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Mission No 4,  5 February 1944

Field Order 213


          The Group set out to attack Cambria/Epinoy airdrome in France, but no attack was made due to navigational error. The Group had the dubious distinction of “touring” France for forty minutes without fighter escort, the pursuits having been forced to head for home due to low gas supply. No enemy fighters put in an appearance. Flak was moderate, but not very accurate.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1st Box

Brandon (574)

8   817-A1

                                                                        Majka                                Carson

                                                                        34   865-D                          36  852-A


26  839-G

                                                                        Wolfe                                 Metelsky

                                                                        33  837-O                           36  838-B



                          Loesch (574)                          Kahley (574)

                          34  931-F                                                                                                      6 813-J

          Garwick                   Bird                                                                          Jarrett          Callison

          30  841-S                  31  835-T                                                                  9  812-D1          31  851-M

                          Bush                          Walker

                          27  832-H                                                                                                     4  815-R1

          Klimovich                 Nunnally                                                                  Stanfield          Shofner

          2  799-T1                  7  811-G1                                                                 30  840-R          35  800-C

                          Hollis                                                                             Horridge

                          33  927-N                                                                                                      4  816-S1


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Stalnaker (575)

13  804-A

                                                                        Olfson                           Aldridge

                                                                        40  847-H                      15  825-B

La Framboise

16 943-F

                                                                        Tucker                           Ruble

                                                                        42  844-D                      21  823-N


38  268-K


                          Sparks (575)                           Fry (572)

                          19  831-H                                                                                                     49  972-F

          Wolfe                        Mitchell                                                                    Kelley          Harrison

          23  822-O                 19  801-G                                                                 41  827-G          37  808-C

                          Oliver                          Adelman

                          22 830-M                                                                                                      37  849-B

          Schirmer                   Hanish                                                                      Brubaker          Young

          20  820-S                  14  829-C                                                                  18  802-P          39  853-F

                          Smith                          Wilkinson

                          39  716-O                                                                                                     41  008-L





Mission No 7,  2 March 1944


This afternoon mission was Amiens Marshaling Yard



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Williams-Adams (573)

6  803-K

                                                                        Logan                 Shaffner

                                                                        14  829-C                      15  825-B


13 804-A

                                                                        Merrigan                       Dearing

                                                                        18  978-Q                      21  823-N


49  833-U



                          McNulty-Armstrong (573)                          Ljunggren-Curren (573)

                          16  943-F                                                                                                      17  890-K1

          Snyder                      Sloss                                                                          Boone-Sellers          Boylan

          18  802-P                  19  831-H                                                                 22  830-M                   17 826-J

                          Thorn                          Gibson

                          23  822-O                                                                                                     20  820-S

          Farrell                       Porter                                                                       Marble          Anderson

          20  850-R                  24  828-L                                                                  19  801-G          16  842-D

                          Bernzen                          Holliday

                          48  932-T                                                                                                      43 854-S1



                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Kahley-Salmon (574)

8 817-A

                                                                        Majka                           Carson

                                                                        34  865-D                      36 852-A1



                                                                        Jarret                            Metelsky

                                                                        834-B1                           26  839-G



                          Loesch-Walker (574)                          Nestlerode(574)

                          34 931-F                                                                                                       26 818-L

          Stanfield                   Moore                                                                       Wolfe          Shofner

          30  840-H                 28  798-K                                                                 32  873-U          35  800-C

                          Bird                          Bush

                          31 835-T                                                                                                       27  832-H

          Klemovitch               Garwick                                                                   Nunnally          Hollis

          27  807-J                  30  841-S                                                                  31  851-M          33  927-N

                          Watkinson                          Callison

                          3  836-N                                                                                                        2  947-U1



                                                                                                                                                     3rd Box

Fry-Kelley (575)

48  950-A

                                                                        Petti                               Wolfe

                                                                        37  808-C                      38  846-P


49  972-M

                                                                        Sterngold                      Tucker

                                                                        41  827-G                      42  844-D




                          Mitchell (575)                          Jobe (572)

                          36  843-J                                                                                                      4  815-R

          Ruble (Kelleys crew)                                                                                  Oliver          Whitson                    Danforth

          40  845-O                 3  806-M1                                                                 2  799-T          9  813-J1

                          Olfson                          Schleicher

                          40  847-H                                                                                                     7 811-G1

          Adelman                   Lubojasky                                                                Engelking          Jacobs

          9  810-C1                  9  812-D1                                                                  7  819- H1          4  816-S


1  809-O




Mission No 31, 22 April 1944



                                                                    1st Box

Williams (Hq & 573)

16  943-F

                                                                        Logan                            Shaffner

                                                                        14  829-C                      15  825-B


19  ???-?

                                                                        Hartman                       Baxter

                                                                        40  845-Q1                    40  847-H


                          Sellers (573)                          Thorn (573)

                          19  801-G                                                                                                     23  822-O

          Clark                        Daffern                                                                     Snyder          Dearing

          16  842-D                  24  850-R                                                                  19  831-H          18  802-P

                          Armstrong                          Boone

                          24 820-S                                                                                                       24  828-L

          Whitson                    Bollinger                                                                   Youse          Colsch

          3  797-P1                  11  012-F1                                                                22  830-M          18  978-Q


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Brandon (574)

32  873-U

                                                                        Callison                         Wolfe

                                                     31  851-M1                    37  268-K1


34  931-F

                                                                        Talton                           Watkinson

                                                     25  798-K                      29  841-S


                          Bush  (574)                          Sullens-Bird (574)

                          27  832-H                                                                                                     31  835-T

          Metelsky                   Alexander                                                                 Stanfield          Garwick

          49  805-V                  28  807-J                                                                  29  840-R          25  818-L

                          Shofner                          Hollis

                          35  800-C                                                                                                      33  927-N

          Newcomer                Carson                                                                      Majka          Dauteuil

          48  932-T1                35  852-A                                                                  7  819-H1          36 848-N1

                          Schleicher                          Danford

                          7  811-G                                                                                                       1  806-M1


Spare Lead

48  950-A





Mission No 40,  28 April 1944

Mission to Creil France


The Group was sent on a mission to bomb the Marshalling Yards at Creil France; the formation did not bomb due to weather.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Williams-Kelley (572

6  803-K

                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        9  812-D                        17  890-K1


8  008- L

                                                                        Whitson                         Walker

                                                                        5   972-A                       18  978-Q


                          Jobe  (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          4  815-R                                                                                                        13  804-A1

          McCarty                   Crim                                                                         Danforth          Blute

          1  806-N                    24  828-L1                                                                6  813-J          23  822-O

                          Dickinson                          Barker

                          8  834-B                                                                                                        1  806-M

          Jacobs                      Fry                                                                            Alexander          Smith

          4  012-F                    14  829-G                                                                 2  797-P          21  823-N1

                          Sp: Holliday                                                                                                 Sp: 22  820-S

                          19  831-H


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Brandon (574)

32  873-U

                                                                        Newcomer                     Watkinson

                                                                        29  840-R                      25  818-K


31  835- T

                                                                        Watson                          Shoffner

                                                                        41  827-G1                    37  808-C


                          Kahley (574)                          Salmon (574)

                          39  846-P                                                                                                      34  931-F

          Alexander            Dauteuil                                                                        Majka          Carson

          28  807- J             40  847-H1                                                                    34  835-D          49  833-U1

                          Hollis                          Bush

                          33  927-N                                                                                                      27  832-H

          Callison                    Lowder                                                                     Metelsky          Horridge

          29  841-S                  36  848-N1                                                                26  839-G          25  798-K

                                                                                                                                                Sp: Garwick

                                                                                                                                                16  945-F1


Spare Lead  48  950-A

Spare Ship  49  805-V





Mission No 43, 1 May 1944


Mission to Douai France


          First mission of the day of the new month saw the Group to the rail marshalling Yards at Douai, France.  Thirty-eight B-26’s were dispatch at 0942 Hours, as directed by Field Order 34-293,  99th Combat BombWing.  Their course took them to North Foreland to their fighter rendezvous at 51 degrees 13 minutes North, 02 degrees 20 minutes East, to Nieuwpoort on the enemy coast to Deinze to the I.P at five miles South of Valenciennes to the target.  Sixteen Ships of the first box dropped sixty-four 1000- pound general purpose bombs on the Aniche Marshalling Yard, mistaking it for the primary target.  Eighteen ships of the second box dropped seventy-two 1000--pound General Purpose bombs from 12,000 feet on the primary target at 1109 hours.  One of the aircraft dispatched failed to bomb for personnel reasons, one because of a delayed take-off and failed to catch the formation, and two with engine trouble.  Only from a dozen to twenty bursts of heavy fire flak were encountered on the entire mission, and the formation returned to base at 1210 hours, via Furnes and North Foreland without damage.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Adams (573)

