391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95808
Aircraft Details for serial number: 42-95808 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-95808 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26B-45-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 4/11/43. Next flown by New Castle (2nd Ferry Group), Wilmington, Deleware (from 1/12/43, to Godman Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky (from 5/12/43), and assigned to the 391st BG. Flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Carribean Wing), departing the USA on 8/1/44. The aircraft record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe - 8th AF) on 8/1/44, and SOXO R (Europe - 8th AF) from 30/1/44. Original group aircraft ferried over from the USA by 1st Lt. Thomas H. Brown & 1st Lt. Donald O'Hare. Flew 138 combat missions. The aircraft served with the 391st BG until the group converted to the Douglas A-26 Invader in March/April 1945, when it was transferred out. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, GLUE CON SAL FEA on 4/1/46.

Picture listing for serial number: 42-95808
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"Idiot's Delight"Nose Art42-95808
Lady Belle P2-K and Idiot's Delight O8-? in formationAirplanes42-95808
Lady Belle and Idiot's Delight in flightAirplanes42-95808
"Idiot's Delight"Nose Art42-95808

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-95808
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
115 Feb 1944166123Sparks, R. L.575808-42-95808
325 Feb 1944166222Harrison, P. L.575808-C42-95808
528 Feb 1944166116O'Hare, D. D.57537808-C42-95808flak
702 Mar 1944166313Petit, D. E.575808-42-95808
803 Mar 1944166125Bernzen, F.575808-42-95808flak
1005 Mar 1944166233O'Hare, D. D.575808-42-95808
1106 Mar 1944166133O'Hare, D. D.575808-42-95808
1207 Mar 1944166133O'Hare, D. D.57537808-C42-95808
1419 Mar 1944166123Curran, E. E.57535808-C42-95808flak
1520 Mar 1944166226O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
1623 Mar 1944166135O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
1826 Mar 1944166136O'Hare, D. D.57537808-C142-95808
2008 Apr 1944166222O'Hare, D. D.575808-42-95808
2110 Apr 1944166114O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
2311 Apr 1944166112O'Hare, D. D.575?808-C42-95808
2412 Apr 1944166234La Framboise, I. T.575808-42-95808
2518 Apr 1944166316O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808flak
3222 Apr 1944166215Watkinson, A. G.575808-C42-95808aborted
3323 Apr 1944166132Shaffner, L. H.575808-42-95808
3525 Apr 1944166224O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808flak
3625 Apr 1944166236O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
3726 Apr 1944166134O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
3827 Apr 1944166113O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
3927 Apr 1944166113O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
4028 Apr 1944166215Shofner, J. F.575808-C42-95808
4130 Apr 1944166222O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
4230 Apr 1944166222Jannsen, E. M.575808-C42-95808
4301 May 1944166224O'Hare, D. D.57537808-C42-95808
4401 May 1944166224O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
4502 May 1944166126Dauteuil, D. F.575808-42-95808
4604 May 1944166124O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
4707 May 1944166226Evans, F. L.575808-C42-95808
4908 May 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
5008 May 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.57537808-C42-95808flak
5109 May 1944166234O'Hare, D. D.57537808-C142-95808
5209 May 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
5611 May 1944166131Barger, T. J.575808-C142-95808
5712 May 1944166131O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
5812 May 1944166131O'Hare, D. D.575808-C42-95808
5913 May 1944166121O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808flak
6015 May 1944166236Rutledge, E.575808-C42-95808
6119 May 1944166125Watkinson, A. G.575808-C42-95808
6220 May 1944166114Hanish, B. C.575808-42-95808flak
6421 May 1944166126Jannsen, E. M.57544808-C42-95808
6724 May 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808flak
6925 May 1944166224O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808flak
7026 May 1944166125Talton, J. R.57544808-C142-95808
7127 May 1944166133Newman, R. A.57544808-C42-95808
7227 May 1944166125Newman, R. A.575808-C42-95808flak
7428 May 1944166114Jannsen, E. M.57544808-C42-95808flak
7901 Jun 1944166234Petrich, M. R.575808-C42-95808
8002 Jun 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808
8103 Jun 1944166123Stanfield, L. B.575808-C142-95808
8305 Jun 1944166131O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808
8406 Jun 1944166332Ruble, J. C.57544808-C142-95808
8506 Jun 1944166232Schreiber, L. A.575808-C42-95808
8707 Jun 1944166131O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808flak
9413 Jun 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808
9614 Jun 1944166116Martin, M. M.575808-C42-95808
9715 Jun 1944166215Martin, M. M.57544808-C42-95808
