391st BOMB GROUP: Missions with taxi sheets

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Mission number Station Date Target Type Country Taxi Sheet Website
416625 Feb 1944Cambrai/EpinoyAirfieldFranceXView
71662 Mar 1944AmiensMarshaling YardFranceXView
3116622 Apr 1944near CormetteMilitaryFranceXView
4016628 Apr 1944CreilMarshaling YardFranceXView
431661 May 1944DouaiMarshaling YardFranceXView
441661 May 1944ValenciennesMarshaling YardXView
451662 May 1944ValenciennesMarshaling YardXView
471667 May 1944Mezieres/CharlevilleMarshaling YardXView
481667 May 1944Le MansA/C Repair PlantFranceXView
5316610 May 1944MonsMarshaling YardBelgiumXView
5416610 May 1944DouaiMarshaling YardFranceXView
6016615 May 1944Evreux/FauvilleAirfieldXView
6116619 May 1944FecampCoastal GunsFranceXView
6516622 May 1944Beaumont-Le-RogerAirfieldFranceXView
7016626 May 1944PoissyBridgeXView
7116627 May 1944St. Pierre du VauvrayRR BridgeXView
7216627 May 1944Maisons-LafitteBridgeXView
7716630 May 1944Mantes-GassicourtBridgeXView
7816631 May 1944Courcelles-Sur-SeineBridgeFranceXView
811663 Jun 1944Mont FleuryCoastal GunsXView
821664 Jun 1944GravelinesCoastal GunsXView
841666 Jun 1944Benerville, Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, and MaisyCoastal GunsFranceXView
871667 Jun 1944BriouzeRR SidingsFranceXView
881668 Jun 1944ValognesRR JunctionXView
9016610 Jun 1944La Pernelle; Coastal Defense Battery and Radar Station at Aigremont.Nav. Beam StationFranceXView
9316612 Jun 1944GranvilleCoastal GunsFranceXView
9516613 Jun 1944MarignyRoad JunctionView
9616614 Jun 1944Gallardon's PontRR Junctn/SidngsXView
9716615 Jun 1944St. Martin du BesacesMilitary HqsXView
9916618 Jun 1944Foret d'AndaineFuel & Ammo DumpXView
10016620 Jun 1944Predefin and La Belle HotesseV-1 BaseXView
10116621 Jun 1944Le GrismontV-1 BaseXView
10216621 Jun 1944Erny/St. JulienV-1 BaseXView
10616625 Jun 1944Foret d'EcouvesFuel DumpXView
1081665 Jul 1944SenonchesFuel & Ammo DumpFranceXView
1091666 Jul 1944MaintenonViaductXView
1101667 Jul 1944UssyTroop CenterView
11416612 Jul 1944Cinq MarsRR BridgeFranceXView
11916619 Jul 1944Mantes-GassicourtRR BridgeView
12016623 Jul 1944Foret de ConchesFuel DumpXView
12116624 Jul 1944LavalRR ViaductFranceXView
12216625 Jul 1944St. LoClose SupportXView
12316626 Jul 1944MarignyNA-WeatherXView
12416628 Jul 1944Grosley-sur-RisleRR BridgeXView
12716631 Jul 1944NantesRR BridgeFranceXView
1281661 Aug 1944BourthRR BridgeFranceXView
1311665 Aug 1944Le MansRR BridgeFranceXView
1321665 Aug 1944Le MansRR BridgeFranceView
1331666 Aug 1944CourtalainRR BridgeFranceXView
1371668 Aug 1944Anizy Le ChateauRR BridgeFranceXView
16316610 Sep 1944Custines & PompeyClose SupportFranceXView
16416611 Sep 1944BrestCoastal GunsFranceXView
16716614 Sep 1944Brest, Camaret, CrozonStrongpointsFranceXView
171A-7327 Sep 1944Foret de Parroy??XView
182A-733 Nov 1944MorschiedRR BridgeXView
185A-7311 Nov 1944EuskirchenRR BridgeGermanyXView
192A-7329 Nov 1944Elsburg??XView
203A-7323 Dec 1944AhrweilerRR ViaductGermanyXView
204A-7323 Dec 1944NeuerburgDefended VillageXView
206A-7325 Dec 1944BitburgComm CenterGermanyXView
207A-7325 Dec 1944TabenRR BridgeXView
209A-731 Jan 1945Salm ChateauComm CenterBelgiumXView
210A-7314 Jan 1945BullayBridgeGermanyXView
212A-7322 Jan 1945GerolsteinSupply DepotXView
214A-7328 Jan 1945EllerRR BridgeXView
215A-7329 Jan 1945BlankenheimSupply & Comm. CenterGermanyXView
216A-731 Feb 1945SassauRR BridgeView
219A-736 Feb 1945Near Borfink??XView
220A-738 Feb 1945NutterdenDefended AreaView
223A-7310 Feb 1945Bergisch GladbachMotor DepotGermanyXView
230A-7318 Feb 1945PrachtRR BridgeView
243A-733 Mar 1945WiesbadenOrdnance DepotGermanyXView
245A-734 Mar 1945Rechlinghausen??XView
247A-736 Mar 1945SiegburgStorage DepotXView
251A-7311 Mar 1945Ettingshausen (note #2)Luftwaffe AirfieldXView
255A-7314 Mar 1945BabenhausenLuftwaffe AirfieldGermanyXView
261A-7318 Mar 1945Bad DurkheimComm. CenterGermanyXView
265A-7322 Mar 1945CoesfeldComm. CenterGermanyXView


#1 Taxi sheet lineup probably used for next day's mission to Konz Karthaus RR bridge.

#2 Taxi sheet says Worms marshalling yard.

#3 Not in history book (NB not annotated in original webpage !).