13 804-A

                                                                        Snyder                           Clark

                                                                        21  823-N                      4  012-F


24 820-S

                                                                        Dearing                         Goodson

                                                                        18  802-P                       18 932-T


                          Shaffner  (573)                          Ljunggren (573)

                          15  825-B                                                                                                      23  822-O

          Baxter                       Hartman                                                                  Colsch          Youse

          2  947-U                    1  836-N1                                                                  18 987-Q          22 830-M

                          Sloss                          Porter

                          19 831-H                                                                                                      8 008-L

          Koehl                        Dillard                                                                      Bollinger          Bjork

          25  798-K                 5  972-A                                                                    14  815-R          3  797- P1


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box


48  950-A

                                                                        Tucker                           Schirmer

                                                                       38  844-D                      41  972-M


40  847-H

                                                                        Wilkinson                      Petrich

                                                                        29  840-R                      31  835-T


                          Wolfe (575)                          Sullens (575)

                          39  846-P                                                                                                      31  851-M1

          Ruble                        Fleck                                                                         Martin          Harlow

          39  853-F1                36  843-J1                                                                32  873-U          35  852-A1

                          Hanish                          O'Hare

                          41  827-G                                                                                                     37  808-C



Lead Spare (No Crew)

6  803-K




Mission No 44, 1 May 1944


Mission to Valenciennes France



          A second mission planed for the same day was despatched to bomb the Rail Marshalling

Yards at Valenciennes, but the planes returned without accomplishing the attack, turning back a few miles inside enemy coast because of thick haze obscuring the ground.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Sellers (573)

13  804 -A

                                                                        Snyder                           Clark

                                                                        21  823-N                      4  012-F


24  820-S

                                                                        Dearing                         Goodson

                                                                        18  802-P                       48  932-T


                          Adams (573)                          Samuel-(Thorn's crew) (573)

                          15  825-B                                                                                                      23  822-O

          Baxter                       Hartman                                                                  Colsch          Youse

          2  947-U                    1  836-N1                                                                  6  813-J          22  830-M

                          Sloss                          Porter

                          19  831-H                                                                                                     9  810-C

          Holliday                   Dillard                                                                      Bollinger          Bjork

          17  890-K                 5  972-A1                                                                  4  815-R          3  797-P


                          35  800-C1 


7  811-G Spare


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Williams (Hqs & 575

6  803-K

                                                                        Schirmer                       Tucker

                                                                        38  844-D                      41  972-M1


34 931-F

                                                                        Petrich                           Wilkinson

                                                                        29  840-R                      31  835-T


                          Wolfe (575)                          LaFramboise (572)

                          39  846-P                                                                                                      31  851-M

          Fleck                         Lakin                                                                        Harlow          Martin

          39  853-F                  36  843-J1                                                                32  873-U          36  848-N

                          Ruble                          O'Hare

                          41  827-G                                                                                                     37  808-C

          Rutledge                   Keidinger                                                                 Sullivan          Schreiber

          33  927-N1                25  798-K1                                                               28  807-J          16  943-F1


                          19  801-G


Spare Ship 40  847-H


Spare Lead  48 950-A




Mission No 45, 2 May 1944


Mission to Valenciennes France



          Thirty-eight of the Groups B-26’s were dispatched at 1447 hours on May 2nd to attack the Railway

Marshalling Yards at Valenciennes, France, as directed by Field Order 36-295, 99th Combat Bomb Wing.  The two boxes of planes followed a course from Base to East Church to North Foreland, where an escort of RAF Spitfires was picked up, to Furnes to Waregem to an initial point of 50 degrees, 31 minutes North, 04 degrees 08 minutes East to the target.  Each plane carried fourteen 250-pound General Purpose bombs, and all but one plane, which developed a runaway propeller and had to return without completing the mission, bombed the primary target at 1626 hours.  Bombing results, as interpreted from strike photo’s, were reported as follows:


First Box: Very good to excellent results. Bombing was done by eighteens. A concentration

of all the bombs fell in the target area. Hits were observed on a locomotive depot, canal bridge, on various buildings adjacent to the round house, and on a factory across the canal on the left side of the round house.


Second Box: Very good to excellent results. Bombing was done by eighteens. The concentration

fell in the target area, with hits on a locomotive workshop and on a factory beside the canal.


At the target, both boxes turned right to Waregem and then proceeded to Furnes to North

Foreland and to base, where time down was 1730 hours.  No flak or enemy fighters were encounted during the entire mission.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Loesch (574)

34  931-F

                                                                        Majka                           Carson

                                                                        42  972-M                      41  827-G


32  873-U

                                                                        Metelsky                        Horridge

                                                                        26  839-G                      25  927-N


                          Bird (574)                          Hollis (574)

                          31  835-T                                                                                                      33  927-N

          Stanfield                   Garwick                                                                   Wolfe          Callison

          36  848-N1                36  843-J                                                                  33 844-D          31  851-M1

                          Alexander                          Shoffner

                          28  807-J1                                                                                                    35  800-C

          Newman                   Watson                                                                     Dauteuil          Watkinson

          31  853-F1                40  847-H                                                                 37  808-C1          49  833-U


39     853-F1



                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Miller (572)

2  947-U

                                                                        Hanlon                          Walker

                                                                        5  972-A                        8  008-L


1  806-M1

                                                                        McCarty                        Koehl

                                                                        1  836-N                        3  797-P


                          Dickinson (572)                          Jobe (572)

                          8  834-B                                                                                                        4  815-R

          Alexander                          Baehr                                                              Jacobs          Whitson

          15  825-B1                         9  810-C                                                          4  012-F          2  799-T

                          Danforth                          Barker

                          6  813-J                                                                                                        6  803-K

          Fry                            Smith                                                                        Holliday          Dewitt

          23  802-O                 22  830-M1                                                               17  890-K1          19  831-H


                        18  802-P1


Spare Lead:  48  950-A




Mission No 47, 7 May 1944


Mission to Mezieres, France


          Another rail marshalling yard, this one at Mezieres/Charleville in France, was the target for attack on the morning of 7Th May.  There was much air activity during the morning with the 8th Air force attacking targets in Germany, the 97th Wing attacking other targets in France, and the 98th Wing attacking in Belgium.  Field Order 42-300, 99th Combat Bomb Wing, governed the attack by the Groups under its control, including the 391st.  Thirty-nine of the Group’s B-26’s took of at 0830 hours on a course to Hastings, England, to the enemy-held coast of Tocqueville, from where they proceeded to St. Just to the Initial Point for the bomb run at 49 degrees 31 minutes North, 04 degrees 46 minutes East, to the target.

Weather was poor all along the route with 8/10 cloud cover obscuring landmarks.  At the target, the same conditions held, and only twenty aircraft identified the objective clearly enough to permit bombing of this enemy held French Land.

Seventy-eight 1000-pound bombs were released at 1035 hours, with the following results interpreted from strike attack photos.


Box 1¾1st Flight, no attack;

           2nd Flight, excellent results with the concentration falling on the Aiming Point, with direct hits on

                 several repair buildings.

           3rd Flight, no attack.


Box 2¾1St Flight, no photo coverage

           2nd Flight, poor results, with concentration falling about 1000 yards south east of the Aiming Point.                                   At the small cloud break near the target.

           3rd Flight, No attack.


