391st BOMB GROUP: Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95950
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Aircraft information for serial number: 42-95950
Taxi Squadron Serial Code Name Source Taxi Sheets
950-A57542-95950O8-AB-BABYOriginal website8

Aircraft history for serial number: 42-95950 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Built at the Glenn L Martin factory at Baltimore, Maryland as a B-26B-50-MA. Accepted by the Army Air Force on 9/12/43. Then flown by New Castle (2nd Ferry Group), Wilmington, Deleware (from 14/12/43), to the 3rd AF staging area at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia (from 20/12/43). Assigned to the 8th AF at Hunter Field. Next went to Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, Florida (from 7/1/44) from where the aircraft was flown overseas to the UK via the Southern Ferry Route (Listed as Carribean Wing), departing the USA on 8/1/44. The aircraft record card then lists, SOXO A (Europe - 8th AF) on 8/1/44. Entered service with the 391st BG / 575th BS in February 1944. Damaged Cat.5, and written off in a landing accident at Station 166, Matching Green on 12/5/44 flown by Major George W Stalnaker. At 1945 hours the aircraft was making a single engine approach to land at Matching Green, after the right engine was shut down and the prop feathered after a loss of oil pressure and vibration in that engine. The wheels and flaps were lowered, and the aircraft brought in in a fast glide, touching down about 1/3rd of the way down the runway at about 130mph. Anticipating no trouble, the pilot reduced speed by holding the nose high, then eased the nose down and applied the brakes. There was no reaction to the use of both brakes, so the emergency air bottle was used at about 30mph. Both wheels locked and the aircraft skidded to the left, hit the soft shoulder off the edge of the runway, collapsing the right main gear. The crew escaped unhurt, but the aircraft was salvaged on 14/5/44. The final entries on the aircraft record card list, SOXO 9AF CON AFMSC on 14/5/44, and, SOXO 9AF CON SAL NBD on 14/5/44. We have also seen listed that this aircraft had the hydraulics shot out, and crash landed on a field in S of England, flown by Capt. Frank K Schleiker. Needs confirmation.

Incident listing for serial number: 42-95950
Mission Source_id Description Serial
58A00027Accident Report, 42-95950. 12 May 194442-95950