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C.L. Martin
C.L. Martin
Clarence L. Martin (P), Arlo F. Sienknecht (CP), Harry S. Mayer (B), Marvin R. Starkweather (EG), Thomas J. Fahey (RG), Albert L. Pepi (AG). Taken after the crash landing of 44-67902 "Hube" on 24 Feb 1945. The pilot, C. L. Martin, hit his face on the controls on impact and is said to have shattered some teeth and broke his nose - but he saved the lives of the crew. Courtesy of Kenneth Mayer.
Serial Numbers: 44-67902 / O705131 / O715814 / O712192 / 37518497 / 15329448 / 39047311 /
A/C Name: 44-67902: HUBE
Mode Pilot: O433607: Thompson, Braxton S. - 5
O721614: Martin, Clarence R. - 3