Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank Serial
57557500143PAldridge, William S.1/Lt.O731780
57557500143CPBurgess, Merlin K.Capt.O404086
57557500143BHanton, Emil M.2/Lt.O741340
57557500143FELaycock, John F.Sgt.32143301
57557500143RGSaylor, Sterl E.Cpl.12098426
57557500143AGKreft, Andre F.S/Sgt.12057415
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1943. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: Lt Aldridge, who had flown over as Stalnaker's co-pilot, was shot down 04/27/44 (42-95845), while flying as first pilot. Per the hardback history, the other crew members on this mission were as shown above. The softback history indicates that there were 5 survivors, but "Return of the Marauder Men" lists SSgt Kreft with this date of death (he is buried in the the Normandy Cemetery) and also shows Cpl Saylor on the Wall of the Missing at the Ardennes Cemetery, on 04/28/45.
575575002449PBass, Earl J.2/Lt.O667915
575575002449CPWestbrook, Harold B.2/Lt.O676844
575575002449BKennair, Thomas J.1/Lt.O712163
575575002449FELindsay, John H.S/Sgt.16028379
575575002449RGDellipizzi, Howard P.33598234
575575002449AGMcMahon, William J.T/Sgt.33289751
SOURCE: SO-126, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 4. 24 Sep 1944
NOTES: The source order assigned people as individuals. Bass identified the names on his crew. Kennair went over as Noland's bombardier (Noland was killed on the ferry mission of 9/24/44). McMahon's correct ASN obtained from Sixth Oak Leaf Cluster Award, GO28, Hq, 9th Bombardment Division (M), 25 February 1945 (Reel B0428 page 876).
575575003443PBolton, Edward H.2/Lt.O819948
575575003449CPChristiansen, Rudolph G.2/Lt.O714664
575575003449BLowe, Gene D.2/Lt.O718114
575575003449FEBroker, Raymond W.Cpl.37520471
575575003449RGLindholm, John E.Cpl.32862462
575575003449AGBoyd, Stewart J.Cpl.12175937
SOURCE: SO-248, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 14 Sep 1944
57557500444PBreesman, Richard N.1/Lt.O701879
57557500444CPCurtis, Richard B.1/Lt.O731467
57557500444BKelley, John J., Jr.2/Lt.O766280
57557500444FEDickinson, Eugene C.S/Sgt.37557876
57557500444RGGifford, Warren K.Cpl.16133913
57557500444AGBurns, JoeS/Sgt.36853886
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: Breeseman and Kelly's names come from the Ahrweiler mission taxi sheet. They apparently returned safely. The other names were supplied by an anonymous contributor at the 1996 reunion, who also wrote that Maj. Harkins (Ops Officer) flew with Breeseman on this missison. Presumably, Curtis did not go. There is an AG named Joseph Burns on Brooks crew in the 575th, but this must be a different J. Burns, as Brooks's crew did not arrive until January, 1945. Dupuy, of Fagan's crew, was Breeseman's bombardier on the 22 Mar 45 mission. Particulars come from Dave Garnham's database. ADDENDUM: Kelley's and Gifford's forenames, ranks, and serial numbers found in Medal Awards sections of 391BG mission records.
575575005451PBrooks, Julian N.2/Lt.O713690
575575005451CPFulton, Daniel R.2/Lt.O2063598
575575005451BMaxon, William K.2/Lt.O766321
575575005451FEBiel, Robert L.Cpl.35488598
575575005451RGBroussard, Roland L.Cpl.38484851
575575005451AGBurns, Joseph P.Cpl.32760769
SOURCE: SO-3, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 9 Jan 1945
575575006453PBroughton, John R.1/Lt.O727845
575575006453FEKara, John S.S/Sgt.12027583
SOURCE: SO-41, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 14 Mar 1945
NOTES: This is an A-26 crew.
575575007449PCambier, Orville J.2/Lt.O705312
575575007449CPHedstrom, Raymond E.2/Lt.O714079
575575007449BAndercheck, Edward F.2/Lt.O766160
575575007449FEDavis, Jo-Al D.Cpl.38458274
575575007449RGHarmon, John E.Cpl.20229810
575575007449AGDeaton, Lester L.Cpl.38510218
SOURCE: SO-241, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 2. 6 Sep 1944
NOTES: Cambier flew one of the three planes (of six) that returned safely from the ferry mission to France on 24 Sep 44.
575575008449PChatham, Milton E.2/Lt.O715990
575575008449CPFrederick, Herbert L.2/Lt.O709560
575575008449BEinarson, Harold M.2/Lt.O722647
575575008449FEHughes, Albert L., Jr.Sgt.34344178
575575008449RGLee, Dorman W.Cpl.37055650
575575008449AGTuthill, Hull E.Sgt.12122859
SOURCE: SO-128, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 27 Sep 1944
575575009449PCoult, Cecil K.2/Lt.O705909
575575009449CPForhan, Thomas E.2/Lt.O713730
575575009449BRogers, William M.2/Lt.O723822
575575009449FEHalesey, Paul A.Cpl.33461265
575575009449RGMayfield, William H.Cpl.20834438
575575009449AGKatsilometes, Jim G.Cpl.20927358
SOURCE: SO-124, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 6. 21 Sep 1944
NOTES: Note that in OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Lt Rogers's middle initial is given as M vice K, as shown in the above-referenced order. Rogers must have been navigator rated, as he flew lead later as such.
575575010451PFagan, William M.2/Lt.O720392
575575010451CPLewis, Gomer J.2/Lt.O2063650
575575010451BDupuy, Joe L.2/Lt.O2068019
575575010451FEMay, Arthur H.Cpl.34520803
575575010451RGKent, Wendell E.Pvt.36687395
575575010451AGMcDonald, Maurice J.Cpl.11132828
SOURCE: SO-5, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 11 Jan 1945
NOTES: Per Par 11, SO-98, 9th BD, 04/08/45, Lt. Fagan's crew was sent to Pathfinder.
575575011448PGatlin, James F., Jr.2/Lt.O685331
575575011448CPBiezis, Stephen V.2/Lt.O824081
575575011448BAdair, John J.2/Lt.O746676
575575011448FESanchez, Joe R.Cpl.39290993
575575011448RGWeissker, William L.S/Sgt.14070304
575575011448AGCowart, Milton E.Sgt.18190494
SOURCE: SO-106, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 12 Aug 1944
NOTES: Lt Gatlin was shot down on 12/23/44 in #42-107671 per the softback history. He is listed on the Wall of the Missing in the Henri-Chapelle Cemetery. From the hardback history, one can infer that the other crew members were Lt Biezis (Wall, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery), SSgt Sanchez (Wall, Luxembourg Cemetery), SSgt Weissker and SSgt Cowart (both buried in the the Lorraine Cemetery), and Lt. Adair. Lt. Adair was the only survivor of his crew; he reports in "Who Dat?" that the other members of the crew were killed on the ground by SS troops; "Return of the Marauder Men" gives their date of death as 12/24/44. Weissker and Cowart must have died in the shootdown, as their date of death is given as the 23rd.
575575012451PGoble, William, Jr.2/Lt.O713402
575575012451CPLindsay, Francis J.2/Lt.O2062237
575575012451BJost, Leonard G.2/Lt.O2069453
575575012451FEMiddleton, Robert W.Cpl.32951679
575575012451RGMadeley, George N., Jr.Cpl.38538457
575575012451AGMelzow, Ernest J.Cpl.32983498
SOURCE: SO-5, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 11 Jan 1945
57557501344PGould, Ralph A., Jr.2/Lt.O721705
575575013452CPDrury, Hugh D.2/Lt.O2058739
575575013452NVoice, Jack W.2/Lt.O2072048
575575013452FEMayfield, Harold R.Cpl.37356963
575575013452RGBurkert, John S.Cpl.15097319
575575013452AGGipple, Warren G.Cpl.17080097
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
57557501443PGubner, Harry D., Jr.Capt.O731574
57557501443CPSmith, Raymond B.2/Lt.O795846
57557501443BMcCutcheon, Roy B., Jr.2/Lt.O534471
57557501443FEMartin, Edward L.S/Sgt.18180847
57557501443RGBridgewater, Billy B.T/Sgt.14188175
57557501443AGReagan, William F.S/Sgt.31140015
SOURCE: Hardback History. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: This crew was shot down on 03/25/44 (42-95854). The hardback history lists Raymond Smith as flying co-pilot. According to the softback history, there were 5 survivors. Dave Garnham determined from microfilm that SSgt Reagan was killed. There is another entry for Raymond Smith, as he flew over as first pilot.
57557501544PGuilbeau, Lee J.Maj.O426830
57557501544CPWheeler, Joseph H., IIF/OT65581
57557501544BSchwartz, Jerome D.2/Lt.O783231
57557501544FEBonavito, Joseph C.Cpl.33680643
57557501544RGBechtold, Donald W.Cpl.13154592
57557501544AGSpringer, Ralph W., Jr.Cpl.32832726
SOURCE: SO-318, Hqs, 3RD AF STG WG, Hunter Field, GA, Par. 1. 13 Nov 1944
NOTES: This pilot's last name comes from the taxi sheet for the first mission on 03/04/45. I found a pilot with the same last name in the referenced order. I have included the crew on the gamble that there were not two pilots with this name in a relatively short timespan.