Medium inaccurate flak was experienced at Londinieres and Grandvilliers on the way to the target, but there was no sign of enemy activity on the return route, and all aircraft landed at Base at 1230 hours without damage.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Williams  (Hqs & 572)

7  803-K

                                                                        Hanlon                          Walker

                                                                        9  812-D                        5  972-S


4  815R

                                                                        McCarty                        Holliday

                                                                        22  820-S1                     19  831-H


                          Jobe-Samuel (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          2  947-U                                                                                                        6  811-G

          Whitson                    Crim                                                                         Blute          Smith

          18  802-P                  15  825-B                                                                  4  012-F          17  890-K1

                          Danforth                          Dickinson

                          7  813-J                                                                                                        18  978-Q

          Baker                        DeWitt                                                                      Koehl          Reynolds

          3  809-O                   24  828-L                                                                  21  823-N          23  822-O1


Spare Lead     13  804-A

Loaded spares  39  846-P

22 830-M



                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Loesch-Bush (574)

40  847-H

                                                                        Metelsky                        Horridge

                                                                        39  853-F                       36  843-J


34  865-D

                                                                        Wolfe                             Callison

                                                                        1  851-M                        31  851-M


                          Bird (574)                          Kahley (574)

                          1  835-T                                                                                                        34  931-F1

          Stanfield                   Garwick                                                                   Dauteuil          Carson

          14  829-C                  27  832-H1                                                               38  716-O1          35  852-A

                          Alexander                          Shofner

                          41  827-G                                                                                                     41  972-M1

          Watson                     Watkinson                                                                Evans          Newman

          38  844-D1                49  833-U                                                                  37  808-C1          49  805-V


Spare:     Hollis

38  848-N




Mission No 48, 7 May 1944


Mission to Le Mans


          The 391st was ordered to attack the Aero Engine repair plant at Le Mans, France.  20 aircraft were sent on a route to Brighton, England, where a rendezvous with the 344th Bomb Group was made, which led to the target.  9th AF P-38 fighters were met.  They continued with their escort to the target where four-1000 pound General Purpose bombs were dropped on the target by each of 19 planes, one failing to bomb.  The bombs were released by flight of sixes, with the following results:


                   1st Six Poor results.

                   2nd Six Excellent results.

3rd six good results.


Weather was good and no flak was experienced on the entire route.



Miller (572)

13  804-A

                                                                          Hanlon                        Walker

                                                                          9  812-D                      5  972-S

8  803-K

                                                                        McCarty                        Holliday

                                                                        1  836-N                        19  831-H


2  947-O


                          Schleicher (572)                          Roeper (572)

                          7  811-G                                                                                                       1  806-M

          Whitson                    Crim                                                                         Blute          Smith

          18  830-M1               15  825-B                                                                  4  102-F          8  008-L

                          Danforth                          Dickinson

                          6  813-J                                                                                                        22  820-S1

          Barker                      Dewitt                                                                       Koehl          Reynolds

          3  809-O                   24  828-L1                                                                21  823-N1          4  815-R


                                                                                                                                                3  797-P


Spare Lead  16  943-F

Spare Loaded  5  673-A



          Major Miller’s bombardier for this mission was Lt. Lyons and Capt. Turnage as navigator.

          Capt. Roeper’s bombardier was Lt. Hemphill.

          Capt. Schleicher’s bombardier was Lt. Johnson.





Mission No 53, 10 May 1944


Mons Marshalling Yard, Belgium


          Another railway marshalling yard, this one at Mons in Nazi-held Belgium, was the target for the Group’s attack on the morning of May 10.  As directed by 99th Combat Bomb Wing’s Field Order 48-306, the Group dispatched thirty-eight B-26’s at 0907 hours on a course to North Foreland to Furnes to Waregem to Nivelles to an Initial Point at 50 degrees, 30 minutes North, 04 degrees, 20 minutes East of the target, which was reached at 1036 hours.  Royal Air Force Spitfires picked up the formation at North Foreland and escorted the bombers to the target.  Thirty-seven of the Group’s planes dropped two hundred ninety 500-pound General Purpose bombs on the target, only one failing to attack due to bomb rack malfunction.  Results of the attack as quoted from first phase interpretation of the strike photo’s were as follows:

                   Box 1:  1st Six:  Excellent results.  The concentration fell beside the Aiming Point,

                                      all within the target area.

                             2nd Six:  Good Results.  The bombs fell about 150 yards left of the Aiming Point

                                      within the target area.

                             3rd Six:  Good Results.  The main concentration, falling approximately 300 yards

                                      to the left of the Aiming Point, hit within the target area.  A minority of the

                                      bombs landed 1000 yards to the left of the Aiming Point, extending into a canal.

                   Box 2:  1st Six:  Excellent results.  The entire pattern fell within the target area, landing

                                      on the Aiming Point.

                              2nd Six:  Good Results.

                              3rd Six:  Excellent Results.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Brandon (574)

32 873-U

                                                                        Stanfield                        Garwick

                                                                        29  840-R                      29  841-S


48  950-A1

                                                                         Watson                         Newman

                                                                         34  865-D                     31  835-T


                          Salmon (Sullens)  (574)                          Hollis (574)

                          30 248-V1                                                                                                     33  927-N

          Watkinson                Horridge                                                                   Wolfe          Callison

          23 818-L                   25 798-K                                                                  29 597-P          37 268-K

                          Bush                          Shafner

                          39  846-P                                                                                                      35  800-C

          Metelsky                   Alexander                                                                 Dauteuil          Evans

          26  839-G                 39  853-F                                                                  35  843-J          49  805-V



Spare Lead 16  943-F

Spare Ship 40  671-L


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Schleicher (Simpson) (572)

7  803-K

                                                                        Barker                           Blute

                                                                        3  809-O                        6  819-H


6  811-G

                                                                        Dewitt                            Smith

                                                                        7  813-J                              8 008-L


                         Earll (572)                         Roeper (572)

                         24  820-S1                                                                                                     1  806-M

          Hanlon                     Baehr                                                                        Alexander          McCarty

          21  823-N1                9  810-C                                                                    3  797-P          1  836-N

                          Whitson                          Dickinson

       16 825-B                                                                                                       8 834-B

          Jacobs                      Crim                                                                        Walker          Reynolds

          19  831-H1               24  828-L1                                                                17  890-K1          5  972-S


                          24  850-R

Spare 17  634-J1





Mission No 54, 10 May 1944


Mission to Douai, France



          As a ” Pre-invasion war of nerves” continued during the spring days, so the air war to knock out the German–held railway yards and rail repair facilities went on at an increased pace.  The Group’s target for the late afternoon of May 10 was the rail marshalling yard at Douai, France.  This was not as successful as the morning mission due to bad weather.

          The Group dispatched thirty-eight aircraft, each carrying fourteen 250-pound General Purpose bombs, at 1640 hours.  The route out was from base to North Foreland to Furnes to 50 degrees, 32 minutes North, 02 degrees, 53 minutes east to the target.  Here eighteen planes dropped two hundred fifty-two General Purpose bombs on the target and one flight of seven turned left and released ninety-five of its bombs on a secondary target at Tourcoing, another marshalling yard.

          Summarizing first phase interpretation report of strike photos, the following conclusions are drawn:

          The first flight of the first box had no photo coverage, but cloud forced the flight lower than the altitude calibration set on the lead bombsight, and the flight must have dropped short.

          The second flight of this box bombed with excellent result, with direct hits on tracks and repair sheds. All bombs were in the target area.  The third flight did not attack.

          In the second box flight, two flights had poor results, one from poor visibility and one through

a bombardier’s accidental early release.  The other did not attack.

          At the target, the first box was split up into flights because of weather, and the second box left the enemy coast at Ostend.  In all six ships were battle damaged by flak, but there were no casualties.  Planes returned to Base at 1905 hours.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Loesch (574)

32  873-U

                                                                        Metelsky                        Dauteuil

                                                                        26  839-G                      30  847-B


33  927-N

                                                                        Wolfe                             Callison

                                                                        39  597-P                       34  865-D

                          Salmon (574)                          Barger (574)

                          30  248-V                                                                                                      39  853-F

          Newman                   Watkinson                                                                Evans          Horridge

          40  671-L1                25  818-L                                                                  47  833-U1          25  798-K

                          Shofner                          Alexander

                          35  800-C                                                                                                      45  843-J

          Stanfield                   Garwick                                                                   Watson          Lowe

          29  840-R                  29  841-S                                                                  46  932-T          39  846-P1


Spare Lead 46  950-A

Spare Ship  47  805-V


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Earll (572)


                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        7  813-J                         9  810-C


8  008-L

                                                                        Barker                           Blute

                                                                        3  809-O                        6  819-H


                          Jobe (572)                          Roeper (572)

                          23  822-O                                                                                                     1  806-M

          Dewitt                       Smith                                                                        Alexander          McCarty

          24  828-L1                21  823-N1                                                                6  811-G          1  836-N

                          Whitson                          Dickinson-Ringstrom

                          15  825-B                                                                                                      8  834-B

          Jacobs                      Crim                                                                         Walker          Reynolds

          22  820-S1                19  831-H                                                                 5  673-A          5  972-S


                          24  850-R

Spare Ship 17  634-J


Note:  The Post Loading list for this mission gives Capt. Erickson as 2nd Box Leader with

                   Lt. Hanisch as bombardier and Lt. Brooks as navigator.





