391st BOMB GROUP: Aircraft information for serial number: 42-107597
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Aircraft information for serial number: 42-107597
Taxi Squadron Serial Code Name Source Taxi Sheets
397-P57442-1075974L-POLD SARGETaxi sheets. Typo for 597-P ?1
597-O57442-1075974L-OOLD SARGETaxi sheets. Redesignation of 597-P ?1
597-P57442-1075974L-POLD SARGEOriginal website23

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-107597 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Delivered from the Martin Omaha plant. Next listed as Omaha, Nebraska (ATC) from 21/1/44, and Atlanta, Georgia (ATC) from 29/1/44. Then went to the 3rd AF staging area at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 30/1/44). Flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Caribbean Wing), departing the USA on 10/2/44. The record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe) on 10/2/44, and SOXO R (Europe) on 7/3/44. Ferried over from the USA in Feb 1944 by 2nd Lt. Robert L Holliday and crew. Assigned to the 391st BG / 574th BS entering combat on 9/5/44. Lost on the 23/12/44 Ahrweiler Railway Viaduct mission. The aircraft flown by 1st Lt. Ralph Henry Lesmeister was attacked and rammed by an Me-109 fighter of 10/JG-3 flown by Fahnrich Adolph Tham, which severed the tail section, killing the tail gunner, S/Sgt. John H Stephenson. The rest of the crew bailed out and were captured. The aircraft went down with both wings on fire and crashed at Adenau, near Trier, Germany. Engines, P&W, R-2800-43, serials: FP-060555 (left), and, 42-50744 (right). The final entry on the aircraft record card lists, SOXO CON MIA (9th AF) on 23/12/44.

Incident listing for serial number: 42-107597
Mission Source_id Description Serial
203M11669MACR 11669, 42-107597. 23 Dec 194442-107597

Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 42-107597
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
5310 May 1944166123Wolfe57429597-P42-107597
5410 May 1944166116Wolfe57439597-P42-107597
6015 May 1944166226Evans57432597-P42-107597
6119 May 1944166133Morris57432597-P42-107597
6522 May 1944166223Dauteuil57432597-P42-107597
7026 May 1944166131Newcomer57432597-P42-107597
7127 May 1944166125Lowe57432597-P42-107597
9010 Jun 1944166242Spare Ship57432597-P42-107597
9312 Jun 1944166116Metelsky57432597-P42-107597
9513 Jun 1944166136Koehl57232597-P42-107597
10020 Jun 1944166235Ljunggren57432597-O42-107597
10625 Jun 1944166231Newcomer57433597-P42-107597
10906 Jul 1944166115Evans57432597-P42-107597
11007 Jul 1944166114Alexander57432597-P42-107597
11412 Jul 1944166231Majka57432597-P42-107597
11919 Jul 1944166213Evans57432597-P42-107597
12124 Jul 1944166131Bush57432597-P42-107597
12326 Jul 1944166216Evans57432597-P42-107597
12428 Jul 1944166237Lowe57432597-P42-107597
12731 Jul 1944166112Schreiber57532597-P42-107597
13306 Aug 1944166232Schirmer57532597-P42-107597
16411 Sep 1944166243Spare Ship57432597-P42-107597
16714 Sep 1944166242Spare Ship57432597-P42-107597
20323 Dec 1944A-73235Lesmeister57442597-P42-107597