Crew listing for ASN: O795859
Source ID Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank ASN
blank4400574574056435PTalton, John R.1/Lt.O795859
M15281574574114435PTalton, John R.1/Lt.O795859
A00017575575107435PTalton, John R.2/Lt.O795859
A00096575575137435PTalton, John R.2/Lt.O795859

Picture listing for ASN: O795859
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
Presentation of Air MedalsPeopleO795859
Talton and McClurkin outside briefing hut.PeopleO795859
Our hut got second place.PeopleO795859
Inside our Nissen hut.PeopleO795859
Air Medal GroupPeopleO795859
Hollis CrewCrewsO795859

Incident listing for ASN: O795859
Source ID Description Serial
A00017Accident Report, 41-18087. 11 Aug 194341-18087
A00096Accident Report, 42-36126 25 Sep 194342-36126
M15281MACR 15281, 42-95873. 5 Oct 194442-95873

Taxi Sheet listing for ASN: O795859
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot ASN Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
3122 Apr 1944166216TaltonO79585957425798-K42-95798
452 May 1944166137TaltonO79585957439853-F42-95853
7026 May 1944166125TaltonO79585957444808-C42-95808
7127 May 1944166136TaltonO79585957447833-U42-95833
1096 Jul 1944166126TaltonO79585957447833-U42-95833
1107 Jul 1944166122TaltonO79585957444268-K41-35268