Crew listing for ASN: O578447
Source ID Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank ASN
SO-003p01574574040451PMcLaurin, James E.2/Lt.O578447
A00056574574130451PMcLaurin, James E.2/Lt.O578447

Picture listing for ASN: O578447
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
Martin, Mozian, McLaurin, Flaps the dog, Pickinski, Running, MorrisPeopleO578447
McLaurin - Always Ready For A Poker GamePeopleO578447
McLaurin - On His Way To Feed Germany A Little Iron.PeopleO578447
McLaurin, John Thutt, William C. Morris - Those Big Shells Are 88s, FlakPeopleO578447
Mozian, Marsh, Pickinski, McLaurin, William C. Morris, RunningPeopleO578447
Swain, McLaurin, Marsh, StevensPeopleO578447
Swain, McLaurin, Mozian, StevensPeopleO578447
Thutt, McLaurin, Morris - German Ammunition Dump At Roye, FrancePeopleO578447
Vaccarella, Pratt, Rochefort, Running, Picinski, McLaurinPeopleO578447
William C. Morris, Mac, Woods, Marsh - In Doorway Of French House Where McLaurin & Marsh LivedPeopleO578447

Incident listing for ASN: O578447
Source ID Description Serial
A00056Accident Report, 44-67829. 27 Jan 194544-67829

Taxi Sheet listing for ASN: O578447
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot ASN Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
23018 Feb 1945A-73222MclaurinO578447574RW866-X42-95866
2476 Mar 1945A-73225MclaurinO578447574RW812-W41-31812