9918 Jun 1944166231O'Hare, D. D.575808-42-95808
10020 Jun 1944166331O'Hare, D. D.57544808-C42-95808flak
10730 Jun 1944166112Harkins, H. S.57544808-C42-95808
10805 Jul 1944166233Martin, M. M.57544808-C42-95808
10906 Jul 1944166136Boylan, J. J.575808-C42-95808
11007 Jul 1944166131Bush, F. E.57544808-C42-95808
11108 Jul 1944166125Schreiber, L. A.57544808-C42-95808flak
11211 Jul 1944166216Fleck, W. E.575808-C42-95808
11312 Jul 1944166223Harnest, E. M.57544808-C42-95808
11412 Jul 1944166122Ekstrom, A.575808-C42-95808
11818 Jul 1944166234Salden, V. E.575808-42-95808
12023 Jul 1944166116Schirmer, L. F.575808-C42-95808
12124 Jul 1944166215Harlow, F. S.57544808-C42-95808
12326 Jul 1944166212Lowder, O. H.808-42-95808no fly
13406 Aug 1944166242Spare, 44808-C42-95808spare
13708 Aug 1944166116Evans, F. L.575808-C42-95808flak
13808 Aug 1944166114Jannsen, E. M.575808-C42-95808
16310 Sep 1944166126Martin, C. L.57544808-C42-95808
16411 Sep 1944166126Kloepfer, W. A.57544808-C42-95808
16612 Sep 1944166215Spangler, R. B.57544808-C42-95808
17127 Sep 1944166113Goodwin, D. B.57544808-C42-95808
17302 Oct 1944A-73135Tavener, C. A.575808-42-95808
17712 Oct 1944A-73126Jannsen, E. M.5751808-C42-95808
17813 Oct 1944A-73132Cambier, O. J.5751808-C42-95808flak
17914 Oct 1944A-73132Tavener, C. A.575808-C42-95808
18029 Oct 1944A-73132Lippincott, J. I.5751808-C42-95808
18102 Nov 1944A-73236Burhanna, H.5751808-C42-95808
18309 Nov 1944A-73212Kloepfer, W. A.5751808-C42-95808flak
18618 Nov 1944A-73234Tavener, C. A.575808-C42-95808flak
18819 Nov 1944A-73235Timbers, R. R.575808-C42-95808
18921 Nov 1944A-73115Gatlin, J. F.575808-C42-95808
19025 Nov 1944A-73226Hoar, J. L.5751808-C42-95808flak
19128 Nov 1944A-73112Tavener, C. A.5751808-C42-95808
19229 Nov 1944A-73126Coult, C. K.5751808-C42-95808
19502 Dec 1944A-73212Tavener, C. A.5751808-C42-95808
20625 Dec 1944A-73213Kirton, W. T.5751808-C42-95808
20725 Dec 1944A-73215Chatham, M. E.5751808-C42-95808
20826 Dec 1944A-73216Bolton, E. H.5751808-C42-95808
20901 Jan 1945A-73236Horstman, C. J.575808-C42-95808
21116 Jan 1945A-73116Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
21325 Jan 1945A-73231Hoar, J. L.575808-C42-95808
21529 Jan 1945A-73132Shoemaker, K. E.5751808-C42-95808
21601 Feb 1945A-73122Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
21803 Feb 1945A-73133Fagan, W. M.5751808-C42-95808
21906 Feb 1945A-73242Spare, 1808-C42-95808spare
22008 Feb 1945A-73126Leavitt, V. P.5751808-C42-95808
22109 Feb 1945A-73012Martin, C. R.5751808-C42-95808
22310 Feb 1945A-73236Heslep, A. R.5751808-C42-95808
22413 Feb 1945A-73227Heslep, A. R.5751808-C42-95808
22514 Feb 1945A-73235Adrian, C. J.5751808-C42-95808
22614 Feb 1945A-73225Thiedeman, H. A.5751808-C42-95808flak
22715 Feb 1945A-73125Marsh, R. W.5751808-C42-95808
22816 Feb 1945A-73123Heslep, A. R.5751808-C42-95808
22918 Feb 1945A-73133Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
23019 Feb 1945A-73136Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
23121 Feb 1945A-73212McIntyre, D. E.5751808-C42-95808
23222 Feb 1945A-73133Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
23423 Feb 1945A-73136Naugle, R. C.5751808-C42-95808flak
23624 Feb 1945A-73115Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
24001 Mar 1945A-73213Kirton, W. T.5751808-C42-95808
24102 Mar 1945A-73127Young, R. C.5751808-C42-95808
24202 Mar 1945A-73123Marsh, R. W.5751808-C42-95808
24303 Mar 1945A-73125Macklin, P. G.5751808-C42-95808
24403 Mar 1945A-73235Ridgeway, R. A.5751808-C42-95808
24504 Mar 1945A-73116Ouellette, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
24605 Mar 1945A-73124Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
24706 Mar 1945A-73226Young, R. C.5751808-C42-95808
24808 Mar 1945A-73224Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
24909 Mar 1945A-73216Horstman, C. J.5751808-C42-95808flak
25211 Mar 1945A-73127Lawson, M. A.5751808-C42-95808
25312 Mar 1945A-73124Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
25413 Mar 1945A-73122Leavitt, V. P.5751808-C42-95808
25514 Mar 1945A-73134Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
25615 Mar 1945A-73135Harrison, S. D.5751808-C42-95808flak
25716 Mar 1945A-73214Bass, E. J.5751808-C42-95808
25817 Mar 1945A-73222Martin, A. C.5751808-C42-95808
25917 Mar 1945A-73226Lowry, A. R.5751808-C42-95808
26018 Mar 1945A-73226Reed, J. B.5751808-C42-95808
26219 Mar 1945A-73115Sabin, E. R.5751808-C42-95808
26320 Mar 1945A-73124Bass, E. J.575808-C42-95808
26422 Mar 1945A-73133Brooks, J. N.5751808-C42-95808
26522 Mar 1945A-73133Gould, R. A.5751808-C42-95808
26623 Mar 1945A-73132Guilbeau, L. J.5751808-C42-95808
26723 Mar 1945A-73232Leavitt, V. P.5751808-C42-95808flak
27430 Mar 1945A-73236Naugle, R. C.5751808-C42-95808
27531 Mar 1945A-73132Brooks, J. N.5751808-C42-95808flak
27631 Mar 1945A-73132Timbers, R. R.5751808-C42-95808
27703 Apr 1945A-73233Larsen, K. W.5751808-C42-95808
27804 Apr 1945A-73127Martin, B. M.5751808-C42-95808
28008 Apr 1945A-73134Heslep, A. R.1808-C42-95808spare
28209 Apr 1945A-73216Lowry, A. R.1808-C42-95808no fly