575575016439PHanish, Burton C.1/Lt.O26260
5755750164310CPEkstrom, Arne2/Lt.O693018
575575016432FEBrockelbank, Edward H.S/Sgt.11032199
575575016439RGKish, William E.Sgt.32381719
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: A pilot, 2Lt John R. Talton, 0795859, later of the 574th, flew overseas with this crew in 42-95843. Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, by then Capt Hanish was lead qualified with Capt Arthur F. Rauschenberger (of Harlow's crew) and 2Lt Francis L. Miles, 0703566, (no other information) as Navigator. On 02/24/45, Capt Hanish's plane, 42-107576, was hit by flak and crashed. It turns out that none of the crew members listed in his original crew was with him that day (they had probably gone home upon completion of missions). I am indebted to Mrs. Harold E. Harsin for the following information. She indicates that her husband (1Lt, 0855860) was squadron gunnery officer and flew often with Capt Hanish. Lt Harsin is buried in the Netherlands Cemetery. The remainder of the mission crew follows: (CP) Littlejohn, Lew F., 2Lt, 0778171 (I found this Serial Number); (B) Rauschenberger, Arthur F., Capt (of Harlow's crew); (B) Vurgaropulos, John C., 1Lt (of Willis's crew); (EG) Pennington, Ernest H., TSgt, 34728009, of Lippincott' crew; (?G) Rivoli, Valentine P., SSgt; (?G) Broffman, Paul, Sgt. Only Rivoli survived. A letter to Mrs. Harsin, dated 1 July 1946, from BGen Leon W. Johnson states that other crews saw the left wing break away and that only one parachute was seen. Only Lt Harsin is listed in "Return of the Marauder Men," so remains of the others must have been returned to the US. Someone at the 1996 reunion wrote that Broffman was also from Lippincott's crew and that Rivoli was from Lakin's crew; if so this was after changes to their original crews. Marty Mazurk reports that Hanish told him that, as a West Point graduate, he had no set tour of duty, that his tour was until the end of the war. Also from Marty, Carpenter, of Schreiber's crew, became Hanish's co-pilot but was not on the mission described above, and Carpenter survived the war.
5755750174310PHarkins, Herschel S.1/Lt.O668065
5755750174311CPSquier, Eugene R.2/Lt.O757317
57557501743BWechsler, Howard2/Lt.O797108
57557501743NWolfe, Lewis A.1/Lt.O811826
57557501743FEMiller, Stanley W.S/Sgt.36453560
57557501743RGLawson, Thomas T.Sgt.13034170
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: On 05/25/44 aircraft 42-107743 was badly flak damaged; returned on single engine. On 10/06/44, then Major Harkins aircraft, 42-107837, was badly flak damaged. Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Maj Harkins was lead qualified with by then Capt Barnes (of Ives crew) and Wolfe, who undoubtedly arrived much later than Harkins, as Navigator. The aircraft that Harkins flew over (42-95805) became Cat E on 05/21/44. Lt. Petrich was flying it, and it was badly damaged by a gunner in 827 test-firing guns. Undercarriage collapsed after brakes burned out.
575575018444PHarlow, Frederick S.Capt.O397369
575575018444CPWakeland, Vernon E.F/OT1786
575575018444BRauschenberger, Arthur F.2/Lt.O741368
575575018444FECoughran, John P.Sgt.19180946
575575018444RGMcKenzie, Fred N.Sgt.34507416
575575018444AGClarke, Edward C.Sgt.19060408
SOURCE: SO-107, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 19 Apr 1944
NOTES: On 02/24/45, by then Capt Rauschenberger was killed when flying on a mission with Capt Hanish. Wakeland returned a 2Lt with serial number 0887215 per Par 4, SO-1, 9th Bombardment Division, 09/25/44, which lists aircrew personnel for return to the ZI. The tail number of the aircraft ferried over (42-107626) comes from SO-37, Hqs 3rd AF Staging Wing, Hunter Field, 02/06/44.
575575019449PHeslep, Alvin R.1/Lt.O672102
575575019449BHunter, Phillip H.1/Lt.O676282
575575019448FEWaggoner, Henry G., Jr.S/Sgt.14161966
575575019445RGBass, John C.T/Sgt.15082110
575575019444AGWatson, James L.S/Sgt.13031587
SOURCE: SO-126, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 4. 24 Sep 1944
NOTES: These crewmen reported as individuals. Lt Heslep was on the Ahrweiler mission and apparently returned to base. I have been unable to identify his crew entirely. Apparently, Jim Watson was at the 1996 reunion and entered the gunners' names and his serial number. I already had Bass's particulars from orders, but I did not know that he was on this crew. From the 22 March 45 taxi sheet, Hunter flew with him then.
575575020449PHorstman, Charles J.2/Lt.O705954
575575020449CPO'Connell, John H.2/Lt.O715295
575575020449BSmith, Phillip2/Lt.O718158
575575020449FEKervin, Junies C.Cpl.38420996
575575020449RGRodgers, James M.Cpl.17043492
575575020449AGPingle, Ray E.Cpl.35791929
SOURCE: SO-128, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 27 Sep 1944
NOTES: SO-220, Hqs Barkdale Field, 8/7/44, gives the flight engineer's name as Kervin, which I suspect is correct.
575575021449PIves, Walter J.Maj.O396904
575575021449CPCox, James C.2/Lt.O818508
575575021449BBarnes, John W.2/Lt.O659510
575575021449FEBennett, Russell G.S/Sgt.11054993
575575021449RGCochran, Robert C.T/Sgt.34205733
575575021449AGAlakel, Robert N.S/Sgt.31083774
SOURCE: SO-121, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 11. 13 Sep 1944
57557502243PJacobi, Samuel2/Lt.O796828
5755750224310CPHudson, Donald J.2/Lt.O693781
57557502243BEmminger, Harold J.2/Lt.O733165
57557502243FEBoston, George A.Sgt.17160225
57557502243RGGrazier, Guy W.Sgt.35596133
57557502243AGSurman, John S.S/Sgt.32732716
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
57557502344PJannsen, Edward M.Capt.O401174
575575023449CPThompson, Braxton S.Capt.O433607
575575023449RGSkeens, Clyde B.T/Sgt.15114659
57557502344AGSancomb, Edgar E., JrS/SGT.33726918
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: Jannsen led the Ahrweiler mission on 12/23/44, flying 42-107743, Silver Star. Garside of Schreiber's crew flew as his Bombardier that day. Jannsen's serial number comes from SO-218, Laughlin AAF, 2 Sep 43. An anonymous contributor at the 1996 reunion provided the CP, RG, and AG names plus that of McDowell (from Tucker's crew) as EG. Capt Thompson may have had a crew, but I have not found any evidence of that, such as his name on a taxi sheet. ADDENDUM: Serial number and correct forename for Sancomb come from SO-104 Par 3.
5755750244310PKelley, Glenn D.1/Lt.O348517
5755750244311CPSnow, Parker B.2/Lt.O757314
5755750244312BFodor, Joseph P.2/Lt.O793238
575575024431FEJohnson, Edward J.S/Sgt.32624456
575575024431RGMatis, WilliamSgt.19040245
575575024431AGClark, Allen O.S/Sgt.17086753
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Allen Clark advises me that Fodor was also a navigator. Kelley flew over in 42-95827. 575BS History (Reel A0644 page 1224) states that "Pop" Kelley was a veteran B-26 pilot and joined the squadron in October 1943.
575575025444PKiedinger, Cecil E.2/Lt.O808557
575575025444CPNelson, Clyde W., Jr.2/Lt.O815208
575575025444BMotley, William F.2/Lt.O699227
575575025444FEWall, Frederick H.S/Sgt.37303205
575575025444RGSomerville, James, Jr.S/Sgt.32787503
575575025444AGSmith, Raymond E.Sgt.35099978
SOURCE: SO-107, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 19 Apr 1944
NOTES: From the 22 Mar 45 taxi sheet, a first pilot named Nelson of the 575th flew that day; he was probably the above Nelson.
575575026449PKirton, William T.2/Lt.O699428
575575026449CPGoodlander, Oliver L.2/Lt.O824130
575575026449BCrisp, Jack P.2/Lt.O703379
575575026449FEDranchak, JosephSgt.33602705
575575026449RGHerrin, James A.Sgt.19098631
575575026449AGBrady, Vance H.S/Sgt.36514571
SOURCE: SO-121, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 12. 13 Sep 1944
NOTES: At the 1996 reunion, Vance Brady supplied the following information: the airplane name (The Grinning Gremlin), but not the number, and that Lt Crisp was injured in a ground accident and was replaced by "Doc" Bogart. From the Ahrweiler taxi sheet, the number is given as 855-R. The entire number almost surely is 42-95855, opcode O8-R.
57557502744PKloepfer, William A.1/Lt.O681120
57557502744CPHulton, John V.2/Lt.O822009
57557502744BWolfe, Edward2/Lt.O761272
57557502744FEHumble, Harold R.S/Sgt.38468334
57557502744RGHaynes, Delmer L.S/Sgt.20725360
57557502744AGStevens, James F.S/Sgt.11054924
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: Lt Kloepfer was shot down on 12/23/44 in 42-95844, Miss Behavin. I have assumed that the above crew, listed in the hardback history, was his regular crew, as I can find them on no other crew. Lts Kloepfer and Hulton are buried in the Lorraine Cemetery.