Mission No 60, 15 May 1944


Mission to Evreux/Fauville Ammunition Dump


(Mission recalled due to bad weather)


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Miller (572)

14  806-M

                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        9  812-D                        9  810-C


1 819-H

                                                                        McCarty                        Alexander

                                                                        22  820-S                            18  797-P

                          Earll (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          8  673-A                                                                                                        6  811-G

          Jacobs                      Koehl                                                                        Barker          Blute

          13  815-R                  38  716-O                                                                 7  813-J          6  748-Q

                          Whitson                          Dickinson

                          15  799-T                                                                                                      8  834-B

          Reynolds                  Crim                                                                         Smith          Holliday

          19  831-H1               22  830-M1                                                               14  828-L          24  850-R


                          47  805-V

                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Brandon  (574)

34  931-F

                                                                        Stanfield                        Garwick

                                                                        29  840-R                      29  841-S


41  827-G1

                                                                        Lowe                             Alexander

                                                                        47  833-U                      36  807-J


                          Salmon (574)                          Hollis (574)

                          30  248-V                                                                                                      32  927-N

          Metelsky                   Horridge                                                                   Wolfe          Dauteuil

          37  839-G                 37  798-K                                                                 31  739-O          21  740-U1

                          Shofner                          Newcomer

                          35  800-C                                                                                                      18 747-T

          Watson                     Newman                                                                   Evans          Watkinson

          31  851-M                 36  832-H                                                                 32  597-P          30  818-L


                          44  808-C


Spare Lead  40  847-H2

Spare Ship  40  671-L

Spare Ship  45  855-R




Mission No 61, 19 May 1944


Mission to Fecamp, France


          For the third time during the month, planes and combat crewmen of the Group paid a visit to the Nazi coastal defenses at Fecamp, France, during the evening of May 19.  99th Combat Bomb Wing’s Field Order 59-318 ordering the cross channel attack with P-47’s supplying an umbrella protection over the target.

          Thirty-six aircraft were dispatched on the mission with thirty of these dropping their bombs and one flight returning them to Base after failing to identify the target, which was shrouded in haze, after three runs over the area.  Results of the two hundred thirty-four 500-pounders dropped on the target ranged from poor to good by flights, the majority of one flight hitting in the target area.  Weak inaccurate flak was encountered, but there was no damage or casualties on the trip.

          Planes returned to Base at 2110 hours.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Brandon - Bird (574)

40  847-H

                                                                        Metelsky                        Lowe

                                                                        37  839-G                      45  843-J


34  931-F

                                                                        Alexander                          Newman

                                                                        36  807-J                       38  832-H


                          Salmon (574)                          Loesch (574)

                          30  248-V                                                                                                      36  832-H

          Morris                      Dauteuil                                                                    Wolfe          Horridge

          32  597-P                  32  927-N                                                                  31 739-O          37  798-K

                          Watson                          Shofner

                          40  671-L                                                                                                      39  846-P

          Carson                      Garwick                                                                   Evans          Watkinson

          31  851-M                 29  841-S                                                                  34  865-D          49  808-C


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Erickson (572)

15  947-U

                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        9  812-D                        9  810-C


30 818-L

                                                                        Walker                          Reynolds

                                                                        8  673-A                        13  719-F


                          Roeper (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          6  811-G                                                                                                       14  806-M

          Alexander                 Koehl                                                                        Barker          Blute

          22  820-S                  21  823-N                                                                  18  747-T          6  748-Q

                          McCarty                          Danforth

                          14  836-N                                                                                                      7  813-J

          Holliday                   Fry                                                                            Smith          Dewitt

          24  828-L                  21  740-U                                                                  13  815-R          18  802-P


                          22  830-M

Spare Lead  40  847-H

Spare Ship  47  833-U




Mission No 65, 22 May 1944


Mission to Beaumont-le-Roger, France


          The Beaumont-le-Roger Airdrome was the target assigned to the Group by 99th Wing Field order 63-322 on the afternoon of May 22.  Since the weather was not favorable for visual bombing, thirty-two planes which the Group dispatched, were led to the target by two Pathfinder planes.   No flak or enemy fighters were encountered on the entire trip, and a total of eight 600-pound and two hundred fifty-four 500-pound General Purpose and two leaflet bombs were dropped, using the pathfinder technique. Results of the first box were not determined because of overcast, but results of the second box was poor, photo’s from one flight revealing the concentration four and one-half miles from the primary target. All aircraft returned to safely to base.

Planes took off at 1340 hours and reached the target at 1540 Hours.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box




Miller (572)

15  947-U

                                                                        Barker                           Blute

                                                                        16  809-O                      6  748-Q


                          Roeper (572)                          Ljunggren (Hqs & 572)

                          14  806-M                                                                                                     13  719-F

          Smith                        Alexander                                                                 Hanlon          Baehr

          6  811-G                   13  815-R                                                                  9  812-D          9  810-C

                          McCarty                          Walker

                          14  836-N                                                                                                      18  802-P

          Holliday                   Fry                                                                            Reynolds          Crim

          19  831-H                 22  830-M1                                                               7  813-J          8  834-B

Spare Lead   7  803-K

Spare Ship 25  825-B


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box




Loesch (574)

26  804-A

                                                                        Alexander                     Shofner

                                                                        40  847-H                      35  800-C


                          Samuel (574)                          Barger (574)

                          32  927-N                                                                                                      34  931-F

          Evans                       Watson                                                                     Dauteuil          Horridge

          46  855-R2                38  716-O                                                                 32  597-P          24  850-R1

                          Carson                          Majka

                          45  843-J                                                                                                      34  865-D

          Lowe                         Newman                                                                   Watkinson          Wolfe

          47  833-U                  41  743-Q                                                                 30  818-L          29  840-R


39  839-G





Mission No 70, 26 May 1944


Mission to Paris, France


Several hundred of the Group’s combat crewmen and thirty-eight planes went to the Environs of Paris on the afternoon of May 26.  The target for the bombardiers was the highway bridge across the Seine at Poissy, northwest of the former French capital.  Each plane carried two 2000-pound General Purpose bombs.

The formation took off at 1600 hours on a route from the base to Hastings to Etretat to a point at 49 degrees 09 minutes North, 00degrees 53 minutes East to the initial point for the bomb run, which was two miles South of Mantes, to the target.  The objective was reached at 1748 hours.

Bombing was done by flights of sixes with the following results reported by the Group photo Interpreters.


Box 1 1st six:  Good.  In excellent concentration, bombs fell 500 feet West of the M.P.I

                       2nd six:  Excellent.  A tight pattern burst approximately 200 Feet northwest of the M.P.I,

                                      scoring probable hits on the bridge.

                       3rd six: Poor. The concentration landed about 1300 feet southwest of the M.P.I.

                                      (Bomb run disrupted by prop wash from lead flight)

          Box 2 1st six:  Fair.  Falling in the water, bombs hit about 700 feet North of the M.P.I.

