391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 42-107743
Aircraft Details for serial number: 42-107743 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-107743 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Delivered from the Martin Omaha plant. Next listed at Omaha, Nebraska (ATC) on 8/3/44. Then flown to the 3rd AF staging area at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 8/3/44), and on to Homestead Army Air Field, Florida (from 13/3/44), from where the aircraft was flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Caribbean Wing), as a 9th AF replacement aircraft, departing the USA on 15/3/44. The record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe) on 15/3/44, and, GLUE 9AF R (Europe) on 21/4/44. Entered combat with the 391st BS / 575th BS on 13/5/44, coded O8-Q. Returned on a single engine after receiving heavy flak damage on the 25/5/44 mission to Liege, flown by 1st Lt. Herschel S. Harkins. The aircraft was sent to the service squadron for repairs. Returned to the 391st BG / 575th BS following repairs, and recoded O8-W, and then named "Silver Star". Re-entered combat with the 575th BS on 13/8/44. This aircraft piloted by Capt. Edward M. Jannsen flew lead on the Ahrweiler mission of 23/12/44 and returned badly shot up, but was repaired. Suffered major damage in a taxiing accident at A-73 Airfield, Roye-Amy, France on 3/2/45. The pilot was Williams Goble. The aircraft was most probably not repaired, as the group converted to the Douglas A-26 in April 1945. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, GLUE CON SAL FR BRT on 20/7/45. The aircraft flew 7 missions coded as O8-Q, and an additional 63 missions as O8-W.

Incident listing for serial number: 42-107743
Mission Source_id Description Serial
218A00057Accident Report, 42-107743. 3 Feb 194542-107743

Picture listing for serial number: 42-107743
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"Silver Star"Nose Art42-107743
"Silver Star"Nose Art42-107743
Jannsen Crew #2Crews42-107743