575575028452PKrein, Walter2/Lt.O718672
575575028452CPHoward, John G., Jr.F/OT131295
575575028452NLuketich, JosephF/OT133113
575575028452FENovitzki, TonyCpl.32085905
575575028452RGNyerges, Napoleon G.Cpl.15375053
575575028452AGSerowski, Raymond P.Cpl.36826023
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
575575029453PKristolich, Henry R.2/Lt.O819829
575575029453FEAinscough, Vaden E.S/Sgt.16019480
SOURCE: SO-41, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 14 Mar 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575030444PLakin, Robert K.2/Lt.O684356
575575030444CPCreighton, John R., Jr.2/Lt.O689847
575575030444BCastagnoni, Aldo2/Lt.O669996
575575030444FELee, PhilipS/Sgt.12058657
575575030444RGKane, Walter J.S/Sgt.39279401
575575030444AGCarter, Charles C.Sgt.39568039
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: Lakin flew over in 42-107591. Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, by then Capt Lakin was lead qualified with Lt Vurgaropulis (of Willis's crew) as Bombardier and Lt Rogers (of Coult's crew) as Navigator.
575575031449PLeavitt, Vernon P.2/Lt.O704841
575575031449CPSmith, Robert O.2/Lt.O715833
57557503144BMazurk, Martin C.2/Lt.O712193
575575031449FENichols, Leroy L.Cpl.37558043
575575031449RGSouza, Alvaro D.Cpl.19093064
575575031449AGSchneider, Robert C.Cpl.17115190
SOURCE: SO-248, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 14 Sep 1944
NOTES: Per Martin Mazurk at the 1996 reunion, when he was transferred to Saunders crew to become a lead crew, he was replaced by Covino, not a rated bombardier, but what was called a "toggleer."
575575032449PLippincott, John I., Jr.2/Lt.O706212
575575032449CPLitzsinger, Herbert S.2/Lt.O713304
575575032449BBanks, Ben T.2/Lt.O712269
575575032449FEPennington, Ernest H.Cpl.34728009
575575032449RGThrower, Harold P.Cpl.38372802
575575032449AGTerry, MeyerS/Sgt.32465832
SOURCE: SO-241, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 2. 6 Sep 1944
NOTES: Cpl Pennington was killed on 02/24/45, on a mission with Capt Hanish (see Comments there).
57557503344PLowry, Allan R.2/Lt.O697431
575575033452NBrown, Harold G.F/OT128941
575575033452FEPerry, ThomasCpl.36659903
575575033452RGMalena, JohnCpl.32662385
575575033452AGFlathmann, Henry K. G.Cpl.38455945
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
NOTES: The source order does not list a co-pilot.
5755750344412PMartin, Albert C.2/Lt.O721817
5755750344412CPShipp, John W.2/Lt.O833824
5755750344412BPigott, Mardyle O.F/OT131616
5755750344412FESmead, Thomas F.Cpl.38440340
5755750344412RGSheppard, George I.Cpl.18202769
5755750344412AGKelly, Nathan L.Cpl.16021843
SOURCE: SO-296, Hqs, AAB Barksdale Field, LA, Par. 23. 22 Oct 1944
NOTES: Info from pilot, except as noted below. He is brother of Clarence R. Martin, also a pilot in the 575th. The first name, rank, and serial number for Sheppard come from SO-127, Hqs 391st BG, dated 9/1/43; it is possible that he is not the right Sheppard in this case. ADDENDUM: FE on original website (T/SGT. THOMAS K. SHEPPARD, ASN 38159990) was incorrect. Crew names and missing serial numbers obtained from SO-296 Par 23.
575575035448PMartin, Clarence L.2/Lt.O705131
575575035448CPSienknecht, Arlo F.2/Lt.O715814
575575035448BMayer, Harry S., Jr.2/Lt.O712192
575575035448FEStarkweather, Marvin R.Cpl.37518497
575575035448RGTorres, Eugene E.Cpl.18121116
575575035448AGPepi, Albert L.Cpl.39047311
SOURCE: OO-101, NORTH ATL WG, Dow Field, Bangor, ME, Par. 3. 23 Jul 1944
NOTES: On 02/24/45, flying 44-67902 (Hube), Lt Martin crashed due to severe flak damage. His airplane for the flight over was 43-34347.
5755750364412PMartin, Clarence R.2/Lt.O721614
5755750364412CPPhillips, William I.2/Lt.O2061759
5755750364412BAttanasio, Carmine A.F/OT132544
5755750364412FERovelli, Herman M.Cpl.31288381
5755750364412RGStewart, Herbert S.Cpl.15121616
5755750364412AGMosier, James C.Cpl.42025887
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, December 1944. 1 Dec 1944
NOTES: Albert Martin, brother of Clarence R., both pilots in the 575th, supplied Clarence's name, and he had thought that the co-pilot's name was Pinkham. All the names shown above, aside from the pilot's, were supplied by Bill Phillips, co-pilot, at the 1996 reunion.
57557503744PMartin, Max M.2/Lt.O686574
575575037444CPBonifacino, Paul C.T61665
57557503744BPalmer, Wayne R.1/Lt.O681761
57557503744FEShackelford, Claude C.S/Sgt.19174305
57557503744RGSebring, Keeney F.T/Sgt.19167324
57557503744AGChrist, Robert E.S/Sgt.33621249
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: From the softback history, on 05/08/1944 hydraulics were damaged leading to collapse of the landing gear at touchdown (41-31972). The crew listed here was provided by Bob Christ at the end of the year 2001. He did not provide the name of a co-pilot. Bob advises that their airplane was 31716 and that its name was "Six Hits and a Miss." The Miss, a picture of a girl, was featured on the nose. The full number was probably 41-31716, as it was a 575th airplane. All of these people were listed in Par 4, SO-1, 9th Bombardment Division, 09/25/44, which named only individual aircrew personnel for return to the ZI. ADDENDUM: The name of the missing Co-Pilot Bonifacino was found in the caption for the Martin crew photograph on this website.
575575038453PMcCulloch, Stanley B., Jr.1/Lt.O795794
575575038453FEPurnell, James E., Jr.T/Sgt.13087889
SOURCE: SO-41, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 14 Mar 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575039432PMitchell, Kenneth W.1/Lt.O731630
57557503943CPGubner, Harry D., Jr.Capt.O731574
575575039432NClark, Jim B.2/Lt.O669006
575575039432FEAppeldorn, Philip L.Sgt.35650937
575575039432RGWaldrip, Caley B.T/Sgt.14061439
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Apparently Capt Gubner merely flew overseas as a co-pilot. He became the Squadron Operations Officer. Gubner has another entry as first pilot. Someone at the 1996 reunion gave the names Wexler as navigator and Shiro as co-pilot on Mitchell's crew. A
575575040451PNaugle, Richard C.2/Lt.O720331
575575040451CPTurner, Ralph F., Jr.2/Lt.O833444
575575040451BSutcliffe, George W.F/OT131630
575575040451FEWerra, Joseph C.Cpl.36822556
575575040451RGAmber, John B.Cpl.15072426
575575040451AGMorris, Eugene T.Cpl.36763095
SOURCE: SO-296, Hqs, AAB Barksdale Field, LA, Par. 23. 22 Oct 1944
NOTES: Info provided by Dick Naugle, except that Dave Morris provided the number (44-677924) of the Aircraft ferried over. ADDENDUM: Missing serial numbers for Sutcliffe and Morris come from SO-296 Par 23.
575575041452PNelson, Cecil L.2/Lt.O719712
575575041452CPEricson, John W.2/Lt.O833509
575575041452NWarburton, Warren A.F/OT131637
575575041452FEFrank, JackCpl.32879037
575575041452RGFetner, Leo N.38528919
575575041452AGBeneda, Robert H.Cpl.16138685
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
575575042449PNoland, Howard H.2/Lt.O705412
575575042449CPBustle, James R.F/OT125306
575575042449BKennair, Thomas J.2/Lt.O712163
575575042449FECrider, Jacob E.S/Sgt.35482133
575575042449RGTerrian, Warren E.Cpl.16089427
575575042449AGTalley, James E.Cpl.17053378
SOURCE: SO-220, Hqs, AAB Barksdale Field, LA, Par. 21. 7 Aug 1944
NOTES: Lt Noland was flying one of the three planes that crashed returning from a ferry mission to France on 09/24/44. He was flying 42-95853, "Miss Laid," and crashed in Hatfield Heath. According to Bob Mynn in an article, "When the Weather Won", his crew were Crider and Terrian. Note that he did not have a co-pilot for this ferry mission. All were killed and are buried in the American Military Cemetery at Madingley. Noland's name is spelled Nolan in several instances, creating some confusion. Kennair later flew with Bass, and his name was often misspelled as Kinnair.
57557504343PO'Hare, Donald D.1/Lt.O735810
5755750434310CPDaprato, Robert F.F/OT122880
57557504343FEFoster, James M.Sgt.34526666
57557504343RGWeis, Jerry E.T/Sgt.19080569
57557504343AGBates, Calvin L.S/Sgt.19049133
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Someone at the 1996 reunion supplied Bates's name; his particulars come from SO-7, Hqs 391 BG, 2/7/43. A pilot, 1Lt Thomas H. Brown, 0664959, flew overseas with this crew according to the referenced order. They flew over in 42-95808, Idiot's Delight.
575575044432POlfson, Junior W.2/Lt.O525673
5755750444310CPCoffin, Charles H.2/Lt.O693633
575575044432BLanford, Edwin H.2/Lt.O666683
575575044432FERice, Raymond J.Pvt.19056906
575575044432RGNewton, James A.T/Sgt.32328795
575575044432AGArmstrong, Sterling D.Sgt.15104653
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: At the 1996 reunion, Jim Newton supplied Lanford and Armstrong's names and corrected his serial number, which I had managed to garble. He also indicated that Jim Clark, who flew over with Mitchell, became their navigator. Armstrong's particulars come from SO-7, 391BG, 2/7/43. On 05/28/44 flak damaged hydraulics (42-95852); belly landed at base. Olfson flew over in 42-95847, Scrumptious.
