Crew listing for ASN: O388874
Source ID Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank ASN
SO-345p01574574004431PBrandon, Donald K.Maj.O388874
M11651574574117431PBrandon, Donald K.L/Col.O388874

Picture listing for ASN: O388874
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
Presentation of Air MedalsPeopleO388874
Air Medal GroupPeopleO388874
Brandon, Melvin, and LoeschCrewsO388874

Incident listing for ASN: O388874
Source ID Description Serial
M11651MACR 11651, 43-34309. 23 Dec 194443-34309

Taxi Sheet listing for ASN: O388874
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot ASN Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
425 Feb 1944166111BrandonO3888745748817-A42-95817
3122 Apr 1944166211BrandonO38887457432873-U42-95873
4028 Apr 1944166211BrandonO38887457432873-U42-95873
5310 May 1944166111BrandonO38887457432873-U42-95873
6015 May 1944166211BrandonO38887457434931-F42-95931
6119 May 1944166111BrandonO38887457440847-H42-95847
7026 May 1944166111BrandonO38887457419801-G42-95801
7831 May 1944166211BrandonO38887457431873-U42-95873
824 Jun 1944166111BrandonO38887457434931-F42-95931
846 Jun 1944166114BrandonO38887457434931-F42-95931
888 Jun 1944166211BrandonO38887457431873-U42-95873