Crew listing for ASN: O735810
Source ID Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank ASN
SO-345p0157557504343PO'Hare, Donald D.1/Lt.O735810
A0002857557511343PO'Hare, Donald D.1/Lt.O735810
A0003357557511543PO'Hare, Donald D.1/Lt.O735810

Picture listing for ASN: O735810
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
Bates, O'Hare, GoodwinPeopleO735810
100th Mission PartyPeopleO735810
Don O'HarePeopleO735810
The end of 805CrewsO735810

Incident listing for ASN: O735810
Source ID Description Serial
A00028Accident Report, 42-95805. 23 May 194442-95805
A00033Accident Report, 42-95832. 4 Jul 194442-95832

Taxi Sheet listing for ASN: O735810
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot ASN Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
431 May 1944166224O'HareO73581057537808-C42-95808
441 May 1944166224O'HareO73581057537808-C42-95808
877 Jun 1944166131O'HareO73581057544808-C42-95808
9614 Jun 1944166131O'HareO73581057537873-U42-95873
9918 Jun 1944166231O'HareO73581057544808-C42-95808
10020 Jun 1944166331O'HareO73581057544808-C42-95808
10121 Jun 1944166121O'HareO73581057537873-U42-95873
12428 Jul 1944166222O'hareO73581057546932-T42-95932
12731 Jul 1944166133O'hareO73581057515799-T42-95799
16310 Sep 1944166121O'hareO73581057540678-M42-107678