57557504544PPetrich, Michael R.1/Lt.O684039
57557504544CPSullivan, Robert B.2/Lt.O669809
57557504544TOGInsley, Edwin G.T/Sgt.33064534
57557504544FEMartel, ErnestT/Sgt.31150127
57557504544RGAmbrose, Bryan B.S/Sgt.34240010
57557504544AGRead, Robert R.S/Sgt.32058677
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: Michael Petrich recently supplied the above-listed crew names along with some interesting sidelights. He left the US on Christmas Day, 1943, some days ahead of the initial deployment of the 391st. As a result of being hospitalized in Northern Ireland, he lost his first crew. The above-listed names are his second crew; he had the first replacement crew for the 575th. His ferry airplane number (42-95864) comes from a Morrison Field order, SO-473, dated 12/24/44; it would only be a coincidence if this airplane ended up in the 391st. On 05/21/44, Petrich was flying 42-95805 which was badly damaged by a gunner in 827 test-firing guns. Undercarriage collapsed after brakes burned out. Lt Petrich was shot down in 42-107811 on 07/05/44. The softback history says that there were known to be survivors, and obviously Petrich survived. "Return of the Marauder Men" lists Sgt Martel as buried in the Normandy Cemetery and Sgt Insley on the Wall of the Missing in the Brittany Cemetery. Serial numbers come from Dave Garnham's database.
575575046452PRiley, Jack E.2/Lt.O721212
575575046452CPMalidore, Ronald E.F/OT130437
575575046452NCooke, Richard L.F/OT132567
575575046452FESliwa, Walter S.Cpl.32933821
575575046452RGQuerner, Charles B.Cpl.38515657
575575046452AGSmith, William B.Cpl.36757688
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
5755750474311PRuble, James C.1/Lt.O1699365
5755750474311CPTavener, Clark A.2/Lt.O757331
57557504743FEMiller, Francis W.Sgt.33187117
57557504743RGShreves, Forest E.Sgt.37506082
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
57557504844PRutledge, Eugene2/Lt.O672682
57557504844CPMartin, Robert J.2/Lt.O691583
57557504844BWylder, Edward J.2/Lt.O744170
57557504844FEShannon, Harry O.Sgt.16055819
57557504844RGPaulis, Stanley F.S/Sgt.36447601
57557504844AGWhite, George D.Sgt.12155697
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: The tail number of the aircraft ferried over comes from SO-37, Hqs 3rd AF Staging Wing, Hunter Field, 02/06/44.
57557504943PSamuel, John S.Maj.O21742
57557504943CPWilkinson, Edward S.2/Lt.O795542
57557504943FEMatthews, John J. F.Sgt.32491739
57557504943RGGallo, Larry F.Sgt.33429374
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Col Samuel's mission aircraft on 05/20/44 (42-107740) was so badly flak damaged that it had to be sent to the service squadron. He flew over in 42-95848. Wilkinson is shown as a first pilot on the Mission #4 taxi sheet.
57557505044PSaunders, Robert M.2/Lt.O690258
57557505044CPAlbert, Kenneth D.2/Lt.O689003
57557505044BMazurk, Martin C.2/Lt.O712193
575575050FEElliott, Kenneth E.S/Sgt.37412538
57557505044RGRaef, Leonard E.S/Sgt.18078365
57557505044AGWilkes, John J., Jr.S/Sgt.39183822
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: All of these names were supplied by Martin Mazurk. I already had Wilkes's name and particulars from an extract of an R&R order sent to me by Clyde Kirkbride, but I still do not know for sure that he was a flight engineer. Apparently, Saunders had no bombardier but was ready to lead, so Mazurk was transferred from Leavitt to Saunders. Saunders, Raef, and Albert's serial numbers come from Dave Garnham's database. ADDENDUM: Crew loading lists show Elliott as FE and Wilkes as AG.
575575051432PSchirmer, Lawrence F.1/Lt.O731678
5755750514310CPCude, Richard V.2/Lt.O692537
575575051432BHesterly, Wayne H.2/Lt.O666038
575575051432NBass, William R.1/Lt.O668997
575575051432FEMiller, Edwin J.S/Sgt.37122857
575575051432RGVan Sickle, Chester L.T/Sgt.16013335
575575051432AGMawhorr, Kenneth I.S/Sgt.35404177
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Schirmer flew over in 42-95855. Hesterly's particulars come from SO-7, Hqs, 391st Bomb Group, Par 4, 2/7/1943. He became the Squadron Bombardier and so flew with a number of crews, but he states that later on he flew mostly with Schirmer, and I am sure that he was no longer a 2nd Lt.. ADDENDUM: Crew loading lists show that Mawhorr was this crew's regular AG.
575575052444PSchreiber, Leonard A.2/Lt.O672882
575575052444CPCarpenter, Earl S.2/Lt.O689206
575575052444BGarside, John A.2/Lt.O671339
575575052444FERandall, Franklin J.Sgt.31139543
575575052444RGPinto, AnthonyS/Sgt.31276797
575575052444AGWilson, John W.Sgt.33581415
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: Lt Carpenter's name is unreadable on my copy of the source order; his name was found in SO-23, Hqs Lake Charles AAF, 01/23/44, Par 1. Lt Garside flew with Jannsen on the 12/23/44 mission.
575575053449PSharp, Donald N.2/Lt.O686499
575575053449CPOuellette, Edward J., Jr.2/Lt.O823927
575575053449BHawkinson, William D.2/Lt.O704289
575575053449FEGilbert, Glynn T.Cpl.38419335
575575053449RGVon Castelberg, Edward H.Sgt.32867810
575575053449AGDoyal, Glenn E.Sgt.14079332
SOURCE: SO-241, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 2. 6 Sep 1944
NOTES: Lt Sharp was shot down on 12/23/44 in 43-34440. Martin Mazurk, at the 1996 convention, confirmed that Sharp's co-pilot on this mission was 2Lt Raymond E. Hedstrom of Cambier's crew. Of the above, only Lt Hawkinson is listed in "Return of the Marauder Men"; he is buried in the Lorraine Cemetery. Lt Ouellette must have upgraded to first pilot, as his name appears on the Operation Clarion taxi sheet. His bombardier that day was Lowe from Bolton's crew.
57557505443PSmith, Raymond B.2/Lt.O795846
5755750544310CPErickson, Clarence V.2/Lt.O692773
57557505443BMcCutcheon, Roy B., Jr.2/Lt.O534471
57557505443FEMartin, Edward L.S/Sgt.18180847
57557505443RGBridgewater, Billy B.T/Sgt.14188175
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Smith flew over in 42-95854. The source order shows a second flight engineer, Dominic M. Passarella, Sgt, 32714843, as flying over with Smith.
575575055431PStalnaker, George W.Maj.O23784
57557505543CPAldridge, William S.1/Lt.O731780
575575055431NWilliams, Edgar G.1/Lt.O791015
575575055431FEFritz, John M.Sgt.36449712
575575055431RGKrol, Henry M.T/Sgt.31097827
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Lt Col Stalnaker was the 575th CO. He was shot down on 07/08/44, flying in 42-95821. The softback history states that there were 8 survivors. The hardback history names the following crew, in addition to then Capt Williams: 2Lt Eugene R. Squier and SSgt Stanley W. Miller of Harkins's crew; 1Lt Francis J. Murphy; 1Lt Jim B. Clark of Mitchell's crew; TSgt Richard B. Smith of Don Wolfe's crew; and SSgt Lloyd V. Alexander. At the 1996 reunion, Col Stalnaker indicated that Aldridge was "A" Flight Commander, and he wrote the following contribution, "Stanley Miller was both Stalnaker's & Harkins' regular turret gunner. Alexander was not my regular crew member, but a fill-in. Capt Williams was sqdn navigator & 1st Lt F J Murphy was sqdn bombardier. Lt Squier was not my regular co-pilot. In fact I used different ones on a number of missions. TSgt Smith filled in for my regular radio operator, Tom Lawson, who was wounded on a previous mission. Jim Clark was aboard as "G" navigator. This made an 8-man crew for lead aircraft." Col Stalnaker flew over in 42-95849.
57557505644PSullivan, Leroy R.2/Lt.O806168
57557505644CPHobson, John A.2/Lt.O688821
57557505644BIvory, Richard E.2/Lt.O749906
57557505644FEPeterson, Kenneth D.S/Sgt.37220369
57557505644RGRoberge, Joseph F.T/Sgt.31265792
57557505644AGByng, Virgil W.S/Sgt.36815269
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95840 28 May 1944
NOTES: Someone at the 1996 reunion indicated that the above were regular crew members. On 05/28/44 crash landed (42-95840). Believed to be on test flight. Per the softback history, Lt Sullivan's plane (42-95848) was shot down on 06/07/44, but four chutes appeared and two survived. The hardback history identifies the following as "missing": Lt Sullivan, Lt Hobson, TSgt Roberge, and SSgt Peterson. "Return of the Marauder Men" lists only Sgt Peterson as a casualty (which means that other remains were returned to the US. Dave Garnham found verification on microfilm of Lt. Sullivan's death. ADDENDUM: The mission records show that this was Sullivan's regular crew. This crew were aboard 42-95840 on the Amiens mission of 28 May 1944, when the aircraft was hit by FLAK over the target and was seen to leave formation, gliding down under control. The aircraft is believed to have crash landed near the English coast where it ran into anti-landing traps, and was declared Cat E and salvaged. Sullivan and crew were OK.