                       2nd six:  No attack. (Rack malfunction in lead aircraft)

                       3rd six:  Excellent. A tight concentration pattern bracketed the M.P.I, with hits on the



Eight aircraft sustained flak battle damage at and directly after leaving the target, and one crew member was wounded.  The Group returned to base at 1909 hours.  Mission was directed by Field Order 71-330,  99th Combat Bomb Wing.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Brandon (574)

19  801-G

                                                                        Stanfield                        Watkinson

                                                                        29  840-R                      8  673-A


35  800-C

                                                                        Horridge                       Shofner

                                                                        37  798-K                      29  841-S


                          Newcomer (574)                          Hollis (574)

                          32  597-P                                                                                                      27  943-F

          Dauteuil                    Lowe                                                                         Alexander          Carson

          45  843-J1                47  833-U                                                                  36  807-J          31  739-O

                          Majka                          Bird

                          34  865-D                                                                                                      16  809-O1

          Newman                   Evans                                                                       Watson          Talton

          39  853-F                  40  847-H                                                                 25  825-B          44  808-C1


                        45  855-R1

SPARE LEAD  27-943-F

SPARE       46-620-B

SPARE       25-825-B


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Miller (572)

15  947-U

                                                                        Baehr                            Hanlon

                                                                        6  740-Q                        9  812-D


8  834-B

                                                                        Reynolds                       Walker

                                                                        23  822-O                      16  797-P


                          Roeper (572)                          Jobe (572)

                          14  806-M                                                                                                     13  815-R

          Koehl                        Alexander                                                                 Jacobs          Fry

          28  842-D1                19  831-H                                                                 13  719-F          24  828-L

                          McCarty                          Whitson

                          14  836-N                                                                                                      15  799-T

          Dewitt                       Holliday                                                                   Danforth          Smith

          17  747-T1                21  823-N                                                                  7  813-J          22  830-M1


                          46  620-B





Mission No 71,  27 May 1944


Mission to St.Pierre du Vuvray Bridge, France


          Another railway bridge spanning the Seine was the target assigned by Field Order 72-331 of the 99th Combat Bomb Wing in the early afternoon of May 27.  Thirty-eight of the group’s planes were dispatched at 1220 hours on a route to Splashers Number 7, to Beachy Head, to Etretat, to a point at 49 degrees 10 minutes North, 00 degrees 56 minutes East to an Initial Point for the bomb run, two miles south of Mantes, to the target which was located just northwest of Louvieres.  The bridge was knocked out by some of seventy-six 2000-pound bombs, which the planes dropped.  Four of the six flights of planes were given an “excellent” rating by interpretation of the strike photos.  One received a “good” rating, and the last was listed as “fair”

          Leaving the target after bombing at 1418 hours, the planes followed a route to a point four miles northeast of Pontoise, to 49 degrees 10 minutes north, 00 degrees 56 minutes east, to Etretat, to Beachy Head, to base.

There were no losses, casualties or battle damage, and the planes were all down safely at 1517 hours.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Bush  (574)

40  847-H

                                                                        Alexander                     Horridge

                                                                        36  807-J                       37  798-K


36  832-H

                                                                        Watson                          Carson

                                                                        39  846-P                       37  839-G


                          Salmon  (574)                          Bird (574)

                          38  848-N                                                                                                      26  804-A

          Newman                   Evans                                                                       Stanfield          Morris

          44  808-C                  47  811-V                                                                 45  855-R          32  927-N

                          Shofner                          Majka

                          41  827-G                                                                                                     34  865-D

          Talton                       Watkinson                                                                Dauteuil          Lowe

          47  833-U                  30  818-L                                                                  38  716-O          32  597-P


                          17  747-T


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Erickson (572)

19 801-G

                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        9  812-D                        6  748-Q


8  834-B

                                                                        Walker                          Reynolds

                                                                        16  809-G                      8  673-A


                          Roeper (572)                          Jobe (572)

                          14  806-M                                                                                                     7  803-K

          Alexander                 Koehl                                                                        Fry          Crim

          39  853-F                  22  820-S                                                                  6  811-G          13  719-F

                          McCarty                          Whitson

                          14  836-N                                                                                                      15  799-T

          Holliday                   Dewitt                                                                       Smith          Danforth

          24  828-L                  21  823-N                                                                  23  822-O          7  813-J


                          19  831-H


Spare Lead                   19  801-G

Spare Ship 39  853-F

Spare Ship 45  855-R




Mission No 72,  27 May 1944


Mission to Paris, France



The bridge Maison Laffitte, carrying rail lines directly into Paris from the northeast, was the target assigned to the group for the evening of May 27 by Wing Field Order 73-322.  Thirty-seven aircraft were dispatched at 1907 hours on a course to Beachy Head, to Etretat, to the initial Point for the bombing run at 48 degrees North 01 degrees 36 minutes East to the target which was reached at 2046 hours.  Twenty-three of the B-26’s dropped forty-five 2000 pound General Purpose bombs on the bridge, six failing to identify the target until too late, five others releasing on a point mistaken for the primary target, two failing to attack due to mechanical troubles, and one hit by flak on the bomb run.

          Of the six flights, only one received a “Good” rating from the first phase interpretation of the strike photos, which said “In a scattered pattern, bombs fell on and near the M.P.I., with hits on the centre of the bridge and on the buildings at the northeast bank of the river.”  Intense accurate heavy flak fire was encountered shortly after opening bomb bay doors, and it continued from seven to ten minutes.  Number three ship of the high flight, first box, was hit in the right engine over the target, the engine catching fire.  The prop was feathered by the pilot, and the plane, while losing altitude gradually, was returning on single engine, when light flak fire from the vicinity of Louvieres caught it and it crashed soon after.  Three chutes were seen.  In the meantime number five ship of low flight, first box, was hit over the target and was seen to crash in the vicinity of Averned, but six chutes were seen indicating that the entire crew escaped.  Twenty-five of the remaining ships suffered flak and battle damage, and four crewmembers were wounded.

          Planes returned to base via Etretat and Beachy Head and landed at base 2230 hours.




Planes and Crews Lost


Number Three Ship High Flight


Plane 42-95827 O8-G (575 Squadron) type B-26B-45-MA Marauder.

Crew from the 574th Squadron:

Pilot                               Captain James F. Shofner, 0-662682, from Beaumont, Texas                                                P.O.W

Co-Pilot                         2nd Lt Bernard Davidson, 0-667495, from Jersey City, New Jersey                                                K.I.A

Navigator                      Lt Steven J. Sivak, 0-669130, from Oakley, Michigan                                                P.O.W
Engineer-Gunner          S/Sgt Leslie R. Miller, 33180010, from Sayre, Pennsylvania                                                P.O.W
Radio-Gunner              T/Sgt Francis J. Holdridge, 32287062, from Syracuse, New York                                                P.O.W

Armorer-Gunner          Sgt Paul J. Wilson, 31013843, from New Boston, New Hampshire                                      K.I.A


Number Five Ship Low Flight

Plane 41-31716 O8-O (575 Squadron) type B-26B-20-MA Marauder.


Pilot                               2nd Lt. Donat F. Dauteuil, 0-747759, from New Bedford, Mass.                                                M.I.A

Co-Pilot                         2nd Lt. John T. Wilson, 0-691201, from Dresden, Tenn.                                                M.I.A.

Navigator                      2nd Lt. Martin G. Koehler, 0-746893, from Philadelphia, Pa.                                                P.O.W

Engineer-Gunner          Sgt Charles C.Wade, 34265189, from Collbran, Ala                                      Returned 21st-Sept 1944

Radio-Gunner              Sgt. Eugene F. Ride,r 36560221, from Ypsilanti, Mich.                                                Returned 27th Aug  1944

Armorer-Gunner          Cpl Walter F. Poleski, 38188584, from Bartlesville, Okla.                                      Returned 27th Aug  1944


2nd Lt Koehler’s Chute was damaged by flak, and he bailed out with Sgt.Rider using one chute.


Mission Citations

572nd Squadron


Woodrow W. Fry, 0748173, 2nd Lt, Air Corps, United States Army.

          For wounds received in action against an enemy of the United States on 27 May 1944, while serving as Pilot on a B-26 airplane on a combat operation mission over enemy occupied territory.  Entered military service at Elmont, Long Island, New York.  2nd Lt Fry’s plane for this mission was 42-95809, P2-O


574th Squadron

          Capt Francis P Zimmer, 0-733249, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for participating on a mission as bombardier-navigator against enemy installations 27 May 1944.  While on the bomb run the aircraft was severely damaged by enemy anti-aircraft fire.  Capt. Zimmer courageously remained at his post and dropped his bombs on the target with devastating effect.  He then navigated the crippled aircraft back to base, carefully avoiding the heavy flak areas.  Capt Zimmer’s great determination and coolness under fire contributed in large measure to the successful completion of this mission and the safe return of his aircraft to base.


574th Squadron

          A Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster was awarded to Lt. Julian P. Alexander for outstanding achievement while participating in aerial flight as pilot on an important enemy target on 27 May 1944.  The aircraft was seriously damaged by anti-aircraft fire while on the bombing run, but Lt. Alexander held his plane in formation until the bombs were released on the objective.  He piloted the crippled plane back to base and, despite extremely poor visibility, successfully landed the aircraft without injury to his crew or further damage to the plane.

