391st BOMB GROUP: Loadlist Aircraft information for serial number: 44-67871
Aircraft Details for serial number: 44-67871 - Note: Squadron and Codes shown are the most frequent non-blank values
Taxi Code Squadron Serial Code Missions

Aircraft history for serial number: 44-67871 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Entered combat with the 391st BG / 574th BS, coded 4L-S. Damaged Cat.3 in a take off accident at A-73 Roye / Amy, France on 16/1/45 flown by Lt. William E Fields. The aircraft was repaired, and went on to complete 23 combat missions. Transferred out of the group in April 1945 when the 391st BG converted to the Douglas A-26. Note, there is no aircraft record card available for this serial number.

Incident listing for serial number: 44-67871
Mission Source_id Description Serial
211A00053Accident Report, 44-67871. 16 Jan 194544-67871

Loadlist Taxi Sheet listing for serial number: 44-67871
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot A/C Squadron Hardstand Taxi Code Serial Status
21014 Jan 1945A-73124Fields, W. E.574871-44-67871
21116 Jan 1945A-73232Fields, W. E.RW871-S44-67871no fly
25615 Mar 1945A-73222Porter, H. E.574RW871-S44-67871flak
25716 Mar 1945A-73126Shanks, L. H.574RW871-S44-67871
25817 Mar 1945A-73137Lentz, H. W.RW871-S44-67871spare
25917 Mar 1945A-73126James, J. L.574RW871-S44-67871
26018 Mar 1945A-73122McLaurin, J. E.574RW871-S44-67871
26118 Mar 1945A-73013Mozian, J.574RW871-S44-67871
26219 Mar 1945A-73145Mozian, J.574RW871-S44-67871
26320 Mar 1945A-73132Marsh, R. W.574871-S44-67871
26422 Mar 1945A-73213Mozian, J.574RW871-S44-67871flak
26522 Mar 1945A-73225Marsh, R. W.RW871-S44-67871no fly
26824 Mar 1945A-73013Shanks, L. H.574RW871-S44-67871
26924 Mar 1945A-73122Duncan, O. L.574RW871-S44-67871
27025 Mar 1945A-73223Martin, C. R.574RW871-S44-67871
27125 Mar 1945A-73226Krein, W.574RW871-S44-67871
27226 Mar 1945A-73115Macklin, P. G.574RW871-S44-67871
27328 Mar 1945A-73134Leonard, S. S.574RW871-S44-67871
27430 Mar 1945A-73223Porter, H. E.574RW871-S44-67871flak
27531 Mar 1945A-73226Martin, B. M.574RW871-S44-67871
27631 Mar 1945A-73215Hocker, C. F.574RW871-S44-67871
27703 Apr 1945A-73115Mozian, J.574RW871-S44-67871aborted
27804 Apr 1945A-73115Porter, H. E.574RW871-S44-67871
27907 Apr 1945A-73226Mozian, J.574RW871-S44-67871
28008 Apr 1945A-73212Porter, H. E.574RW871-S44-67871
28108 Apr 1945A-73126Ridgeway, R. A.574RW871-S44-67871
28209 Apr 1945A-73127Hinds, R. O.574RW871-S44-67871