5755750574311PTavener, Clark A.1/Lt.O757331
57557505743CPCastle, Mark W.2/Lt.O927500
575575057449BWilkinson, Patrick H.1/Lt.O666110
57557505743FEWyne, Joseph W.T/Sgt.15068360
57557505743RGMcGettigan, John F.Cpl.33791127
57557505743AGDick, Frank D.Cpl.19180100
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1943. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: Lt Tavener flew overseas as Lt Ruble's co-pilot in the original group of 57 crews. This crew was made up overseas. Wilkinson was assigned by SO-126, Hqs 391st, 09/24/44, Par 4. Lt Tavener was shot down on 12/23/44 in 42-95932 (Fifinella). I have assumed that the above crew was his "regular" crew at the time, as I cannot find them on other crews. Lt Tavener is listed on the Wall of the Missing in the Luxembourg Cemetery, and Lts Castle and Wilkinson are buried there. From Don Hudson I learned that Wynne and one other crewman successfully bailed out.
575575058449PTimbers, Robert R.2/Lt.O760923
575575058449CPShields, Daniel L.2/Lt.O823465
575575058449BMiles, Francis L.2/Lt.O703566
575575058449FEMolloy, Eugene P.Cpl.11128203
575575058449RGRatliff, Robert E.Cpl.17127866
575575058449AGMoore, Ralph W.S/Sgt.20815159
SOURCE: SO-121, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 12. 13 Sep 1944
575575059431PTucker, Tommy F.1/Lt.O668164
5755750594310CPGoodwin, Dexter B.2/Lt.O693369
575575059431FEMcDowell, Charles H.S/Sgt.20756301
575575059431RGGeren, Nathan W.Sgt.35541510
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: A second radio-gunner, SSgt Robert H. Blackstone, 32479418, flew over with this crew according to the source order. He was killed on 8 Jul 44, flying with the 322nd BG, and is buried in the Normandy Cemetery. The aircraft for the flight over was 42-95844.
575575060432PWhitmore, Lucian R.2/Lt.O668170
575575060432CPWinterbottom, George C.2/Lt.O796933
57557506043NWechsler, Howard2/Lt.O797108
575575060432FEEllington, Jackie L.S/Sgt.18080141
SOURCE: SO-64, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Myrtle Beach, SC, Par. 2. 3 Jun 1943
NOTES: These crew members flew together on a ferry mission per the source order. Crew positions are assumed based upon listing order. I have no way of knowing whether they flew together regularly, but so far I have not found them listed elsewhere.
575575061447PWillis, James B.2/Lt.O687358
575575061447CPVaughan, Walter F., Jr.2/Lt.O764842
575575061447BVurgaropulos, John C.2/Lt.O765759
575575061447FERausch, Dean H.Sgt.36650622
575575061447RGKulwin, DonaldCpl.16169001
575575061447AGKartchner, Kenneth A.Sgt.39906089
SOURCE: SO-95, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 5. 29 Jul 1944
NOTES: Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Lt Willis was lead qualified with 1Lt Hubert R. Demeester, 0729442, who had arrived as an individual (SO-126, 391st BG, 9/24/44) as Bombardier and Lt Miles (listed in the Comments under Capt Hanish) as Navigator. On 02/24/45, Lt Vurgaropulos was killed while flying on a mission with Capt Hanish. On 03/09/45, Lt Willis crash landed in 42-95843 (Rashioned Passion) (sp?) at base when his plane's landing gear failed because of flak damage. Per Par 11, SO-98, 9th BD, 04/08/45, SSgt Kulwin went to Pathfinder with Lt Julian Brooks's crew, replacing Broussard.
575575062432PWolfe, Donald H.2/Lt.O523463
5755750624310CPKirschke, William H. E.2/Lt.O693926
575575062432FESexton, Carl A.S/Sgt.15083465
575575062432RGSmith, Richard B.Sgt.20314269
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Wolfe flew over in 42-95846.
575575101431PStalnaker, George W.Capt.O23784
57557510143CPWilkinson, Edward S.2/Lt.O795542
575575101432NKadansky, David M.2/Lt.O791832
575575101432EGGinder, Arthur R.S/Sgt.17032855
575575101432AGHolland, Thomas H.Pvt.20363863
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-18135. 30 Mar 1943
NOTES: Crashed due to engine failure at MacDill Field, FL. 575BS History (Reel A0644 page 1201) states that this was the first aircraft assigned to the 575BS. Capt. Stalnaker was on a transistion flight to the Osprey Bombing Range when he had an engine failure. He had to use the nearest available runway at MacDill and, due to the presence of planes on this runway, almost totally wrecked the aircraft on landing. No crew members were hurt as they had all assumed emergency positions.
Due to an engine failure while on a bombing mission, the pilot decided to return to his base. Upon approaching the MacDill Field, he made contact with the tower and was told to land and since it was an emergency to use runway 31. Traffic was using runway 9. The pilot was approaching the field from the S.E. The tower ordered three B-26's that were on runway 31 to clear the runway immediately. Two of the ships responded and cleared. The third ship kept taxiing on to the intersection of runway 31 and 36. In the meantime, the B-26 in trouble kept coming on in. Because of the third ship on the runway, the pilot decided to fly over this ship and land ahead of him. About that time the airplane on the runway turned off leaving the runway clear. The pilot of the ship in emergency then decided rather than try to climb and go around to land in the last 1/3 of the runway and he put his wheels and flaps down. He landed "hot" and the right gear did not have time to get completely down and locked. The right prop started cutting into the runway and the right gear collapsed due to the fact it was not completely down and locked. The nose wheel strut snapped causing the ship to skid sideways and partially groundloop.
1. Pilot was not certain at the time the prop was feathered that he had actually lost an engine.
2. Investigation by Engineering section of Sub-Depot failed to disclose any defect that would cause a malfunctioning engine.
3. Unidentified aircraft on runway did not obey tower's instructions to "clear runway 31 immediately".
4. The nose wheel was down and locked while the right gear was not.
5. In view of the known facts of this accident, this board places partial responsibility on the pilot and partial responsibility on the pilot of the unidentified aircraft that did not clear the runway.
It is recommended in the future all aircraft be instructed to use taxi strips where possible instead of using runways as taxi strips. This will keep all runways open for use during emergency landings.
575575102432POlfson, Junior W.F/OT186581
57557510243CPWilson, Sydney S.2/Lt.O795548
5755751024312BMurphy, Francis J.F/OO534308
57557510243EGCampbell, GordonT/Sgt.6970640
575575102432RGNewton, James A.T/Sgt.32328795
575575102432TGArmstrong, Sterling D.15104653
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-18149. 13 May 1943
NOTES: Mid-air collision at Osprey Bmb Rng Nr Osprey, FL. 575BS History (Reel A0644 page 1204) states that after avoiding another aircraft on a low-level bombing run, Olfson scraped through the branches of the only large tree on the bombing range. The plexiglass in the bombardier's compartment was shattered but F/O Murphy was uninjured. The plane also suffered damage to the leading edge of the right wing between the fuselage and nacelle. Tail gunner Armstrong called the pilot over the interphone and said "Hey Ollie, I think we just hit a tree", to which Ollie replied "No Kiddin"! The plane returned to the airfield, though it carried branches and leaves from stem to stern.
575575103432PWarnock, Roland D.2/Lt.O731707
575575103435CPWellhouse, Henry A.2/Lt.O795185
575575103432NLanford, Edwin H.2/Lt.O666683
575575103432EGBrockelbank, Edward H.S/Sgt.11032199
575575103432RGWells, George M.T/Sgt.38151419
575575103432AGBaker, Billy W.S/Sgt.37207800
575575103435XLock, Joseph W.Cpl.38108077
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-31747. 6 Jun 1943
NOTES: Landing accident at Myrtle Beach, SC.
Pilot was landing ship upon completion of night mission about 0003 EWT, June 6, 1940. Upon landing, left main gear buckled, due to not being fully extended and locked.
In the opinion of this committee the pilot was careless in that he did not avail himself of the checks provided to positively assure himself that the landing gear was down and locked. Further, the pilot landed the airplane after being assured that only one main wheels was down, and before being assured the left wheel was also down, other then glancing at the wheel indicator, which after check showed the left main gear not to be fully extended. After further investigation, it was disclosed that the locking pin had not been actuated for the left main gear.
RECOMMENDATIONS: That steps be taken by local authorities to insure the compliance, by pilots, with all procedures outlined for landing, and further, pilots be impressed with the serious results possible by a few moments inattention or carelessness.
575575104432PWanstreet, William H., Jr.1/Lt.O731706
57557510443CPSmith, Raymond B.2/Lt.O795846
575575104432NBLaufman, Herbert J.2/Lt.O732863
575575104432FEKrepelka, Joseph L.S/Sgt.36338933
575575104435RGRibeiro, RaymondT/Sgt.11069851
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-31764. 30 Jun 1943
NOTES: Landing accident due to mechanical fail at Myrtle Beach, SC.
Left tire blew out after landing while plane was rolling. Flat tire caused tire locking rim to fly off allowing play in the tire on the rim. Force of flat tire caused the plane to leave runway and strike bank on left side of runway . Pilot Wanstreet should be commended for his masterful handling of the plane in averting a more serious accident.