Lt Alexander’s plane for this mission was 42-95807, 4L-J, nicknamed  “The Swoose.”



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Hollis - Brandon (574)

40  847-H

                                                                        Majka                           Carson

                                                                        34  865-D                      37  839-G


38  848-N

                                                                        Stanfiel                          Watkinson

                                                                        45  855-R                      30  818-L


                          Newcomer (574)                          Bird (574)

                          35  838-B                                                                                                      26  804-A

          Lowe                         Watson                                                                     Shofner          Horridge

          2  840-R1                  39  846-P                                                                  41  827-G1          31  739-O

                          Alexander                          Kahley

                          36  807-J                                                                                                      36  832-H1

          Evans                       Deuteuil                                                                    Morris          Newman

          47  811-V                  38  716-O                                                                 32  927-N1          44  808-C1


                          17  747-T


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Jobe (572)

15  947-U

                                                                        Fry                                 Crim

                                                                        16  809-O                      13  719-F


23  822-O1

                                                                        Smith                             McCarty

                                                                        8  673-A                        14  836-N


                          Ericson-Sullers (572)                          Miller (572)

                          14  806-M1                                                                                                   7  803-K

          Hanlon                     Baehr                                                                        Alexander          Koehl

          9  812-D                    6  748-Q                                                                   25  825-B          16  943-F

                          Dickinson                          Danforth

                          8  834-B1                                                                                                      7  813-J

          Walker                     Reynolds                                                                  Holliday          DeWitt

          29  852-A                  1  819-H                                                                   24  828-L          22  830-M


                          16  842-D1


Spare Lead  19  801-G

Spare Ship  34  931-F





Mission No 77, 30 May 1944


Mission to Mantes-Sur-Seine, France


          The Mantes-Gassicourt Highway Bridge over the Seine came under attack of the 391st at 1147 Hours

on May 30.  The mission was directed by Field Order 78-338, 99th Bomb Wing, and thirty-eight planes were dispatched at 0930 hours, each carrying two 2000-pound General Purpose Bombs.

          Bombing was done by flights of sixes, with the following results interpreted from the strike photos:

                   Box 1: 1st six:  Poor.  Bombs fell approximately 1200 feet West of the desired M.P.I

                               2nd six:  Excellent.  In a tight concentration, bursts occurred on and beside the M.P.I,

                                              with hits on the bridge.

                               3rd six:  Excellent.  A scattered pattern of bombs landed on and next to the desired

                                              M.P.I, with hits on the bridge.

                   Box 2: 1st six:  Excellent.  Also falling in scattered concentration bombs fell on and beside the

                                              desired M.P.I, scoring hits on the bridge.

                               2nd six:  No photo coverage.  Oil on the lenses.  (Group Bombardier reported excellent

                                              results, on the basis of visual observation)

                               3rd six:  Unknown.  Smoke in area prevented adequate coverage.


          There were no losses, damage or casualties, and the planes returned to base at 1323 hours.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Miller (572)

7  803-K

                                                                        Holliday                        Hall

                                                                        18  978-Q1                    9  810-C


8  834-B

                                                                        Walker                          Reynolds

                                                                        13  819-H                      19  801-G1


                          Jobe (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          8  673-A                                                                                                        6  811-G

          Jacobs                      Crim                                                                         Blute          Smith

          13  719-F                  21  823-N1                                                                6  748-Q          22  820-S

                          Whitson                          Barker

                          15  799-T                                                                                                      16  809-O

          Koehl                        Fry                                                                            McCarty          DeWitt

          28  842-D                  24  828-L                                                                  16  836-N          23 982-O1


                        26  810-W


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Bush (574)

31  873-U

                                                                        Metelsky                        Evans

                                                                        37  839-G                      17  595-V


36  815-W

                                                                        Carson                          Lowder

                                                                        47  811-V1                    45  855-R


                          Barger (574)                          Bird  (574)

                          35  836-B                                                                                                      36  832-H

          Wolfe                        Watson                                                                     Stanfield          Garwick

          31  739-O                 14  806-M1                                                               44  268-K          41  678-M

                          Majka                          Salmon

                          34  865-D                                                                                                      9  812-D1

          Sullivan                    Callison                                                                    Lowe          Newman

          35  800-C                  30  818-L                                                                  41  615-A          40  671-L1


                          47  833-U1

Spare Lead 34  931-F

Spare Ship 32  927-N

Spare Ship 17  634-S





Mission No 78,  31 May 1944


Mission to Courcelles-Sur-Seine, France


To finish up its work for the month, the 391st was assigned another bridge, a six-span steel girder construction 840 feet long at Courcelles-Sur-Seine, France.  Thirty-six B-26’s were dispatched at 0945 hours and followed the course directed by Wing Field Order 79-339 to the objective.  Bombing was done by flights of sixes, and the following results were evaluated by photo interpretation from the strike photos:

Box 1¾1st six:  Excellent.  Bombs fell in good concentration scoring probable hits on the eastern 

end of the bridge

2nd six:  Excellent.  The pattern burst across and beside the bridge, scoring probable hits.

                    3rd six:  No attack.  (Bombsight malfunction in the lead ship)


Box 2¾1st six:  No attack. (Bombsight malfunction in the lead ship)

2nd six:  Poor.  Bombs fell 400 yards east of the desired M.P.I., in and open field along the


3rd six :  No attack.  (Lead bombardier failed to identify target)


Nine of the planes sustained flak damage, but there were no losses or casualties.




                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Samuel-Sullens (HQS & 572

14  806-M

                                                                        Holliday                        Hall

                                                                        9  812-D                        9  810-C


13  819-H

                                                                        Reynolds                       Alexander

                                                                        8  673-A                        24  828-L


                          Dickinson (572)                          Erickson (572)

                          8  834-B                                                                                                        6  811-G

          Jacobs                      Crim                                                                         Blute          Smith

          17  634-J                  18  978-Q1                                                               6  748-Q          17  595-V

                          Whitson                          Barker

                          15  799-T                                                                                                      16  809-O

          Koehl                        Fry, B                                                                       McCarty          DeWitt

28  842-D                  22  820-S                                                                  7  008-L1                                           26  810-W



                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Brandon (574)

31  873-U

                                                                        Lowe                             Evans

                                                                        41  615-A                      40  671-L


36  832-H

                                                                        Carson                          Lowder

                                                                        35  800-C                      30 818-L1


                          Kahley (574)                          Bird (574)

                          32  927-N                                                                                                      34  931-F

          Stanfield                   Garwick                                                                   Metelsky          Alexander

          44  268-K                 21  823-N1                                                                37  839-G          36  815-W

                          Salmon                          Newcomer

                          19  801-G                                                                                                     46  620-B

          Wolfe                        Majka¾Doolittle                                                     Watson          Newman

          31  739-O                 39  853-F                                                                  47  833-U1          47  811-V







Mission No 81,  3 June 1944


Mission to Coastal Defenses Battery at Mont Fleury,  France


Thirty-four aircraft were dispatched to bomb on the Pathfinder technique.  Results were not successful as one box of eighteen aircraft hit roads and fields about 600 yards northwest of the desired Aiming Point, and the second box strung its bombs at even a greater distance in the same direction.  Six aircraft failed to bomb when the lead bombardier was unable to identify the target on a second run.

