Crew listing for ASN: O693061
Source ID Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank ASN
SO-345p01574574024439CPMcClurkin, John D.2/Lt.O693061

Picture listing for ASN: O693061
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
Presentation of Air MedalsPeopleO693061
McClurkin, Salmon, Bush, Horridge and Hollis. Matching Green, 1944.PeopleO693061
Cadet John D. McClurkinPeopleO693061
Horridge CrewCrewsO693061
"Mac" McClurkin and crew at Lubbock.PeopleO693061
John "Mac" McClurkin, Class 43-I.PeopleO693061
Radio Class 21-A, Chanute Field, Illinois.PeopleO693061
Basco, McClurkin, Horridge, Hale in Dakar CrewCrewsO693061
B-26 tow target, McClurkin at Bluethenthal Field, NC.PeopleO693061
Talton and McClurkin outside briefing hut.PeopleO693061
McClurkin, McDill, Watkins, Schultz, and Schilke at Goodfellow Field.PeopleO693061
McClurkin with pet cats, Matching Green.PeopleO693061
McClurkin and Horridge in front of new hut.PeopleO693061
Our hut got second place.PeopleO693061
Horridge CrewCrewsO693061
Air Medal GroupPeopleO693061

Loadlist Pilot listing for ASN: O693061
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot ASN A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
12326 Jul 1944166225McClurkinO693061573978-41-31978
13910 Aug 1944166136McClurkinO693061574010-A41-35010
14010 Aug 1944166233McClurkinO693061574314-H42-96314