NOTE: The aircraft was completely wrecked.
575575105431PStalnaker, George W.Maj.O23784
57557510543CPWilkinson, Edward S.2/Lt.O795542
5755751054312BNMurphy, Francis J.F/OO534308
57557510543RGWeis, Jerry E.T/Sgt.19080569
575575105435CCCarlson, Sherwood D.Cpl.37259640
57557510543ACCKramer, Robert L.Pfc.12073503
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-35078 (previously 41-34078). 25 Jul 1943
NOTES: Ditched Into Atlantic Ocean 200 yards off Myrtle Beach, SC. Reel B0427 page 981 states that all occupants escaped to the aircraft's life raft and were later picked up by a crash boat. Kramer (Assistant Crew Chief) suffered sprained ankle, sprained left wrist, and minor contusions. All other crew suffered minor abrasions.
Pilot's statement: "I was the pilot of B-26C21, 41-35078. I took off at 0835 on runway 35 behind an A-20. Just after leaving the ground we had a violent yaw to the left which I thought was prop wash, but which might have been a partial failure of the left engine. I continued my climb to 900 feet and had turned to the left when airplane 41-35066 called and told me that my left engine was smoking badly. I checked it and oil smoke was coming from under the cowling. I called the tower while at 1000 feet and told them I was coming in for an emergency landing on runway 35.
I was on the downwind leg at about 160 miles per hour when the oil pressure fluctuated and dropped to 0, and the temperature started dropping rapidly. I feathered the engine and notified the tower. The co-pilot went off to salvo the bombs from the nose, while we were at 150 MPH and 900 feet. The airspeed dropped to 140 MPH as he salvoed, and in order to hold that, I had to lower the nose and dived to 600 feet. I was carrying about 2500 RPM and 49 inches Hg on the right engine. When the doors came shut we were unable to pick up speed and lost down to 135 MPH and once at 130 MPH. I had intended to make a right turn away from the field and come into runway 35 but my speed and gradual loss of altitude did not warrant it. I then attempted a left turn into the dead engine with reduced power on the right engine but the speed dropped to 120 so I gave power and called to tower while at 500 feet, that I was going to land in the water, which was straight ahead.
I made my descent at 150 MPH and made a flat landing in the water about 200 yards off shore. The only roughness on the landing was when the nose finally settled causing a sudden stop. All crew members got out all right and the plane floated for about 30 seconds while we got the raft out. All emergency procedures went excellently except the co-pilot and I each thought the other had cut the right switch and it was not cut. The crash boat came and picked us up."
The aircraft was salvaged and the Accident Committee concluded that the engine failure was caused by the failure of the Thermostatic Relief Valve fitted to the oil cooler. Two recent additional cases of the same type of failure were considered by the committee.
The committee commended the pilot for good judgement, and good technique.
575575107435PTalton, John R.2/Lt.O795859
575575107431CPTucker, Tommy F.2/Lt.O668164
57557510743NWechsler, Howard2/Lt.O797108
575575107432FEBrockelbank, Edward H.S/Sgt.11032199
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-18087. 11 Aug 1943
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Myrtle Beach, SC.
1. Pilot was taxiing, using right brake, only due to weakness of left brake, to slow airplane, and using right engine to keep airplane straight. The right brake froze, and pulled the aircraft into the ditch at the side of the runway.
Examination of the aircraft after the accident showed the clearance on the left brake to be excessive, and the right brake showed signs of scorching, and burning, but the clearance was normal. The pilot stated that after noting the condition of the brake on Form #1, he taxied out, and noted the weakness of the left brake, and took-off.
2. In the opinion of this committee the pilot was at fault for flying an airplane when he was cognizant with the fact that the left brake was weak, as noted on the Form #1.
3. RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommend that pilots in the future take a greater interest in the condition of their aircraft, and not just climb in and take-off.
575575108431PStalnaker, George W.Maj.O23784
575575108432CPFleck, Wilbur E.1/Lt.O793094
575575108431BWilliams, Edgar G.1/Lt.O791015
575575108435FENovak, StanleyT/SGT.6908665
57557510843RGWeis, Jerry E.T/SGT.19080569
575575108432AGAlexander, Lloyd V.S/SGT.35330756
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-35068. 9 Sep 1943
NOTES: Friendly fire [shoot down] in the vicinity of Lebanon, TN. Stalnaker was pilot of a B-26 C21 airplane 41-35068 on the afternoon of September 9, 1943. He was flying the lead ship of a formation on a low altitude maneuver with TA800. While on a bombing run a land mine was exploded directly ahead causing damage to above mention airplane. In no way was the pilot responsible for the damage done to the airplane. Damage sustained to the airplane: left propellor cuff was bent, left wing dented, de-icer boot torn, small holes in fabric on left aileron, dents in left wing and left horizontal stabilizer, trailing edge of left elevator bent and torn, and two holes in left elevator.
57557510943PJacobi, Samuel1/Lt.O796828
5755751094310CPHudson, Donald J.2/Lt.O693781
57557510943BEmminger, Harold J.2/Lt.O733165
57557510943FEBoston, George A.S/SGT.17160225
57557510943RGGrazier, Guy W.T/SGT.35596133
57557510943AGSurman, John S.S/SGT.32732716
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95932*. 20 Mar 1944
NOTES: Landing accident at Matching/Sta 166. The pilot landed out of a fast approach at least two-thirds of the way down the runway. His immediate use of brakes was attested to by the appearance of smoke for a short period after landing, but it disappeared until shortly before his attempted turn at the end of the runway where it appeared again. Inspection of the runway right after the accident showed that the right wheel skidded for about 100 yards. The ship was unable to make the turn and the left wheel, under the added download caused by the turn, sank deep into the soft earth allowing the left prop to hit the ground. The accident was due do at 100-percent to pilot error, about 80% judgement and 20% technique. It is recommended that if I stop appears impossible, the pilot role straight ahead on the soft Earth not using brakes off the runway.
57557511043PGubner, Harry D., Jr.Capt.O731574
57557511043CPSmith, Raymond B.2/Lt.O795846
57557511043BMcCutcheon, Roy B., Jr.2/Lt.O534471
57557511043FEMartin, Edward L.S/Sgt.18180847
57557511043RGBridgewater, Billy B.T/Sgt.14188175
57557511043AGReagan, William F.S/Sgt.31140015
SOURCE: MACR 03457, 42-95854. 25 Mar 1944
NOTES: Target: Hirson M/Y, France. 42-95854 was 2nd box, low flight, No.6. It was hit by FLAK, stayed in formation for 2 minutes, went into a spin, and exploded before hitting ground near Laon, France. 3 to 5 parachutes were seen. Reagan was found dead about 50 feet from aircraft wreckage with parachute deployed. His severe injuries suggest that he struck the ground hard, and perhaps his parachute caught on the tail, or it malfunctioned.
57557511143PAldridge, William S.Capt.O731780
57557511143CPBurgess, Merlin K.Capt.O404086
57557511143BHanton, Emil M.2/Lt.O741340
57557511143FELaycock, John F.Sgt.32143301
57557511143RGSaylor, Sterl E.Cpl.12098426
57557511143AGKreft, Andre F.S/Sgt.12057415
SOURCE: MACR 04216, 42-95845. 27 Apr 1944
NOTES: Target: Arras M/Y, France. FLAK hit right engine which burst into flames. Aldridge momentarily lost control and the aircraft went into a steep turn to the right. He passed under No.2 in the flight with his wing and right engine on fire. He appeared to have the aircraft under control and continued evasive action until 5000 feet. 4 parachutes seen to leave the aircraft before it did a tight left spiral, crashed, and exploded. Burgess and Hanton evaded for a while until they were captured.
575575112431PStalnaker, George W.Maj.O23784
575575112439CPHanish, Burton C.1/LT.O26260
5755751124312BMurphy, Francis J.1/LT.O534308
575575112431NWilliams, Edgar G.Capt.O791015
57557511243EGMiller, Stanley W.S/SGT.36453560
57557511243RGLawson, Thomas T.T/SGT.13034170
575575112432GNBass, William R.1/LT.O668997
575575112432MRapport, Richard L.Capt.O1686911
5755751124311OSquier, Eugene R.2/LT.O757317
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95950. 12 May 1944
NOTES: Landing accident at Matching/Sta 166. The B-26B50MA, AF # 42-95950 was making a single engine approach, the right engine having been feathered after loss of oil pressure and decided vibration had set in. After wheels and flaps had been lowered in the normal manner the plane was brought in in a fast glide and set down about a third of the runway down at the rather high landing speed of 130 MPH. Anticipating no trouble, speed was at first dissipated by holding the nose up and then the nose wheel was eased down and brakes applied. The pilot states that absolutely no reaction to the depression of both brake pedals prompted him to cause the emergency air bottle to be pulled; estimated speed at this time was about 30 MPH. Characteristically, both wheels locked. Unfortunately, the plane skidded to the left and when it hit the soft shoulder, the shearing forces was too great for the right landing gear assembly which gave way. All crew were in crash landing positions for the landing, but stood up after the aircraft was on the ground. All crew resumed crash landing positions when the aircraft started to skid, except for the engineer in the waist position who recived a slight cut on his forehead. Cause of the engine failure remains undetermined. Neither pilot nor engineer checked hydraulic pressure after wheels and flaps operated normally. 100% failure of structure; is brake failure. In view of the fact that this is the second total loss not to mention the number of tires destroyed occasioned by ships skidding off the runway after pulling the air bottle, it is recommended that a thorough study study be made of alternative methods of bringing the ship to a stop. One suggestion involves coordinated use of the shut off and bleed valves in the emergency system by which pressure could be at least partially controlled. Another suggestion incorporates landing on the runway to absorb the initial shock, but then as speed is dissipated, rolling deliberately off onto the soft shoulder where the friction coefficient will help to dissipate that last bit of speed that air resistance and a smooth runway affect so little. NOTE: Rapport is listed on the accident report crew listing for 42-95950 on 12 May 1944 as (Duty) "M", (Rating) "F/S", and (Branch) "MC". These are possibly "Medical", "Flight Surgeon", and "Medical Corps" respectively.
