391st BOMB GROUP: Aircraft information for taxi code: 830-B
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Aircraft information for taxi code: 830-B
Taxi Squadron Serial Code Name Source Taxi Sheets
830-B57444-678304L-BThe Happy WarriorTaxi Sheets & Photo14

Picture listing for taxi code: 830-B
Picture Title Picture Category Serial
44-67830 4L-B (NB this is the previously unknown 830-B in the taxi sheets !!!)Airplanes44-67830

Taxi Sheet listing for taxi code: 830-B
Mission Date Station Box Flight Position Pilot Squadron Hardstand Taxi Serial
21222 Jan 1945A-73242Spare Ship574RW830-B44-67830
21529 Jan 1945A-73114Bischoff574RW830-B44-67830
21601 Feb 1945A-73131Sherwood574RW830-B44-67830
21906 Feb 1945A-73121Sherwood574RW830-B44-67830
22008 Feb 1945A-73131Sherwood574RW830-B44-67830
22310 Feb 1945A-73221Sherwood574RW830-B44-67830
23018 Feb 1945A-73214Henage574RW830-B44-67830
24303 Mar 1945A-73121Proctor574RW830-B44-67830
24504 Mar 1945A-73134Richmond574RW830-B44-67830
24706 Mar 1945A-73214Bischoff574RW830-B44-67830
25111 Mar 1945A-73111Bischoff574RW830-B44-67830
25514 Mar 1945A-73211Bischoff574RW830-B44-67830
26118 Mar 1945A-73114Bischoff574RW830-B44-67830
26522 Mar 1945A-73211Bischoff574RW830-B44-67830