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Don Wolfe? ("8-Ball") Crew
Don Wolfe? ("8-Ball") Crew
Original website photo caption was "Don Wolfe Crew: Only four names, not individually identified. Donald H. Wolfe, (P), William H. Kirschke, (CP), Carl A. Sexton, (FE), & Richard B. Smith, (RG)." However, the pilot's name written on the aircraft is that of W. W. Wolfe, and also the records show that this aircraft was regularly flown by him. Note: Aircraft number 866 on the tool box.
Serial Numbers: O523463 / O693926 / 15083465 / 20314269 / 42-95866 /
A/C Name: 42-95866: EIGHT BALL (8-BALL)
Mode Pilot: O538877: Wolfe, William W. - 19
O687208: Proctor, Rollin M. - 19