57557511343PO'Hare, Donald D.1/Lt.O735810
5755751134311CPSchiro, Alfred P.2/Lt.O757299
575575113432BDrake, Leo A., Jr.2/Lt.O733161
57557511343FEFoster, James M.S/Sgt.34526666
57557511343RGWeis, Jerry E.T/Sgt.19080569
57557511343AGBates, Calvin L.S/Sgt.19049133
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95805. 23 May 1944
NOTES: Landing accident at Matching/Sta 166. At about 1050 on the morning of 23 May 1944, B-26B50MA, 42-95805 made a normal approach for a landing on runway 03. The plane touched down fast almost on three points and according to testimony of occupants of the plane, almost immediately tended to swerve to the right. About 4 seconds (300 yards) after touching down both main wheels were locked, the left very slightly before the right as evidenced by the tyre marks on the runway. These marks continue to the point where the plane left the runway about 700 yards further along and show by their breadth that the right tire blew out about 100 yards before the left which burst shortly before the plane left the runway. Upon leaving the runway, the plane skidding on the soft shoulder, was shorn of the left main gear which raked the left side of the fuselage and allowed the left the nacelle, propeller, and wing to be damaged. Post-crash examination of both wheels showed no sign of binding or heating within the brakes; both wheels were free to turn. The brake valves were inspected and found satisfactory and the lines were clear except for a minimum of hydraulic fluid in the airlines. The air bottle had not been pulled. The brakes had been adjusted within the squadron only the day before. The evidence shows that after landing the plane had tended to swerve to the right which condition the pilot attempted to compensate first by rudder, then by normal use of the left brake and application of power to the right engine, the wheels changed almost instantaneously from a condition of freewheeling to one of complete lock, and that the brakes were locked at a point unreasonably far from the end of the runway and under conditions that refute any contention that the pilot held the brakes depressed thereby causing the accident. With the evidence presented, this board finds itself unable to fairly affix the responsibility in the case of this accident. There are no recommendations.
57557511444PSullivan, Leroy R.2/Lt.O806168
57557511444CPHobson, John A.2/Lt.O688821
57557511444BIvory, Richard E.2/Lt.O749906
57557511444FEPeterson, Kenneth D.S/Sgt.37220369
57557511444RGRoberge, Joseph F.T/Sgt.31265792
57557511444AGByng, Virgil W.S/Sgt.36815269
SOURCE: MACR 05689, 42-95848. 7 Jun 1944
NOTES: Target: Briouze Railway Sidings. 42-95848 was lead flight, No.7. Aircraft was hit by FLAK and crashed NE of Bretteville, France. 4 parachutes seen, but last one did not deploy fully.
57557511543PO'Hare, Donald D.1/Lt.O735810
575575115CPBates, Wallace E.2/Lt.O763034
575575115432BDrake, Leo A., Jr.1/Lt.O733161
57557511543FEBates, Calvin L.S/Sgt.19049133
57557511543RGWeis, Jerry E.T/Sgt.19080569
575575115XBaggett, Richard L.2/Lt.O763030
575575115432XSchwisow, MelvinCpl.17031322
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95832. 4 Jul 1944
NOTES: Crashed on take off engine failure at Matching/3mi S Sta 166.

On 4 July 1944, Donald D. O'Hare, O-735810, 1st Lt A.C., having properly checked his aircraft B-26B50 MA, AF No. 42-95832, took off on a local training mission with a seven man crew and ten (10) one hundred pound bomb load. Just as the aircraft was becoming airborne the left engine failed completely. The right propeller fluctuated considerably. The aircraft never attained enough air speed to insure retaining control and holding altitude. The pilot picked a grain field and made a belly landing. The landing was beautifully executed on a slight upslope. The soft dirt tore off the lower segments of each engine cowling, the wheel nacelle doors, the bombay doors, the keel beam of the bombay and part of the skin of under the fuselage. The aircraft slid straight up the slope for approximately 150-200 yards. At that time it went across a ditch approximately six (6) feet wide and four (4) feet deep. The shock even at slow speed swung the aircraft to the right, tore off the left engine, and set the aircraft afire. In the swing to the right the fuselage rode over the torn off left engine, tearing out the rear bombay and breaking the fuselage in two. The crew evacuated the airplane through the copilot's and navigator's hatch. The pilot's hatch was jammed. One enlisted man was in the tail. He was removed by the copilot and the engineer-gunner. The aircraft had checked out on the preflight but on previous flights had been criticized for lack of power. The crash was caused by 100% material failure, complete left engine failure and probable failure of the right propeller, cause undetermined. There are no recommendations.

NOTE: See Reel A0644 page 1264 for an account of the crash.

O'Hare stated that, after feathering the left engine, full rudder trim was not sufficient and that he made a gentle turn to the left to avoid the radar towers at North Weald airfield. He also stated that the bombardier and radio man suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns; the enlisted bombardier (Schwisow) suffered a broken arm, head injuries and and 1st and 2nd degree burns; the rest of the crew suffered minor 1st degree burns; and that he had minor lacerations of the jaw.

57557511644PPetrich, Michael R.1/Lt.O684039
57557511644CPSullivan, Robert B.2/Lt.O669809
57557511644TOGInsley, Edwin G.T/Sgt.33064534
57557511644FEMartel, ErnestT/Sgt.31150127
57557511644RGAmbrose, Bryan B.S/Sgt.34240010
57557511644AGRead, Robert R.S/Sgt.32058677
SOURCE: MACR 06360, 42-107811. 5 Jul 1944
NOTES: Target: Senoche F/D. 42-107811 was hit in aft bomb bay by FLAK then broke apart. Petrich stated that Sullivan was shot and killed whilst descending in his parachute.
575575117431PStalnaker, George W.L/Col.O23784
5755751174311CPSquier, Eugene R.2/Lt.O757317
5755751174312BMurphy, Francis J.1/Lt.O534308
575575117431NWilliams, Edgar G.Capt.O791015
57557511743FEMiller, Stanley W.S/Sgt.36453560
575575117432RGSmith, Richard B.T/Sgt.20314269
575575117432AGAlexander, Lloyd V.S/Sgt.35330756
575575117432GEEClark, Jim B.1/Lt.O669006
SOURCE: MACR 06649, 42-95821. 8 Jul 1944
NOTES: Target: Nantes RR Bridge, France. Stalnaker was leading the first box. During the bomb run the formation encountered heavy and accurate FLAK. Stalnaker was hit in both engines and his right engine started smoking. He continued the bomb run even though he was losing altitude. After the formation had dropped its bombs, he broke left and feathered his right engine. Mitchell flying in No.2 position took over the lead and called Stalnaker (who seemed calm) to say he was trying to get him fighter escort. Witnesses in the second box saw Stalnaker's aircraft flying alongside for a while until it stalled and crashed 5 mile NW of Chateaubriant. All crew bailed out and survived. The report seems to show that only Alexander was captured and the rest returned to duty.
575575122432PHarnest, Earl M.2/Lt.O693774
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-107615. 23 Sep 1944
NOTES: Landing accident at Charleroi/A-87.
575575123449PNoland, Howard H.2/Lt.O705412
575575123449FECrider, Jacob E.S/Sgt.35482133
575575123449RGTerrian, Warren E.Cpl.16089427
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95853. 24 Sep 1944
NOTES: 42-95853 crashed near Hatfield Heath, England on return from A-73 due to severely bad weather.
575575124449PSharp, Donald N.2/Lt.O686499
575575124449CPHedstrom, Raymond E.2/Lt.O714079
575575124449BHawkinson, William D.2/Lt.O704289
575575124449FEGilbert, Glynn T.S/Sgt.38419335
575575124449RGVon Castelberg, Edward H.T/Sgt.32867810
575575124449AGDoyal, Glenn E.Sgt.14079332
SOURCE: MACR 11486, 43-34440. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Target: Ahrweiler, Germany. Formation attacked by 50 to 75 enemy aircraft attacking in waves of 10 to 15 aircraft. 43-34440 was hit in tail turret and right wing. Fire spread to bomb bay. Hawkinson was fighting the fire in the bomb bay. Either died in aircraft or parachute burned.
5755751254311PTavener, Clark A.1/Lt.O757331
57557512543CPCastle, Mark W.2/Lt.O927500
575575125449BWilkinson, Patrick H.1/Lt.O666110
57557512543FEWyne, Joseph W.T/Sgt.15068360
57557512543RGMcGettigan, John F.Cpl.33791127
57557512543AGDick, Frank D.Cpl.19180100
SOURCE: MACR 11551, 42-95932. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Target: Ahrweiler, Germany. Formation attacked by 50 to 75 enemy aircraft attacking in waves of 10 to 15 aircraft.
