Crew listing for ASN: O668164
Source ID Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank ASN
SO-345p01575575059431PTucker, Tommy F.1/Lt.O668164
A00017575575107431CPTucker, Tommy F.2/Lt.O668164

Picture listing for ASN: O668164
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"Miss Behavin'" with Tucker.Nose ArtO668164
Tucker outside NissenPeopleO668164
Tucker CrewCrewsO668164
"Miss Laid" with Tucker.Nose ArtO668164
Tucker during flight trainingPeopleO668164
Tucker (December 1966)PeopleO668164
"Lilly Commando" with Tucker.Nose ArtO668164
Tucker and othersPeopleO668164
"Thumbs Up" with Tucker.Nose ArtO668164
Tucker CrewCrewsO668164
Tucker Evasion PhotoPeopleO668164
Tucker and 3 unknown personsPeopleO668164

Incident listing for ASN: O668164
Source ID Description Serial
A00017Accident Report, 41-18087. 11 Aug 194341-18087

Taxi Sheet listing for ASN: O668164
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot ASN Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
425 Feb 1944166214TuckerO66816457542844-D42-95844
72 Mar 1944166315TuckerO66816457542844-D42-95844
431 May 1944166213TuckerO66816457538844-D42-95844
441 May 1944166212TuckerO66816457541972-M41-31972
7730 May 1944166237TuckerO66816457547833-U42-95833
877 Jun 1944166122TuckerO66816457540671-L42-107671
9614 Jun 1944166113TuckerO66816457538844-D42-95844
9918 Jun 1944166223TuckerO66816457538844-D42-95844
10020 Jun 1944166313TuckerO66816457538844-B42-95844
10121 Jun 1944166133TuckerO66816457538844-D42-95844
1085 Jul 1944166213TuckerO66816457538844-D42-95844
12023 Jul 1944166133TuckerO66816457538844-D42-95844
12124 Jul 1944166216TuckerO66816457536807-J42-95807
12731 Jul 1944166125TuckerO66816457538844-G42-95844