There were no losses, casualties, or battle damage.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box



Loesch (574)

34  931-F

                                                                        Alexander                     Lowder

                                                                        2  252-Z                         29  818-L


                          Barger (574)                          Bird (574)

                          35  800-C                                                                                                      32  927-N

          Watson                     Evans                                                                       Stanfield          Garwick

          38  821-O                 31  851-U                                                                  44  808-C1          29  841-S

                          Salmon                          Bush

                          46  932-T                                                                                                      36  832-H

          Lowe                         Wolfe                                                                        Metelsky          Newman

          45  855-R                  44  268-K                                                                 37  839-G          47  833-U1


                          39  846-P

Spare Lead  37  873-U

Spare Ship  45  843-J

Spare Ship  38  849-N


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box



Erickson (572)

15  947-U

                                                                        Fry                                 Dickinson

                                                                        13  819-H                      1  815-R


                          Jobe - Ljun (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          2  102-X                                                                                                        19  831-H1

          Jacobs                      Holliday                                                                   Smith          Barker

          5  008-L                    21  823-N1                                                                15  799-T          16  809-O

                          Walker                          Danforth

                          9  810-C                                                                                                        7  813-J

          Crim                         Hall                                                                           Koehl          DeWitt

          16  797-P                  20  842-D1                                                                24  828-L1          9  812-D


                          14  836-N






Mission No 82, 4 June 1944


Mission to Coastal Defense Battery at Gravelines, France


Thirty-eight aircraft were dispatched and the bombing was done by flights.  Only one of the six flights had excellent results, as strike photos show that its bombs bracketed the desired Aiming Point in a well concentrated pattern, scoring a direct hit on one gun position and a near miss on the other.  Two of the flights bombed with good results and the remaining three were only considered as fair.  Seventy 2000-pound General Purpose bombs and one leaflet bomb were dropped during the attack, and seven ships suffered flak battle-damage, but there were no losses or casualties.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Brandon  (574

34  931-F

                                                                        Watson                          Lowe

                                                                        46  932-T                       38  927-N


34  865-D

                                                                        Callison                         Carson

                                                                        31  851-M                      35  800-C


                          Newcomer (574)                          Bush (574)

                          31  739-O                                                                                                     36  832-H

          Lowder                     Newman                                                                   Metelsky          Alexander

          29  818-L                  38  848-N                                                                  37  839-G          36  815-W

                          Kahley                          Salmon

                          45  843-J                                                                                                      37  873-U1

          Bjork                        `Evans                                                                      Stanfield          Garwick

          26  810-W                 47  833-U                                                                  45  855-R          29  841-S


                          17  595-V


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Miller  (572)

8  673-A

                                                                        Koehl                             Barker

                                                                        9  812-D                        16  809-O


7  813-J

                                                                        Smith                             DeWitt

                                                                        17  634-J1                     19  831-H


                          Jobe (572)                          Erickson (572)

                          8  810-C                                                                                                        15  947-U

          Jacobs                      Holliday                                                                   Walker          Alexander

          13  719-F                  28  842-D                                                                  13  819-H          16  797-P

                          Whitson                          Dickinson

                          15  799-T                                                                                                      13  834-B

          Crim                         Fry                                                                            McCarty          Blute

          28  978-Q                 27  841-A1                                                                14  836-N          6  748-Q


                          21 823-N

Spare Lead 19  801-G

Spare Ship  24  806-C

Spare Ship  24  828-L






Mission No 84, 6 June 1944 (D Day)


Mission Target: Coastal Defenses at Benerville, St Pierre du Mont, and Maisy, France


Benerville   Seventeen aircraft were dispatched but failed to attack due to weather, having encountered

icing conditions in clouds.  The lone ship which bombed was a Pathfinder aircraft on special equipment, and the results were  unobserved.

St. Pierre du Mont        Seventeen aircraft were dispatched, and ten dropped sixteen 2000-pound General Purpose

bombs on the target.  Pathfinder technique was employed from above the clouds, but since

there was no photo coverage, the results were unknown.

Maisy         Seventeen aircraft were dispatched, all dropping a total of thirty-one 2000 Pound and two 1000-pound General Purpose bombs on the primary target area.  Bombing was done by flights, with two having good results by striking within the target area, the third having poor results when the bombs fell about 1200 feet southwest of the desired Aiming Point, across a road and an open field.

Fifteen aircraft sustained flak battle damage, and one crew member was wounded.  One enemy aircraft was destroyed by a pathfinder ship when it was attacked by 20 Focke-Wolfe 190’s in the clear as the rest of the formation was making a second run on the target.  There were no losses to the Group’s formation.


          S/Sgt George E Cochran, 36441881, of Decatur, Illinois, flying as waist gunner on the first raid of D-Day, destroyed his second enemy fighter, an FW 190.  His plane was a Pathfinder ship leading the formation, but it swung away from the other planes as the target area was reached because the weather conditions permitted visual bombing.  While the Pathfinder was on its way, alone, to join another formation in the area, the Nazi attacked, and Cochran picked him off at a range of approximately 200 yards.

                                                                                                                                                     1st Box


35  579-G


Brandon (574)

34  931-F

                                                                        Stanfield                        Garwick

                                                                        35  838-B                       35  800-C


                          Newcomer (574)                          Hollis – Bird (574)

                          32  927-N                                                                                                      32  873-U

          Metelsky                   Evans                                                                       Wolfe          Watkinson

          36  832-H                 34  865-D                                                                  29  841-S          29 818-L

                          Majka                          Salmon

                          35  815-W                                                                                                     30  248-V

          Callison                    Watson                                                                     Lowe          Carson

          29  842-D                  37  839-G                                                                 30  720-K          31  851-M


                          39  853-F


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box


11  872-?


Miller (572)

8  673-A

                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        13 719-F                        13  819-H


                          Erickson  (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          6  811-G                                                                                                       15  947-U

          Walker                     Koehl                                                                        Barker          Danforth

          9  834-B                    6  748-Q                                                                   16  809-O          15  799-T

                          Dickinson                          Schirmer

                          9  812-D                                                                                                        16  797-P

          DeWitt                      Holliday                                                                   Sullivan          Kiedinger

          7  813-J                    8  810-C                                                                    14  806-M          14  836-N


                          41  615-A

                                                                                                                                                     3rd Box


18  583-?


Sellers (573)

19  801-G

                                                                        Snyder                           Baxter

                                                                        17  595-V                      17  634-J


                          Olfson (575                          Thorn (573)

                          47  811-V1                                                                                                    41  847-H

          Petrich                      Ruble                                                                        Colsch          Youse

          47  833-U                  44  808-C1                                                                24  828-L          21  802-P

                          Kelley                          Logan

                          44  268-K                                                                                                     24  822-O

          Lakin                        Jacobi                                                                       Clark          Bollinger

          45  855-R                  46  932-T                                                                  23  830-M          22  806-C


                          40  671-L1


Authors note: Lt. McCarty’s logbook shows he flew 42-95836 P2-N on this mission.





Mission No. 87, 7 June 1944


Mission to Briouze, France


          Target:  Railroad sidings at Briouze, France.  Thirty-eight aircraft were dispatched on the mission to bomb in flight of sixes.  The bombing results, as determined from strike photos, gave one flight an excellent rating with a concentration on the desired Aiming Point and on a train.  The other flights were rated from good to poor.  In all, one hundred eighty-four 500 pound and one hundred and eighty-two 250 pound General Purpose bombs were dropped.  Because of cloud cover, the planes bombed from 3100 feet.  One aircraft was shot down by flak several miles West-Southwest of Caen, and eleven other aircraft sustained flak battle damage from light flak positions.  Three crew members were wounded.



Plane and Crew Lost


Plane 42-95848 O8-N  (575th Squadron), type B-26B-50-MA Marauder.


Pilot                          2Lt. Leroy R. Sullivan, 0-806168, from Fraibault, Minn.                                                         K.I.A.

Co-Pilot                    2Lt. John A. Hobson, 0-658821, from Shreveport, La.                                    K.I.A.

Bombardier              2Lt. Richard E. Ivory, 0-749906, from Kalamazoo, Mich.                                  Returned 10/June/44

Engineer Gunner     T/Sgt. Joseph F. Roberge, 31265792, from Salmon Falls, N.H.                                  M.I.A.

