391st BOMB GROUP: Aircraft information for serial number: 41-31675
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Aircraft information for serial number: 41-31675
Taxi Squadron Serial Code Name Source Taxi Sheets
675-?1PFS41-31675IH-JDubissaryTaxi sheets & Paul Clouting1
675-J1PFS41-31675FW-J / IH-JDubissaryPaul Clouting

Aircraft history for serial number: 41-31675 (kindly provided by Paul Clouting).
Transferred from the 387th BG in Feb 1944. Continued to carry the former 387th BG code FW-J untill September 1944 when it was re-coded 1H-J. Crash landed at Radlett, Hartfordshire on 4/6/44 following a mid air collision (with what?). The aircraft flown by Richard J Ulvestad was damaged cat.4. No other aircraft are listed as being involved in a mid air collision that day near Radlett, according to the Aviation Archeology web site. The aircraft was repaired, and was returned to the 1st Pathfinder SQN. We have this a/c listed as one of the pathfinder aircraft leading the 394th BG to the Foret de Coches, France on 22/7/44 flown by Richard J Ulvestad. The aircraft was sent to the service group on 21/11/44 and was dropped from the 1st Pathfinder inventory.