391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95846
Aircraft Details for serial number: 42-95846 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-95846 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26B-50-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 13/11/43. Next listed at Pittsburgh, Ohio (ATC) from 9/12/43. Then flown to Godman Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky (from 11/12/43), and assigned to the 391st BG. Flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Carribean Wing), departing the USA on 8/1/44. The aircraft record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe - 8th AF) on 8/1/44, and SOXO R (Europe - 8th AF) from 19/2/44. Original group aircraft flown over from the USA by 2nd Lt. Donald H Wolfe, who named the aircraft. Hit by flak over the coast of France on the 20/6/44 mission to Predefin & La Belle Hotesse. The pilot 2nd Lt. Donald H Wolfe feathered the engine and bombed a secondary target of opportunity, the Merville airdrome before turning for home escorted by a flight of P-47's. Also listed as spelt "Wolfe-Pack". Hit by flak in the engine on the 25/7/44, the cowling started to disintegrate and the aircraft flown by Lt. G A DeWitt, force landed at a Normandy Advanced Landing Strip. The aircraft was repaired by 31/10/44. The aircraft record card lists, GLUE 9AF CON ON ALS on 25/7/44, and GLUE 9AF REPAIRED on 31/10/44. Not sure if the aircraft returned to the 391st BG, but it was not salvaged until June 1945. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, SOXO CON SAL NBD on 10/6/45.

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-95846
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
528 Feb 1944166133Wolfe, D. H.57538846-P42-95846flak
629 Feb 1944166227Jacobi, S.575846-P42-95846spare
702 Mar 1944166312Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
803 Mar 1944166313Hanish, B. C.575846-P42-95846no LL
1005 Mar 1944166223Oliver, G. C.575846-42-95846flak
1207 Mar 1944166125Wolfe, D. H.57538846-P42-95846
1318 Mar 1944166135Gatrell, R.575846-P42-95846aborted
1419 Mar 1944166126Farrell, J. J.5753846-P142-95846flak
1520 Mar 1944166234Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
1623 Mar 1944166124Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
1725 Mar 1944166217Wolfe, D. H.575846-P142-95846flak
1826 Mar 1944166135Wolfe, D. H.57538846-P42-95846
2008 Apr 1944166212Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
2110 Apr 1944166124Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
2210 Apr 1944166124Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846flak
2311 Apr 1944166115Wilkinson, E. S.575846-P42-95846
2412 Apr 1944166232Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
2518 Apr 1944166336Wolfe, D. H.575846-D42-95846
2619 Apr 1944166123Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
2719 Apr 1944166123Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
3021 Apr 1944166222Baxter, R. E.575846-42-95846flak
3222 Apr 1944166214Salmon, D. J.575846-42-95846flak
3323 Apr 1944166126Lakin, R. K.575846-P42-95846
3423 Apr 1944166127Lakin, R. K.575846-42-95846
3525 Apr 1944166212Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846flak
3625 Apr 1944166212Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
3726 Apr 1944166122Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
3827 Apr 1944166124Wolfe, W. W.575846-P42-95846
3927 Apr 1944166131Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846flak
4028 Apr 1944166231Kahley, W. F.575846-P42-95846
4130 Apr 1944166233Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
4230 Apr 1944166233Petrich, M. R.575846-42-95846
4301 May 1944166231Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
4401 May 1944166231Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
4908 May 1944166224Jannsen, E. M.575846-P42-95846
5109 May 1944166223Jannsen, E. M.57539846-B42-95846
5209 May 1944166222Martin, M. M.575846-P42-95846
5310 May 1944166134Bush, F. E.575846-R42-95846
5410 May 1944166125Lowe, W. F.575846-42-95846
5511 May 1944166137Cassiday, C. E.57539846-P42-95846flak
5712 May 1944166112Ruble, J. C.575846-P42-95846
5812 May 1944166113Ruble, J. C.575846-42-95846
5913 May 1944166134Tucker, T. F.57539846-P42-95846
6119 May 1944166124Shofner, J. F.575846-P42-95846
6220 May 1944166113Wolfe, D. H.575846-42-95846
6320 May 1944166112Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
6421 May 1944166137Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
6623 May 1944166224Salmon, D. J.57539846-P42-95846
6724 May 1944166224Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846flak
6824 May 1944166214Schirmer, L. F.575846-P42-95846
6925 May 1944166212Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
7127 May 1944166116Watson, F. D.57530846-P42-95846
7227 May 1944166132Watson, F. D.575846-P42-95846flak
8002 Jun 1944166221Petrich, M. R.57539846-P42-95846
8103 Jun 1944166137Morris, W. E.575846-42-95846
8305 Jun 1944166112Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
8506 Jun 1944166212Rutledge, E.575846-42-95846
8607 Jun 1944166226Lakin, R. K.575846-42-95846
8808 Jun 1944166125Holliday, R. L.575846-42-95846flak
8908 Jun 1944166233Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
9010 Jun 1944166133Metelsky, P.575846-P42-95846
9211 Jun 1944166115Sloss, W.575846-P42-95846flak
9614 Jun 1944166133Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
9715 Jun 1944166232Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
9918 Jun 1944166222Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
10020 Jun 1944166312Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
10805 Jul 1944166215Harlow, F. S.57539846-P42-95846
11007 Jul 1944166114Wolfe, D. H.57539846-P42-95846
11108 Jul 1944166134Logan, R. B.57539846-P42-95846
11211 Jul 1944166231Wolfe, D. H.575846-P42-95846
11412 Jul 1944166213Callison, W. K.575846-P42-95846
11716 Jul 1944166215Hanlon, J. T.57539846-P42-95846
12023 Jul 1944166123Ruble, J. C.575846-P42-95846
12124 Jul 1944166224Martin, M. M.57539846-P42-95846
12225 Jul 1944166235Dewitt, G. A.575846-42-95846