73213Detjens, D. C.574865-D42-95865
19502 Dec 1944A-73235Donnelly, E. F.574RW865-D42-95865flak
19709 Dec 1944A-73224Flanagan, R. J.574RW865-D42-95865
19810 Dec 1944A-73232Morris, W. E.574865-42-95865flak
19911 Dec 1944A-73233Flanagan, R. J.574RW865-D42-95865
20012 Dec 1944A-73116Flanagan, R. J.574RW865-D42-95865
20113 Dec 1944A-73115Spangler, R. B.574865-42-95865
20215 Dec 1944A-73135Morris, W. E.574RW865-D42-95865
20323 Dec 1944A-73234Brown, C. G.574865-42-95865