391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 43-34427
Aircraft Details for serial number: 43-34427 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 43-34427 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26G-10-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 25/7/44. Then flown by Baltimore, Maryland (ATC) from 27/7/44, to the 3rd AF staging area at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 27/7/44). Next went to Dow Field, Bangor, Maine (from 5/8/44), from where the aircraft was flown overseas to the 9th AF in the UK via the Northern Ferry Route, departing the USA on 7/8/44. The aircraft record card then lists, GLUE 9AF A (Europe - 9th AF) from 7/8/44, and GLUE 9AF G (Europe - 9th AF) from 13/8/44. Entered combat with the 391st BG / 572nd BS on 5/9/44. The nose wheel collapsed on landing back at A-73 Roye-Amy, France on 24/2/45 after sustaining flak damage over Irlich, Germany. The pilot, 2nd Lt. Preben K Bonde and all the crew escaped unhurt. It is most likely that the aircraft was repaired as it only suffered Cat.3 damage, and is not listed as being salvaged until May 1945. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, SOXO CON SAL NBD on 20/5/45.

Incident listing for serial number: 43-34427
Mission Source_id Description Serial
236A00060Accident Report, 43-34427. 24 Feb 194543-34427

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 43-34427
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
15905 Sep 1944166123Evans, F. L.5729427-B43-34427
16106 Sep 1944166135Reynolds, J. J.5729427-B43-34427
16206 Sep 1944166136Walter, P. S.5729427-B43-34427
16411 Sep 1944166225Dunn, E. B.5729427-B43-34427
16512 Sep 1944166116Reynolds, J. J.5729427-B43-34427
16612 Sep 1944166134Dewitt, G. A.5729427-B43-34427
16714 Sep 1944166126Mosher, W. V.5729427-B43-34427
16816 Sep 1944166225Penneman, R. D.5729427-B43-34427flak
17127 Sep 1944166226Schaffron, J. L.5729427-B43-34427
17229 Sep 1944166124Dewitt, G. A.5729427-B43-34427
17302 Oct 1944A-73214Dickinson, R. G.572427-B43-34427
-17405 Oct 1944A-73111Schleicher, F. K.572427-B43-34427
17406 Oct 1944A-73116Detwiler, E. F.572427-B43-34427
17507 Oct 1944A-73134Dickinson, R. G.57259427-B43-34427
17813 Oct 1944A-73113Lipschultz, J. M.572427-43-34427flak
18203 Nov 1944A-73215Stevens, J. C.57259427-B43-34427
18410 Nov 1944A-73223Detwiler, E. F.57259427-B43-34427
18618 Nov 1944A-73215Young, P. R.57259427-B43-34427
18819 Nov 1944A-73212Young, P. R.572427-B43-34427
18921 Nov 1944A-73237Phalon, J. J.572427-B43-34427aborted
19025 Nov 1944A-73132Phalon, J. J.57259427-G43-34427flak
19229 Nov 1944A-73234Brockway, H. M.57259427-B43-34427
19401 Dec 1944A-73124Knight, W. C.572427-B43-34427
19502 Dec 1944A-73133Stevens, J. C.57259427-B43-34427
19605 Dec 1944A-73216Young, P. R.572427-B43-34427
20113 Dec 1944A-73216Lipschultz, J. M.572427-B43-34427
20215 Dec 1944A-73233Penneman, R. D.57259427-B43-34427
20423 Dec 1944A-73112Timbers, R. R.572427-B43-34427
20524 Dec 1944A-73123Lantz, G. R.572427-B43-34427
20625 Dec 1944A-73124Lantz, G. R.57259427-B43-34427
20725 Dec 1944A-73115White, W. R.57259427-B43-34427
20826 Dec 1944A-73124Baker, K. L.57259427-B43-34427
21428 Jan 1945A-73132Grow, J. A.57259427-B43-34427
21601 Feb 1945A-73134Woods, P. L.57259427-B43-34427
21702 Feb 1945A-73115MacFarren, D. J.57259427-B43-34427
21803 Feb 1945A-73124Bonde, P. K.57259427-B43-34427
21906 Feb 1945A-73214Gates, L. R.59427-B43-34427no fly
22008 Feb 1945A-73324Stevens, J. C.57259427-B43-34427
22209 Feb 1945A-73011Stevens, J. C.57259427-B43-34427
22310 Feb 1945A-73127MacFarren, D. J.59427-B43-34427spare
22413 Feb 1945A-73132Lantz, G. R.57259427-B43-34427
22816 Feb 1945A-73321Baker, K. L.57259427-B43-34427
22918 Feb 1945A-73011Chapin, K. R.57259427-B43-34427
23121 Feb 1945A-73134Gates, L. R.57259427-B43-34427
23222 Feb 1945A-73231Allen, C.57259427-B43-34427
23423 Feb 1945A-73214Stevens, J. C.57259427-B43-34427flak
23724 Feb 1945A-73141Bonde, P. K.57259427-B43-34427flak