391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95809
Aircraft Details for serial number: 42-95809 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-95809 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26B-45-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 4/11/43. Next listed at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (ATC) from 4/12/43, Patterson Field, Ohio (ATC) from 7/12/43, and Godman Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky (from 11/12/43), and assigned to the 391st BG. Flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Carribean Wing), departing the USA on 5/1/44. The aircraft record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe - 8th AF) on 5/1/44, and SOXO R (Europe - 8th AF) from 30/1/44. Original group aircraft flown over from the USA by Capt. Matthew H T Ferguson. It's pilot 2nd Lt. Woodrow W Fry received a citation for his part in the 27/5/44 mission to Maison Laffitte railroad bridge. Damaged Cat.3 in a mid air collision with 42-107748 over Matching Green (station 166) on 21/6/44 flown by Lt. George A Dewitt, Jnr. The aircraft was repaired. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, GLUE CON SAL FEA on 18/8/45. Have also seen this a/c listed as "The Bum Steer", which we have for 42-95815, needs confirmation.

Incident listing for serial number: 42-95809
Mission Source_id Description Serial
101A00032Accident Report, 42-95809. 21 Jun 194442-95809

Picture listing for serial number: 42-95809
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"The Bum Steer"Nose Art42-95809

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-95809
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
629 Feb 1944166125McCarty, J. P.572809-O42-95809
702 Mar 1944166327Barker, F. E.572809-42-95809
803 Mar 1944166333Barker, F. E.572809-42-95809
1005 Mar 1944166336Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809flak
1106 Mar 1944166224Sterngold, M. I.572809-O42-95809
1207 Mar 1944166225Barker, F. E.5721809-O42-95809
1419 Mar 1944166225Walker, H. A.5728809-O42-95809
1520 Mar 1944166136Walker, H. A.572809-42-95809
1623 Mar 1944166225Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
1725 Mar 1944166135Barker, F. E.572809-42-95809flak
2008 Apr 1944166135Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
2110 Apr 1944166225Barker, F. E.572809-Q42-95809
2210 Apr 1944166225Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809flak
2311 Apr 1944166223Danforth, G. L.5723809-O42-95809aborted
2412 Apr 1944166125Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
2518 Apr 1944166136Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
2619 Apr 1944166223Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
2719 Apr 1944166223Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
2820 Apr 1944166133Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
2920 Apr 1944166133Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809flak
3021 Apr 1944166123Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
4604 May 1944166237Newcomer, H. C.572809-42-95809
4707 May 1944166136Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
4807 May 1944166136Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
4908 May 1944166124Colsch, J. W.572809-42-95809
5008 May 1944166124Colsch, J. W.5723809-O42-95809flak
5109 May 1944166123Hartman, L. E.5723809-O42-95809flak
5209 May 1944166113Clark, R. H.572809-O42-95809
5310 May 1944166213Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
5410 May 1944166216Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
5511 May 1944166223Barker, F. E.57216809-O142-95809flak
5611 May 1944166115Dewitt, G. A.572809-O42-95809
5712 May 1944166226Evans, F. L.572809-42-95809flak
6522 May 1944166116Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809
6623 May 1944166142Spare, 16809-O42-95809spare
6724 May 1944166126Hartman, L. E.57216809-O42-95809flak
6824 May 1944166132Hartman, L. E.572809-O42-95809
7026 May 1944166124Bird, S.57216809-O142-95809
7127 May 1944166216Walker, H. H.57216809-G42-95809
7227 May 1944166213Fry, W. W.572809-42-95809flak
7529 May 1944166137Alexander, J. P.57216809-O142-95809
7629 May 1944166136Alexander, J. P.57216809-O42-95809
7730 May 1944166124Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809
7831 May 1944166124Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809
7901 Jun 1944166124Logan, R. B.572809-42-95809
8103 Jun 1944166222Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
8204 Jun 1944166212Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809
8305 Jun 1944166224Shaffner, L. H.16809-O142-95809aborted
8406 Jun 1944166223Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809flak
8506 Jun 1944166123Jacobs, S. A.572809-O42-95809
8707 Jun 1944166224Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809
8808 Jun 1944166136Blute, J. W.572809-42-95809flak
8908 Jun 1944166134Shaffner, L. H.57216809-O42-95809
9211 Jun 1944166125Bjork, P. A.572809-42-95809
9312 Jun 1944166224Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
9513 Jun 1944166123Sullens, J. A.572809-O42-95809
9614 Jun 1944166214Barker, F. E.572809-O42-95809
9715 Jun 1944166137Lowe, W. F.16809-O42-95809spare
9817 Jun 1944166232Clark, R. H.572809-O42-95809
9918 Jun 1944166136Koehl, W. F.572809-42-95809
10020 Jun 1944166212Barker, F. E.57216809-O42-95809
10121 Jun 1944166223Dewitt, G. A.57216809-O42-95809