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ASN Name Title Caption
O733187Hemphill, Dudley E.Alexander CrewLt Raymond Morel, CP; 1Lt Julian P. Alexander, P; 2Lt Dudley Hemphill, SSgt William F. Lewis, FE; SSgt George S. Pilling, AG; SSgt Jack W. Levitt, RG.
O733187Hemphill, Dudley E.Roeper CrewCrew are likely to be: Capt. Frederick R. Roeper (P), 2/Lt. Samuel S. Lowenthal (CP), 2/Lt. Dudley E. Hemphill (B), S/Sgt. Paul J. Kolb (EG), T/Sgt. Anteo J. Bocchi (RG), S/Sgt. Luke J. Degrace (AG). Ground crew names painted on aircraft: "T/Sgt. J. E. Johnson, Crew Chief"; "W. Bohl" (Sgt. Walter Bohl); "R. Town" (Pvt. Robert A. Townsend); "W. De" (Unknown). Photo dated 11 April 1944.