575575126448PGatlin, James F., Jr.1/Lt.O685331
575575126448CPBiezis, Stephen V.2/Lt.O824081
575575126448BAdair, John J.1/Lt.O746676
575575126448FESanchez, Joe R.S/Sgt.39290993
575575126448RGWeissker, William L.S/Sgt.14070304
575575126448AGCowart, Milton E.S/Sgt.18190494
SOURCE: MACR 11661, 42-107671. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Target: Ahrweiler, Germany. Formation attacked by 50 to 75 enemy aircraft attacking in waves of 10 to 15 aircraft. 42-107671 was seen with left engine on fire and right engine feathered. Crew abandoned aircraft due to fire in bomb bay. Although 6 parachutes were seen leaving the aircraft, Adair was the only survivor. Adair states that he believes the rest of the crew were killed by S.S. Troops or by civilians.
57557512744PKloepfer, William A.2/Lt.O681120
57557512744CPHulton, John V.2/Lt.O822009
57557512744BWolfe, Edward2/Lt.O761272
57557512744FEHaynes, Delmer L.S/Sgt.20725360
57557512744RGHumble, Harold R.S/Sgt.38468334
57557512744AGStevens, James F.S/Sgt.11054924
SOURCE: MACR 11670, 42-95844. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Target: Ahrweiler, Germany. Formation attacked by 50 to 75 enemy aircraft attacking in waves of 10 to 15 aircraft. Haynes was the only survivor and states that there was a fire in the bomb bay which may have prevented the Officers from bailing out. Humble was injured and was too weak to bail out. Stevens' parachute had been damaged by enemy fire and was also hysterical. Only Haynes managed to bail out of the waist window when the aircraft started spinning and became a POW.
575575128451PGoble, William, Jr.2/Lt.O713402
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-107743. 3 Feb 1945
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Roye/Amy (A-73).
575575129439PHanish, Burton C.Capt.O26260
575575129449CPLittlejohn, Lew F.2/Lt.O779171
575575129447BVurgaropulos, John C.1/Lt.O765759
575575129444NRauschenberger, Arthur F.Capt.O741368
575575129449FEPennington, Ernest H.T/Sgt.34728009
5755751294412RGBroffman, PaulSgt.32342444
575575129447AGRivoli, Valentine P.S/Sgt.12168196
5755751294412OBSHarsin, Harold E.1/Lt.O855860
SOURCE: MACR 12611, 42-107576. 24 Feb 1945
NOTES: Target: Irlich. 42-107576 was flying box 1, lead flight. Just before release point, burst of FLAK hit the right engine and the main auxiliary fuel tank. The aircraft caught fire, veered right, and then went down in spiral dive. The wing broke off in the dive. No parachutes were observed leaving the aircraft.
575575130449PBass, Earl J.1/Lt.O667915
575575130449CPCox, James C.2/Lt.O818508
575575130449BKennair, Thomas J.2/Lt.O712163
575575130449EGLindsay, John H.T/Sgt.16028379
575575130449RGDellipizzi, Howard P.S/Sgt.33598234
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-107620. 21 Mar 1945
NOTES: Ground accident at Roye/Amy (A-73).

1. On 21 March 1945, 1st Lt Earl J. Bass was scheduled to fly a B-26C45 aircraft, A.F. #42-107620 on a local training mission. Lt Bass taxied out and pulled up at end of runway two-three, and stopped at angle of forty-five (45) degrees to the taxi strip, while waiting for aircraft ahead to be cleared for take-off. This aircraft, a B-26G15, A.F. #44-67986 was piloted by Lt Norman W. Sherwood, O-813962. Lt Sherwood, prior to take-off, ran his engines up to maximum power on the taxi strip, blowing loose slabs of asphalt from taxi strip into Lt Bass' aircraft, causing pilot's and co-pilot's windshields to be broken, plexiglass of nose broken, damage to left propeller, and minor dents in fuselage and left engine cowling.

2. Cause: One hundred percent (100%) airfield terrain. Taxi strip surfaces at the point of accident occurence are in bad condition. Asphalt surfacing is cracked and loose.

3. Recommendations: None.

57557513144PBreesman, Richard N.1/Lt.O701879
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-39189. 5 Apr 1945
NOTES: Crash landing at Juvincourt/A-68.
575575132453PRankin, John G.O424153
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22650. 21 Apr 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Aachen/Y-46.
575575133449PChatham, Milton E.2/Lt.O715990
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22529. 13 May 1945
NOTES: Crash belly landing out of gas at Poliseul/ 2mi N.
575575134453PKristolich, Henry R.2/Lt.O819829
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-39584. 29 May 1945
NOTES: Crash landing mechanical failure at St Trond/A-92.
575575135453PRankin, John G.O424153
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22681. 6 Jul 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Vitry/B-50.
575575136PWebster, Warren R.1/Lt.O807545
575575136CPWolfe, Rowland D.2/Lt.O816388
575575136449BBunk, Ralph F.1/Lt.O746981
575575136NHowe, Owen C.1/Lt.O685619
575575136RGAnglim, John E.S/Sgt.33310508
575575136XCurtis, Lawrence J.Sgt.19069881
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34326 7 Feb 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at A-58. Pilot made normal landing. Tire blew out on left main gear, causing aircraft to swerve to the left and off of runway. Pilot used left throttle and right brake in an attempt to keep the aircraft on runway. There was a 20 degree cross-wind at 15 MPH aggravating the aircraft's tendency to swerve to the left. Pilot was landing on the left-hand side of runway in his correction for drift. NOTE: This Accident Report was filed by the 410th Bomb Group, 647th Bomb Squadron. It is assumed that this aircraft and this crew (except for Curtis, and formerly of the 574 and 575 squadrons respectively) were transferred to this squadron at some point. The 410BG were originally equipped with A-20 Havoc aircraft. This report has been included for completeness.
575575137435PTalton, John R.2/Lt.O795859
57557513743XBraverman, Eugene A.2/Lt.O741230
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-36126 25 Sep 1943
NOTES: Landing accident in L-3B aircraft, 6 miles SW of Godman Field, KY. The pilot took off on a local flight and flew to Zone #3 about 7 miles South West of Godman Field. Here he executed a few power-off stalls and then proceeded to simulate a forced landing from 1000 feet. As he tried to clear the engine at 400 feet it cut out completely. The switches and gas were cut. The landing was a very rough three point landing on rough terrain. The landing gear collapsed and twisted the right wing, both of which will have to be replaced. OPINION: (1) That the proper gliding angle was not maintained to keep the propeller windmilling. (2) That had the ship been landed normally and into the wind, the damage would have been less. (3) That the pilot of heavier aircraft be given more transistion training time on small ships.
575575138449PThompson, Braxton S.Capt.O433607
575575138449CPLittlejohn, Lew F.2/Lt.O779171
575575138449BHunter, Phillip H.1/Lt.O676282
575575138449EGMcMahon, William J.T/Sgt.33289751
575575138449RGSkeens, Clyde B.T/Sgt.15114659
575575138449AGMcGinn, Paul E.S/Sgt.13043379
SOURCE: SO-266, Par. 5; HQ, 70th Replacement Depot - Assignment of crews to various Bomb Groups. 22 Sep 1944
NOTES: As per the order, this tentative crew was assigned to the group on 22 September 1944. The crew loading lists show that all members were assigned to the 575th Bomb Squadron, but were split up and flew with various other crews.
575575139449PHeslep, Alvin R.1/Lt.O672102
575575139449CPGreen, Grover E.2/Lt.O795387
575575139449BWilkinson, Patrick H.1/Lt.O666110
575575139449EGLindsay, John H.S/Sgt.16028379
575575139449RGFahey, Thomas J.S/Sgt.15329448
575575139449AGLovejoy, Robert F.S/Sgt.32383346
SOURCE: SO-266, Par. 5; HQ, 70th Replacement Depot - Assignment of crews to various Bomb Groups. 22 Sep 1944
NOTES: As per the order, this tentative crew was assigned to the group on 22 September 1944. The crew loading lists show that all members were assigned to the 575th Bomb Squadron, but were split up and flew with various other crews.
575575140PHarrison, Steadman D.2/Lt.O721725
575575140CPLee, Herbert W., Jr2/Lt.O2059083
575575140BCook, William A.F/OT132566
575575140EGVendemia, Anthony J.Cpl.13187406
575575140RGKentzel, John E.Cpl.38497990
575575140AGMcFadden, Raymond A.Cpl.19112252
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 318, HQ, Lake Charles AAF, Par.1,2,3. 13 Nov 1944
NOTES: This crew, apart from Cook, flew their first mission together on 1 March 1945.
575575141453PRankin, John G.Capt.O424153
575575141AMGSimpson, Curzon C.S/Sgt.32477064
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575142PGerman, John H.1/Lt.O732535
575575142AMGFisher, Lan S.Sgt.34248452
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575143PBillups, Thomas C., Jr1/Lt.O667921
575575143AMGTate, George S.Sgt.13089284
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575144PMcElfresh, John E.1/Lt.O791133
575575144AMGEagan, Schuyler W.Cpl.32678668
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575145PWheeler, Frederic C., Jr2/Lt.O796926
575575145AMGDevine, Thomas E.Cpl.32982685
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575146PWiese, Leland E.1/Lt.O734288
575575146AMGVito, Carmine J.Cpl.32885348
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
575575147PEdwards, Samuel T.2/Lt.O467180
575575147AMGKennedy, Gene A.Cpl.36816756
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 aircraft and crew. 43-22613 flown over from the US.
575575148PSeamans, Charles S.Maj.O23992
575575148454AMGHarbison, J. Y.S/Sgt.18076339
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.