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-107743
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
5913 May 1944166135Rutledge, E.57541743-Q42-107743
6220 May 1944166124La Framboise, I. T.575743-Q42-107743flak
6320 May 1944166133Petrich, M. R.57541743-Q42-107743
6421 May 1944166121Harkins, H. S.57541743-Q42-107743
6522 May 1944166235Newman, R. A.57541743-Q42-107743
6724 May 1944166221Olfson, J. W.57541743-Q42-107743flak
6824 May 1944166213Petrich, M. R.575743-J42-107743
6925 May 1944166214Harkins, H. S.57541743-Q42-107743flak
14313 Aug 1944166231Harkins, H. S.575743-W42-107743
14413 Aug 1944166212Mitchell, K. W.57540743-W42-107743
14514 Aug 1944166212Kirschke, W. H. E.57540743-W42-107743
14615 Aug 1944166116Ryan, B. L.575743-W42-107743
14716 Aug 1944166123Stanfield, L. B.57540743-W42-107743flak
14917 Aug 1944166126Saunders, R. M.57540743-W42-107743
15018 Aug 1944166135Saunders, R. M.57540743-W42-107743
15125 Aug 1944166125Harkins, H. S.57540743-W42-107743
15226 Aug 1944166233Ryan, B. L.57540743-W42-107743
15327 Aug 1944166235Breesman, R. N.57540743-W42-107743flak
15427 Aug 1944166214Watkinson, A. G.57540743-W42-107743
15601 Sep 1944166226Koehl, W. F.57540743-W42-107743
15803 Sep 1944166131Mitchell, K. W.57540743-W42-107743
16005 Sep 1944166233Cude, R. V.57540743-W42-107743
16106 Sep 1944166231Mitchell, K. W.57540743-W42-107743
16206 Sep 1944166212Schreiber, L. A.57540743-W42-107743
16310 Sep 1944166132Schreiber, L. A.57540743-W42-107743
16411 Sep 1944166124Gatlin, J. F.57540743-W42-107743
16612 Sep 1944166216Harnest, E. M.57540743-W42-107743
16714 Sep 1944166222Hanish, B. C.57540743-W42-107743
17229 Sep 1944166237Sherwood, N. W.57540743-W42-107743spare
17302 Oct 1944A-73137Lippincott, J. I.743-42-107743spare
17507 Oct 1944A-73226Mitchell, K. W.5757743-W42-107743
17608 Oct 1944A-73216Hanish, B. C.575743-W42-107743
17914 Oct 1944A-73131Mitchell, K. W.575743-W42-107743
18102 Nov 1944A-73232Breesman, R. N.5757743-W42-107743
18203 Nov 1944A-73237Heslep, A. R.7743-W42-107743spare
18511 Nov 1944A-73235Cambier, O. J.5757743-J42-107743
18618 Nov 1944A-73235Timbers, R. R.5757743-W42-107743flak
18819 Nov 1944A-73232Hoar, J. L.575743-42-107743
18921 Nov 1944A-73121Jannsen, E. M.575743-42-107743
19025 Nov 1944A-73214Hanish, B. C.5757743-W42-107743
19330 Nov 1944A-73241Spare Lead, 7743-W42-107743spare
19502 Dec 1944A-73211Mitchell, K. W.5757743-W42-107743
19709 Dec 1944A-73131Jannsen, E. M.5757743-W42-107743
19810 Dec 1944A-73221Jannsen, E. M.575743-42-107743flak
20215 Dec 1944A-73114Jannsen, E. M.575743-W42-107743
20323 Dec 1944A-73114Jannsen, E. M.575743-W42-107743flak
20901 Jan 1945A-73231Lippincott, J. I.5757743-W42-107743
21325 Jan 1945A-73121Willis, J. B.575743-W42-107743
21906 Feb 1945A-73241Spare Lead, 7743-W42-107743spare
22008 Feb 1945A-73121Willis, J. B.5757743-W42-107743
22109 Feb 1945A-73124Burhanna, H.5757743-W42-107743
22310 Feb 1945A-73231Willis, J. B.5757743-W42-107743flak
22614 Feb 1945A-73013Spears, R. T.5757743-W42-107743
22816 Feb 1945A-73121Lippincott, J. I.5757743-W42-107743
22918 Feb 1945A-73234Hoar, J. L.5757743-W42-107743
23019 Feb 1945A-73131Burhanna, H.5757743-W42-107743
23121 Feb 1945A-73221Willis, J. B.5757743-W42-107743
23222 Feb 1945A-73124Martin, C. L.5757743-W42-107743flak
23423 Feb 1945A-73231Hoar, J. L.5757743-W42-107743
23825 Feb 1945A-73114Willis, J. B.5757743-W42-107743
23928 Feb 1945A-73211Willis, J. B.5757743-W42-107743
24001 Mar 1945A-73221Hoar, J. L.5757743-W42-107743
24303 Mar 1945A-73241Spare Lead, 5743-W42-107743spare
24504 Mar 1945A-73114Burhanna, H.5755743-W42-107743
24605 Mar 1945A-73114Willis, J. B.5755743-W42-107743
24706 Mar 1945A-73131Saunders, R. M.5759743-W42-107743
24808 Mar 1945A-73214Burhanna, H.5759743-W42-107743
24909 Mar 1945A-73221Lippincott, J. I.9743-W42-107743no fly
25010 Mar 1945A-73241Spare Lead, 9743-W42-107743spare
25111 Mar 1945A-73241Spare Lead, 5743-W42-107743spare
25211 Mar 1945A-73214Penneman, R. D.5759743-W42-107743
25312 Mar 1945A-73114Burhanna, H.5759743-W42-107743
25413 Mar 1945A-73011Cambier, O. J.5759743-W42-107743
25514 Mar 1945A-73231Saunders, R. M.5759743-W42-107743
25615 Mar 1945A-73131Breesman, R. N.5759743-W42-107743
25716 Mar 1945A-73134Stevens, J. C.57512743-W42-107743
25817 Mar 1945A-73214Burhanna, H.575743-W42-107743
26422 Mar 1945A-73131Bass, E. J.57512743-W42-107743
26522 Mar 1945A-73131Lippincott, J. I.57512743-W42-107743
27025 Mar 1945A-73211Burhanna, H.57512743-W42-107743
27125 Mar 1945A-73221Martin, C. L.57512743-W42-107743
27226 Mar 1945A-73221Bonde, P. K.57512743-W42-107743
27328 Mar 1945A-73121Lippincott, J. I.57512743-W42-107743
27430 Mar 1945A-73231Martin, C. L.57512743-W42-107743