391st BOMB GROUP: Aircraft information for taxi code: 853-F
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Aircraft information for taxi code: 853-F
Taxi Squadron Serial Code Name Source Taxi Sheets
853-F57542-95853O8-FMISS LAIDOriginal website30

Incident listing for taxi code: 853-F
Mission Source_id Description Serial
0A00043Accident Report, 42-95853. 24 Sep 194442-95853

Picture listing for taxi code: 853-F
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"Miss Laid"Nose Art42-95853
Miss Laid and 575BS Ground CrewPeople42-95853
42-95853 Crash ReportMiscellaneous42-95853
42-95853 Crash Photo #1Miscellaneous42-95853
42-95853 Crash Photo #2Miscellaneous42-95853
42-95853 Crash Photo #3Miscellaneous42-95853
42-95853 Crash Photo #4Miscellaneous42-95853
"Miss Laid"Nose Art42-95853
"Miss Laid" with Tucker.Nose Art42-95853
"Miss Laid"Nose Art42-95853

Taxi Sheet listing for taxi code: 853-F
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
425 Feb 1944166225Young57239853-F42-95853
4301 May 1944166233Ruble57539853-F42-95853
4401 May 1944166233Fleck57539853-F42-95853
4502 May 1944166136Newman57439853-F42-95853
4502 May 1944166137Talton57439853-F42-95853
4707 May 1944166213Metelsky57439853-F42-95853
5310 May 1944166135Alexander57439853-F42-95853
5410 May 1944166121Barger57439853-F42-95853
7026 May 1944166136Newman57439853-F42-95853
7127 May 1944166233Alexander57239853-F42-95853
7127 May 1944166242Spare Ship57539853-F42-95853
7831 May 1944166235Majka57439853-F42-95853
8406 Jun 1944166137Newman57439853-F42-95853
8707 Jun 1944166133Ruble57539853-F42-95853
9010 Jun 1944166132Alexander57439853-F42-95853
9513 Jun 1944166224Armstrong57339853-F42-95853
9614 Jun 1944166132Ruble57539853-F42-95853
9918 Jun 1944166232Ruble57539853-F42-95853
10020 Jun 1944166315Ruble57539853-F42-95853
10625 Jun 1944166225Callison57439853-F42-95853
10805 Jul 1944166232Ruble57239853-F42-95853
11412 Jul 1944166125Tavener57539853-F42-95853
12124 Jul 1944166214Ruble57539853-F42-95853
12326 Jul 1944166215Newman57439853-F42-95853
12428 Jul 1944166216Schreiber57539853-F42-95853
12801 Aug 1944166115Ekstrom57539853-F42-95853
13105 Aug 1944166233Ruble57539853-F42-95853
13205 Aug 1944166233Ruble57539853-F42-95853
16310 Sep 1944166124Breeseman57539853-F42-95853
16411 Sep 1944166131Ruble57539853-F42-95853