391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 41-35008
Aircraft Details for serial number: 41-35008 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 41-35008 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Delivered by air from the Martin Omaha plant to the Martin, Omaha (Modification Centre), Nebraska, from 6/5/43. Next listed as flown by New Castle (2nd Ferry Group), Wilmington, Deleware (from 20/5/43), to Barksdale Field, Louisiana (from 22/5/43). Then listed at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 17/6/43), and Presque Isle, Maine (from 29/6/43), from where it was flown over to the UK via the Northern Ferry Route. Next listed as UGLY A (Europe - 8th AF) from 1/7/43. Served with the 391st BG from February 1944 until 23/3/45. Aircraft salvaged on 29/3/45. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, GLUE CON SAL NBD on 29/3/45. Note, listed as a B-26C on record card, no mention of designated as B-26C-20-MO. This aircraft may have been assigned to another group before it served with the 391st BG, needs confirmation.

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 41-35008
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
115 Feb 1944166126Jacobs, S. A.008-41-35008
325 Feb 1944166227Wilkinson, E. S.008-41-35008no bombs
528 Feb 1944166137Young, B. B.41008-L41-35008no fly
1005 Mar 1944166231La Framboise, I. T.575008-41-35008
1106 Mar 1944166127Wilkinson, E. S.575008-41-35008struck
1419 Mar 1944166224Nestlerode, T. W.57241008-L141-35008
1623 Mar 1944166212Baehr, R. E.572008-L41-35008
1725 Mar 1944166133Danforth, G. L.572008-L41-35008flak
2412 Apr 1944166112Alexander, R. L.008-41-35008aborted
2619 Apr 1944166211Erickson, W. G.572008-L41-35008
2719 Apr 1944166211Miller, F. B.572008-L41-35008
2820 Apr 1944166114Miller, F. B.572008-41-35008
2920 Apr 1944166114Miller, F. B.572008-41-35008flak
3222 Apr 1944166225Dauteuil, D. F.575008-41-35008
3323 Apr 1944166213Majka, F. J.572008-L41-35008flak
3827 Apr 1944166237Earll, J. E.008-41-35008no fly
3927 Apr 1944166325Crim, H. L.572008-41-35008flak
4028 Apr 1944166114Erickson, W. G.572008-L41-35008
4130 Apr 1944166215Lakin, R. K.572008-41-35008
4230 Apr 1944166215Harlow, F. S.572008-L41-35008
4301 May 1944166124Porter, H. D.5728008-L41-35008
4502 May 1944166212Walker, H. H.572008-41-35008
4604 May 1944166236Newman, R. A.572008-41-35008
4807 May 1944166122Smith, J. W.572008-41-35008
4908 May 1944166114Baxter, R. E.572008-L41-35008
5109 May 1944166132Youse, W. H.5726008-L141-35008flak
5209 May 1944166133Colsch, J. W.572008-41-35008
5310 May 1944166215Smith, J. W.572008-41-35008
5410 May 1944166223Alexander, R. L.572008-41-35008
5611 May 1944166215Alexander, R. L.572008-L41-35008
5712 May 1944166137Metelsky, P.572008-L41-35008flak
5812 May 1944166136Cassiday, C. E.572008-41-35008no fly
7328 May 1944166244Spare, 1008-L241-35008spare
7428 May 1944166223Cassiday, C. E.2008-L141-35008no fly
7529 May 1944166115Schreiber, L. A.5727008-L141-35008
7629 May 1944166115Martin, M. M.5727008-L41-35008flak
7831 May 1944166126McCarty, J. P.5727008-L141-35008
7901 Jun 1944166125Cassiday, C. E.572008-L41-35008
8002 Jun 1944166143Spare, 7008-L41-35008spare
8103 Jun 1944166233Jacobs, S. A.572008-L41-35008
8808 Jun 1944166115Reynolds, J. J.572008-41-35008flak
14514 Aug 1944166242Spare, 1008-L41-35008spare
15327 Aug 1944166123Koehl, W. F.5725008-L41-35008
