Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank Serial
574574142456GAylor, Albert S.Sgt.18190338
574574142456NPearl, Paul1/Lt.O800758
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22598. 13 Jun 1945

Ground collision 5 miles West of Neurenburg, Germany.

On 13 June 1945, Captain Dorsey L. Martin, was flying an A-26C25 type aircraft AAF #43-22598 on a low altitude navigation mission.

After entering the authorized low level area, Captain Martin dropped to tree-top level. Shortly thereafter when the pilot attempted to pull up over an exceptionally tall tree the plane mushed, causing the plexiglass to be broken by the top branches of the tree. The plane was flown back to base and landed without further mishap.

Immediate Cause: Lower half of plexiglass nose was broken by contact with tree.

Underlying Cause: Poor judgement on the part of the pilot in allowing his plane to get close enough to the tree so that excessive control had to be used in an attempt to clear the top branches.

Responsibility: 100% Pilot error. (Judgement)

Recommendations: None.

574574000453NDoyle, Walter G.1/Lt.O660466
SOURCE: Operations Orders No. 3; HQ, 391st Bombardment Group - Qualifed as Lead Combat Team. 1 Mar 1945
574574002432NFitzhugh, John G.2/Lt.O669028
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: A second radio-gunner is shown in the referenced order (Dimaio, Adam (NMI), Sgt, 32451979) as flying overseas with this crew. From OO-28, Hqs Sta #11, Caribbean Wing ATC, Morrison Field, 5 Jan 44, Fitzhugh is listed with Loesch for the flight over. Stan Bird was the leader of D Flight. Hasson's name was supplied by someone at the 1996 reunion. The flight over was in 42-95835.
57457400143NFlake, Thomas J., Jr.1/Lt.O791808
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: An anonymous contributor at the 1996 reunion, whose writing I could not be sure of, supplied the navigator, bombardier, and tail gunner's names, and the airplane name, Sleepy Time Gal, 42-95838 . He also indicated that Max Hawkes became the RG. Hawkes was formerly on the crew of Lloyd Stanfield. Only the P, CP, FE, and RG flew over. A list of airplane incidents gives the airplane name as Calamity Lou. Kershaw's particulars come from SO-7, HQS 391ST BG, Par. 3, 2/7/43. Both Flake and Holdridge are shown also with Shofner.
ADDENDUM: Aldous and crew were assigned to the 1st Pathfinder Squadron shortly after the 391st arrived in England. Aldous's 1PFS aircraft (an ex-344BG aircraft 42-107583) was named "Sleepy Time Gal". Therefore, it is possible that Aldous flew 42-95838 to to England, but it was not this aircraft that was named "Sleepy Time Gal".
57457405243NFlake, Thomas J., Jr.1/Lt.O791808
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Lt Shofner was a flight leader. On 05/27/44 flak knocked out the right engine (42-95827); control maintained. The hardback history lists the mission crew as 2Lt Bernard (NMI) Davidson, CP; 1Lt Stephen J. Sivak, N; and Sgt Paul J. Wilson, AG (of Bush's crew and also listed there) in addition to Shofner, Miller and Holdridge. I infer that Flake was not on this mission with this crew. The softback history states that there were four survivors; Dave Garnham advises that Davidson and Wilson were killed. At some point, Flake was assigned to Aldous's crew. Lt Rugg was killed on 7 Aug 44 and is buried in the Normandy Cemetery. In SO-127, Hqs 391st BG, 9/1/43, Miller's serial number is given as 35180010. Shofner flew over in 42-95800. Both Flake and Holdridge are shown also with Aldous.
574574004431NGoscewski, Paul B.1/Lt.O669037
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Then Lt Col Brandon, formerly the Squadron CO, was killed on the Ahrweiler (12/23/44) mission, apparently flying with Lt Mickelson in 43-34309 and is buried in the Lorraine Cemetery. He is listed in "Return of the Marauder Men" as assigned to Headquarters; evidently he was flying as a co-pilot or observer. Majka was first-pilot qualified, as he is shown on the taxi sheet for Mission #88. The flight over was in 42-95818, Lady Chance.
574574140456GGreen, Everett M.S/Sgt.33647600
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22598. 9 Jun 1945
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Vitry-en-Artois (B-50).

On 9 June 1945, 1st Lt Edward F. Murphy was taxiing an A-26C25 AAF #43-22598 aircraft back to its hardstand after a routine training flight. After entering the parking area Lt Murphy attempted to turn the aircraft around. While so doing, his right propeller came close enough to a canvas cover at the edge of the parking area to blow it back and consequently drag a tool box into the path of the propeller. The tips of the three blades were bent slightly necessitating replacement of the propeller.

Immediate Cause: Right propeller struck crew chief's tool box.

Underlying Cause: Poor judgement on the part of the pilot, first, in not allowing sufficient clearance to turn his plane around in, and secondly, in not waiting until a ground crew member arrived to direct his taxiing.

Responsibility: 100% Pilot error.

Recommendations: None.

