391st BOMB GROUP: Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95931
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Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95931
Taxi Squadron Serial Code Name Source Taxi Sheets
931-F57442-959314L-FSwee'PeaOriginal website37
931-P57442-959314L-PSwee'PeaTaxi sheets. Typo for 931-F ?1

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-95931 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26B-50-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 4/12/43. Next listed at Raleigh-Durham Army Air Field, North Carolina (ATC) from 11/12/43. Then went to the 3rd AF staging area at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 12/12/43). Flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Carribean Wing), departing the USA on 26/12/43. The aircraft record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe - 8th AF) on 26/12/43, and SOXO R (Europe - 8th AF) from 30/1/44. Entered service with the 391st BG / 574th BS in February 1944. Damaged Cat.4 in a landing accident at A-73 Roye / Amy, France on 27/1/45 flown by Richard B Spangler. The aircraft was written off and salvaged on 28/1/45. The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, GLUE CON SAL NBD on 28/1/45.

Incident listing for serial number: 42-95931
Mission Source_id Description Serial
0A00055Accident Report, 42-95931. 27 Jan 194542-95931

Picture listing for serial number: 42-95931
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
"Swee' Pea"Nose Art42-95931
"Swee' Pea"Nose Art42-95931
"Swee' Pea"Nose Art42-95931
Swee' PeaAirplanes42-95931
Swee' Pea crashAirplanes42-95931
Swee' PeaAirplanes42-95931
"Swee' Pea"Nose Art42-95931

Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-95931
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
425 Feb 1944166131Loesch57434931-F42-95931
702 Mar 1944166231Loesch57434931-F42-95931
3122 Apr 1944166214Salmon57434931-F42-95931
4028 Apr 1944166221Salmon57434931-F42-95931
4401 May 1944166214Mitchell57534931-F42-95931
4502 May 1944166111Loesch57434931-F42-95931
4707 May 1944166221Kahley57434931-F42-95931
6015 May 1944166211Brandon57434931-F42-95931
6119 May 1944166114Majka57434931-F42-95931
6522 May 1944166221Barger57434931-F42-95931
7227 May 1944166242Spare Ship57434931-F42-95931
7730 May 1944166241Spare Lead57434931-F42-95931
7831 May 1944166221Bird57434931-F42-95931
8103 Jun 1944166114Loesch57434931-F42-95931
8204 Jun 1944166111Brandon57434931-F42-95931
8406 Jun 1944166114Brandon57434931-F42-95931
9010 Jun 1944166111Loesch57434931-F42-95931
9312 Jun 1944166121Loesch57431931-F42-95931
9513 Jun 1944166241Spare Lead57434931-F42-95931
9614 Jun 1944166241Spare Lead57434931-F42-95931
10020 Jun 1944166131Bird57434931-F42-95931
10121 Jun 1944166243Spare Lead57434931-F42-95931
10221 Jun 1944166231Logan57334931-F42-95931
10625 Jun 1944166221Bird57434931-F42-95931
10906 Jul 1944166111Bird57434931-F42-95931
11007 Jul 1944166124Bird57434931-F42-95931
11919 Jul 1944166211Loesch57434931-F42-95931
12225 Jul 1944166131Hollis57434931-F42-95931
12326 Jul 1944166141Spare Lead57434931-F42-95931
12428 Jul 1944166214Olfson57534931-F42-95931
12731 Jul 1944166124Wolfe57534931-F42-95931
13708 Aug 1944166111Hollis57434931-F42-95931
17127 Sep 1944A-73136Stevenson57536248-V42-95931
17127 Sep 1944A-73241Spare Lead57434931-F42-95931
18203 Nov 1944A-73121Loesch574RW931-F42-95931
20901 Jan 1945A-73121Hillier574RW931-F42-95931
21014 Jan 1945A-73121Bischoff574RW931-F42-95931
21222 Jan 1945A-73113Spears574RW931-F42-95931