15427 Aug 1944166115Gates, L. R.5725008-L41-35008
15803 Sep 1944166237Spangler, R. B.13008-L41-35008spare
16005 Sep 1944166123May, W. L.57213008-L41-35008
16816 Sep 1944166223Alexander, R. L.5725008-L41-35008
17302 Oct 1944A-73212Lipschultz, J. M.572008-L41-35008
-17405 Oct 1944A-73113Lipschultz, J. M.572008-L41-35008
17507 Oct 1944A-73115Abraham, C. S.572008-L41-35008
18029 Oct 1944A-73116Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
18309 Nov 1944A-73236Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
18410 Nov 1944A-73216Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
18511 Nov 1944A-73216Grow, J. A.57257008-L41-35008
18618 Nov 1944A-73212Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
18719 Nov 1944A-73226Detwiler, E. F.572008-L41-35008flak
18921 Nov 1944A-73235Mackay, L. C.572008-L41-35008
19229 Nov 1944A-73233Detwiler, E. F.57257008-L41-35008
19330 Nov 1944A-73115Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
19502 Dec 1944A-73137Lipschultz, J. M.57008-L41-35008spare
19605 Dec 1944A-73215Lipschultz, J. M.572008-L41-35008
20423 Dec 1944A-73115Bolton, E. H.572008-L41-35008
20524 Dec 1944A-73126Lipschultz, J. M.572008-L41-35008
20625 Dec 1944A-73227Lipschultz, J. M.572PL008-L41-35008flak
20826 Dec 1944A-73132Brown, H. W.57257008-L41-35008
-21005 Jan 1945A-73237Young, P. R.57257008-L41-35008
21014 Jan 1945A-73226Lipschultz, J. M.572008-L41-35008
21116 Jan 1945A-73135Thiedeman, H. A.57257008-L41-35008
21222 Jan 1945A-73215Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
21325 Jan 1945A-73223Lipschultz, J. M.572008-L41-35008flak
21529 Jan 1945A-73222Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
21702 Feb 1945A-73013Grow, J. A.57257008-L41-35008
21803 Feb 1945A-73127Young, P. R.57008-L41-35008spare
21906 Feb 1945A-73225Pancoast, R. L.57257008-L41-35008
22008 Feb 1945A-73316Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
23222 Feb 1945A-73223Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008
23423 Feb 1945A-73223MacFarren, D. J.57257008-L41-35008flak
23624 Feb 1945A-73233Laman, H. C.57257008-L41-35008
23724 Feb 1945A-73135Gonyer, J. E.57257008-L41-35008flak
23928 Feb 1945A-73136Detwiler, E. F.57257008-L41-35008
24001 Mar 1945A-73135Hine, O. E.57257008-L41-35008
24102 Mar 1945A-73215Billington, D. W.57257008-L41-35008accident
24303 Mar 1945A-73226Reed, J. B.57257008-L41-35008
24403 Mar 1945A-73226Reed, J. B.57257008-L41-35008
24504 Mar 1945A-73132Lepinski, F. L.57257008-L41-35008
24605 Mar 1945A-73235Marsh, R. W.57257008-L41-35008
24706 Mar 1945A-73012Gonyer, J. E.57257008-L41-35008
24808 Mar 1945A-73135Buihner, N. E.57257008-L41-35008
24909 Mar 1945A-73133Hess, H. C.57257008-L41-35008flak
25010 Mar 1945A-73215Kirkbride, C. A.57257008-L41-35008
25111 Mar 1945A-73215Billington, D. W.57257008-L41-35008
25211 Mar 1945A-73225Reed, J. B.57257008-L41-35008
25413 Mar 1945A-73236Lawson, M. A.57257008-L41-35008
25514 Mar 1945A-73112Harris, W. L.57257008-L41-35008
25615 Mar 1945A-73126Kirkbride, C. A.57257008-L41-35008
25817 Mar 1945A-73233Hine, O. E.57257008-L41-35008
25917 Mar 1945A-73135Kirkbride, C. A.57257008-L41-35008
26219 Mar 1945A-73126Daniels, D. E.57257008-L41-35008
26422 Mar 1945A-73123Lipschultz, J. M.57008-L41-35008no fly
26623 Mar 1945A-73123Billington, D. W.57257008-L41-35008
26723 Mar 1945A-73123Lipschultz, J. M.57257008-L41-35008accident