Radio Gunner          S/Sgt. Virgil W. Byng, 36815269, from Rala-CynWyd., Pa                                          Returned 10/June/44

Armorer Gunner     S/Sgt. Kenneth D. Peterson, 37220369, from Oxford, Kansas                                  K.I.A.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Stalnaker  (575)

41  847-H

                                                                        Lakin                            Wolfe

                                                                        40  678-M                      42  025-S


47  833-U

                                                                        Sullivan                         Kiedinger

                                                                        38  848-N                      46  932-T


                          O’Hare (575)                          Petrich (575)

                          44  808-C                                                                                                      47  7811-V

          Ruble                        Wilkinson                                                                 Fleck          Tucker

          39  853-F                  45  855-R                                                                  45  843-J          40  671-L

                          Jannsen                                                                                                        La Framboise

                          38  821-O                                                                                                     41  615-A

          Martin                      Rutledge                                                                   Schreiber          Harlow

          37  839-G                 44  268-K                                                                 35  838-B          35  800-C



                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Thorn (573)

19  801-G

                                                                        Colsch                           Youse

                                                                        22  978-Q                      28  841-S


24  822-O

                                                                        Boylan                           Snyder

                                                                        17  634-J                       23  823-N


                          Armstrong  (573)                          Roeper (572)

                          24  828-L                                                                                                      6  5811-G

          Bjork                        Clark                                                                        McCarty          Koehl

          25  810-W                 22  7806-C                                                                16  797-P          8  5810-C

                          Logan                          Barker

                          28  102-X                                                                                                      16  809-O

          Dearing                    Dillard                                                                      Whitson          Holliday

          21  802-P                  17  595-V                                                                  15  799-T          6  748-Q


Spare Lead   37  873-U

Spare Ship   13  819-H

Spare Ship     9  834-B

Spare Ship     8  673-A




Mission No 88, 8 June 1944


Mission to Valognes, France


Target:  Railroad Junctions at Valognes, France.  Thirty-eight planes were dispatched to this objective, and the bombs were released from 8000 to 9000 feet altitude.  The first box received a fair rating with the concentration falling approximately 650 feet from the desired Aiming point.  The second box rated good for two flights and fair for the third.  Thirty of the planes suffered flak battle-damage, one combat crewman was killed, and five were wounded.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Miller (572)

8  637-A

                                                                        Baehr                            Hanlon

                                                                        17 634-J                        13  719-F


11  972-S

                                                                        Walker                          Reynolds

                                                                        23  747-T                       1  008-L


                          Jobe (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                         6  5811-G                                                                                                       15  947-U

          Crim                         Jacobs                                                                      McCarty           Alexander

          16  797-P                  15  799-T                                                                  14  836-N          2  252-Z

                          Whitson                          Barker

                          17 595-V                                                                                                       2  028-Y

          Blute                         Danforth                                                                  Koehl          Holliday

          10  809-O                 45  855-R                                                                  46  620-B          39  846-P



                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Brandon (574)

31  873-U

                                                                 Lowe                                     Horridge

                                                                 1  7808-X                              32  927-N


36  815-N

                                                                        Metelsky                        Evans

                                                                        4  964-G                        31  730-O


                          Shaffner (573)                          Bird (574)

                          24  828-L                                                                                                      7  803-K

          Cassiday                   Baxter                                                                       Stanfield          Watkinson

          26  7841-A                22  978-Q                                                                 30  720-K          29  818-L

                          Logan                          Salmon

                          47  7811-V                                                                                                    30  248-V

          Dearing                    Bollinger                                                                   Callison          Majka

          21  802-P                  41  615-A                                                                  31  851-M          34  865-D


Spare:  Garwick 841

29  841-S





Mission No 90, 10 June 1944


Target: Navigational Beam Station at La Pernelle, Coastal Defense Battery and Radar Station at

Aigremont, France.  Thirty-eight aircraft were sent on this mission.  Visibility was poor, and even from a bombing altitude of 7000 feet, bombardiers picked up suitable Aiming Points only with difficulty.  Of the two flights which attacked the Navigational Beam Station, one had fair results interpreted from the strike photos, and the other reported excellent bombing.  A Third could not locate a suitable aiming point after two runs at the target.  One flight attacked the Aigremont coastal defense battery with fair results, obtaining a probable hit on the light flak position.  One flight attacked the radar station with excellent results, a concentrated pattern of bombs on the desired aiming point and probable hits on three light anti-aircraft positions and on a trench.  Results of the bombing by the sixth flight were unknown.  A total of fifty-five 2000-pound bombs was dropped on these targets.

There were no losses, casualties or battle-damage.


                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Loesch (574)

34  931-F

                                                                        Watson                          Evans

                                                                        38  025-S                       45  843-J


47  833-U

                                                                        Carson                          Newman

                                                                        31  739-O                      35  800-C


                          Bush (574)                          Hollis (574)

                          38  821-O1                                                                                                   40  671-L

          Metelsky                   Alexander                                                                 Wolfe          Callison

          39  846-P                  39  853-F                                                                  45  855-R          37  873-U1

                          Kahley                          Salmon

                          47  811-V                                                                                                      46  620-B

          Garwick                   Lowe                                                                         Horridge          Watkinson

          44  268-K                 41  815-A                                                                  34  865-D          35  838-B


                          46  932-T


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Miller (572)

8  673-A

                                                                        Hanlon                          Baehr

                                                                        9  812-D                        8  810-C


9  834-B

                                                                        Fry                                 Reynolds

                                                                        13  819-H                      21  802-P


                          Jobe (572)                          Schleicher (572)

                          15 947-U                                                                                                       19  801-G

          Jacobs                      Koehl                                                                        Danforth          Blute

          24  828-L                  28  842-D                                                                  7  813-J          17  028-Y

                          Whitson                          Barker

                          14  806-M                                                                                                     15  799-T

          Alexander                 DeWitt                                                                      McCarty          Smith

          6  811-G                   19  831-H1                                                               14  836-N          25  810-W


                          22  806-C

Spare Lead  32  927-N

Spare Ship  32  597-P

Spare Ship  23  102-X




Mission No 93, June 12 1944


Mission to Granville, France



          Target :  Coastal Defense Guns at Granville,France.  Thirty-six planes were dispatched, and bombing by flights dropped two hundred-seventy 500-pound General Purpose bombs on the target from an altitude of 5000 feet.  Strike photos showed excellent results for one flight, good for another, fair for two and poor for the last.

Four of the planes were flak battle-damage, but there was no losses or casualties.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Bush (574)

37  873-U

                                                                       Evans                             Horridge

                                                                       37  839-G                       31  851-M


30  248-V

                                                                        Metelsky                        Lowe

                                                                        32  597-P                       35  838-B


                          Bird (574)                          Loesch (574)

                          46  620-B1                                                                                                    31  931-F

          Stanfield                   Garwick                                                                   Wolfe          Carson

          47  811-V1                29  841-S                                                                  36  832-H          35  800-C

                          Alexander                          Majka

                          36  815-W                                                                                                     40  678-M

          Watson                     Newman                                                                   Watkinson          Lowder

          41  615-A                  30  010-A                                                                  29  818-L          38  821-O


                          44  025-S1


                                                                                                                                                     2nd Box

Erickson (572)

8  673-A

                                                                        Reynolds                       Baehr

                                                                        14  806-M                      8  810-C


6  811-G

                                                                        DeWitt                           Walker

                                                                        6  748-Q                        13  719-F


                          Dickinson (Ljn) (572)                          Roeper (572)

                          22  978-Q1                                                                                                   15  947-U

          Danforth                  Blute                                                                         McCarty          Alexander

          28  842-D                  13  819-H                                                                 14  836-N          23  823-N1

                          Whitson                          Barker

                          15  799-T                                                                                                     16  809-O

          Jacobs                      Fry                                                                            Koehl          Holliday

          17  7834-F                22  7806-C1                                                              23  102-X          24  828-L


                          28  841-A1


Spare Lead 19  801-G  (#500)

Spare Ship 40   671-L  (#250)



Distinguished  Flying Cross


          William G Erickson, 0-792568, Captain, 391st Bombardment Group (M).  For extraordinary achievement while serving as a pilot of a B-26 type aircraft on 12 June 1944. When, though the adverse weather condition over the target area justified the abandoning of the mission, Captain Erickson, realizing the importance of destroying their objective, led his formation over the target at an extremely low-level where they discharged their bombs on the small target area with great accuracy.  The courage, determination, and devotion to duty displayed by Captain Erickson on this occasion materially contributed to the successful advance of our ground forces and reflects great credit upon himself and the service.  Entered military service from New York.





Mission No 95, 13 June 1944


Mission to Marigny, France


Target: Road Junction at Marigny, France. The Group sent thirty-six planes on this mission behind the allied beach head in Normandy, and  one hundred eighty-four 500-pound, one hundred sixty-four 250 pound General Purpose and one leaflet bombs were dropped on the target  by thirty-five of the planes, one failed to bomb because of personnel error. Two of the flights bombing with excellent results, and the junction was well bracketed with strikes. There were no losses, casualties, or battle-damage.



                                                                                                                                                     1st Box

Miller (572)

7   803-K

                                                                        Danforth                       Blute

                                                                        7  813-J                         6  748-Q


14  806-M