574574006432NHawkins, Otis P., Jr.2/Lt.O669044
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Capt Bush was the B-Flight leader. His aircraft for the flight over was 42-95832, The Huntress. The aircraft name and that of Wilson were supplied by someone at the 1996 reunion. Fred Bush later confirmed these and added Hay's name. As was typically the case in the original flight over, the Bombardiers and Armorer Gunners went over by ship; thus, Hay and Wilson did not fly over and were not included on the referenced order, which explains not having Wilson's serial number. ADDENDUM: Wilson's serial number, forenames, and rank have since been obtained from the Medal Awards and Crew Loading Lists of the 391BG Mission Records.
574574000455NIsola, Arthur2/Lt.O2079360
SOURCE: Operations Orders No. 6, Par. 1,2; HQ, 391st Bombardment Group - Fully Qualified to Fly as Lead Combat Team. 1 May 1945
57457400044NKinnan, Bernard C.Capt.O807236
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: I assume Kinman to be a pilot. His name comes from an extract of an R&R order sent to me by Clyde Kirkbride.
ADDENDUM: Various orders and Crew Loading Lists show Kinnan was a Lead Navigator with the 574th Bomb Squadron, and later with Group HQ.
574574049431NKinzer, Carl W.2/Lt.O669059
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Capt (by then) Salmon became the Squadron Operations Officer after the Ahrweiler mission. The flight over was in 42-95833, Zombie. Hollis is shown as a first pilot on the Mission #4 taxi sheet.
574574144431NKinzer, Carl W.2/Lt.O669059
SOURCE: SO-44, Hqs, IX Bomber Command, Par. 16 - transfer of air crew to 1st Pathfinder Squadron (M) Provisional. 14 Feb 1944
NOTES: Crew transferred to 1st Pathfinder Squadron (M) Provisional before 391st BG flew their first combat mission.
574574101435NOlshak, Raymond F.1/Lt.O660389
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-31751. 14 May 1943
NOTES: Landing accident at MacDill Field, FL.
The pilot made a normal approach and lowered his landing gear at 1500 feet at an indicated airspeed of 160 MPH. The pilot flew the ship on in and made a normal landing on runway nine. As the ship rolled down the runway and its speed decreased the left gear gave way allowing the left prop to dig into the concrete runway. The increased weight and strain also caused the right gear to fold but the ship had lost its speed and was stopped on the left nacelle doors and belly before the right prop struck the ground.
Investigation brought out the fact the gear mechanisms were functioning normally and hydraulic pressure was normal. The co-pilot dropped the gear and witnesses felt the increased drag as the gear came down. However, the co-pilot and engineer were not certain the gear was down, and locked. They both checked the indicator but were not satisified due to poor visibility. The co-pilot asked the pilot to check the gear indicator but since he was busy landing the ship he didn't check it carefully. The result being the gear was not down and locked which caused the accident. Both the pilot and co-pilot should assume the responsibility of this accident as neither of them made certain the indicator said "wheels down and locked".
Recommendations : That pilot and co-pilot ascertain definitely if gear is down and locked before landing this model of B-26. Also it is my opinion and recommendation some warning signal should be installed on this model to further assist the pilots in ascertaining whether or not the airplane is ready to land.
57457400344NOsterberg, Oliver S.2/Lt.O718124
SOURCE: OO-2, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 6 Feb 1945
NOTES: At the 1996 reunion, Bischoff supplied the last names of the co-pilot and the three gunners. Dave Garnham supplied the other particulars. Per the referenced order, Lt Bischoff was lead qualified with Lt Batty and Lt Osterberg; I presume Osterberg was added overseas.
574574000455NRehtmeyer, Calvin A.2/Lt.O2079477
SOURCE: Operations Orders No. 6, Par. 1,2; HQ, 391st Bombardment Group - Fully Qualified to Fly as Lead Combat Team. 1 May 1945
574574129447NSaathoff, Wilbert L.1/Lt.O748106
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95931. 27 Jan 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Roye/A-73. On 27th of January 1945, 1st Lieutenant Richard B. Spangler was flying a B-26B50 aircraft, AF number 42-95931, on a local training mission for the purpose of formation practice. Aircraft was loaded with 2 x 2000 lb GP bombs. Upon completing his mission, Lieutenant Spangler returned to base and made a normal landing on runway 100, touching down in the first quarter of the runway and slightly right of centre. Approximately 200 yards beyond the touchdown point, the plane ran off the right side of the runway, going through a deep bank of snow at the runway edge. Impact with this snow bank tore off the right main gear and the nose gear. The plane continued sliding for about 50 yards, collapsing the left main gear and turning through almost 180 degrees. Aircraft is total loss as result of this accident. Examination of tire tracks indicates that accident was due to deflated right main wheel tire. Track made by right tire was almost twice as wide as that made by normally inflated tire. tire was found to be deflated immediately after accident, with no apparent break in casing. Subsequent inspection revealed valve stem to be sheared in two within the casing. Calls: 100% material failure. Plane landed with deflated right main wheel tire, causing aircraft to leave runway. Recommendations: None.
574574000447NSaathoff, Wilbert L.1/Lt.O748106
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, July 1944. 1 Jul 1944
NOTES: From a personal letter (January, 2001) Saathoff tells me that he was transferred from the 409th, where he had been since its inception to the 391st, 574th. He says that the 574th had only one other navigator. Saathoff flew with Watkinson until his tour was completed in about a month; then he flew with Bill Morris until Morris completed his tour in November. Thereafter, Saathoff flew as lead navigator with various flight leaders until his tour was completed in late February, 1945.
574574149453AMGSelf, Harold W.Cpl.36865789
SOURCE: Special Orders No. 36; HQ, Marianna Air Field, FLA - Movement of personnel to Hunter Field, GA. 5 Feb 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 crew.
574574000432NSharp, David W.2/Lt.O791002
SOURCE: SO-7, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, MacDill Field, FLA, Par. 4. 7 Feb 1943
574574000455NWalters, Thomas F.2/Lt.O2015463
SOURCE: Operations Orders No. 6, Par. 1,2; HQ, 391st Bombardment Group - Fully Qualified to Fly as Lead Combat Team. 1 May 1945