Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank Serial
57357300143CPLane, Lyle V.2/Lt.O795408
57357300143BMosser, William W.2/Lt.O733216
57357300143FESimpson, James S.S/Sgt.31097545
57357300143RGPablonis, George W.S/Sgt.37124165
SOURCE: SO-64, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Myrtle Beach, SC, Par. 2. 3 Jun 1943
NOTES: These crew members flew with Shaffner on a ferry mission, per the source order. Crew position assumed based upon listing position. I have no way of knowing whether they flew together regularly with another pilot. Confirmed Pablonis's crew position; he was in group in February, as was Mosser.
573573002449PAbraham, Clayton S.2/Lt.O751078
573573002449CPBovie, Verne H.2/Lt.O715700
57357300243BMikochik, John P.2/Lt.O678379
573573002449FEChristiansen, ErikS/Sgt.39012577
573573002449RGLemon, Floyd R.T/Sgt.15017620
573573002449AGMurphy, Melvin E.S/Sgt.13115935
SOURCE: SO-121, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 9. 13 Sep 1944
NOTES: The flight over was in 43-34428. Lt Abraham and Sgt Lemon were killed on 12/23/44 in 42-107747. They are buried in the Lorraine Cemetery. One can infer from the hardback history that the above crew flew the mission except that a SSgt Woodrow Wilson appears to have taken Mikochik's place. Remainder of mission crew not identified.
57357300343PAdams, Frank B.Capt.O410126
57357300343CPCooper, Frank S.2/Lt.O750775
57357300343NDudley, Norman S., Jr.1/Lt.O669017
57357300343FEKessler, Eugene D.Sgt.36447728
57357300343RGMilner, Harold R.T/Sgt.35459616
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Capt Adams was shot down on 05/08/44 (42-95829). Per the softback history, there were 6 survivors. Per the hardback history, the crew included the following people: 2Lt William H. Meek, CP (from Lt. Cassiday's crew); 1Lt Billy F. Williams, BN; SSgt Alfis T. Thomas, RG (from Lt. Boylan's crew); SSgt Melvin L. Bachman, EG (Ditto); and SSgt George L. Schoerlin, AG. I do not know whether Williams and Schoerlin were regular members of his crew. Adams flew over in 42-95804.
573573004451PAdrian, Clarence J.1/Lt.O680589
573573004451CPNear, James B.2/Lt.O928310
573573004451BThompson, Lowell W.F/OT5684
573573004451FEThornhill, Charles J.Pvt.39133173
573573004451RGMensching, Raymond F.Cpl.16081467
573573004451AGTurkcan, TheodoreCpl.36864102
SOURCE: SO-3, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 9 Jan 1945
NOTES: From the format of the assignment order, I could not identify the enlisted men who were on this crew. Thompson recently identified the enlisted men for me.
573573005451PAppleton, William N.2/Lt.O1552836
573573005451CPFrisque, Alvin J.2/Lt.O2067693
573573005451BKerner, Stanley R.2/Lt.O2070277
573573005451FECannarella, JosephSgt.33762988
573573005451RGArrington, Curtis W.Sgt.38533882
573573005451AGMathias, James W.Sgt.35374458
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, January 1945. 1 Jan 1945
NOTES: This information is from Bill Appleton except that Frisque's serial number comes from Dave Garnham's database. ADDENDUM: Serial number and forename for Kerner come from SO-104 Par 3. Surname, Forenames, Rank, and ASN for Cannarella, Arrington, and Mathias obtained from Air Medal Awards, GO 36, Hq, 9th Bombardment Division, 10 March 1945. Their correct roles have been obtained from the 391BG Mission Records, Crew Loading Lists.
573573006432PArmstrong, James F.1/Lt.O664119
573573006432CPHumphrey, Wallace J.2/Lt.O693375
573573006432BJohnston, Harry W.1/Lt.O669053
573573006432NCollins, Donald E., (Rip)1/Lt.O669007
573573006432FERussell, Erwin W.S/Sgt.11042666
573573006432RGPetty, Paul T.Pvt.6580563
573573006432AGDugan, Charles F.S/Sgt.36342341
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
573573007452PAtwater, John H., Jr.2/Lt.O686878
573573007452CPSullivan, John J., Jr.F/OT131010
573573007452NMcNamara, Thomas E.2/Lt.O681930
573573007452FESullivan, Thomas F., Jr.T/Sgt.12055496
573573007452RGWallace, Eugene G., Jr.Cpl.38517407
573573007452AGLowery, Ernest G.Pvt.14040183
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
573573008432PAuer, John R.2/Lt.O731552
573573008432CPClark, James G.2/Lt.O796780
573573008432BParks, William H.2/Lt.O673256
573573008432RGLellis, Michael C.S/Sgt.13079772
SOURCE: SO-64, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Myrtle Beach, SC, Par. 2. 3 Jun 1943
NOTES: These crew members were together for a ferry mission per the source order. I have assumed crew positions from the order of listing. Their engineer that day was Erwin Russell, later of Armstrong's crew.
573573009448PBaker, Kenneth L.2/Lt.O705098
573573009448CPSmith, Edward C.2/Lt.O715821
573573009448BMorse, Keith A.2/Lt.O712203
573573009448NHilty, William J.2/Lt.O747663
573573009448FEWozniak, Richard J.Cpl.13124684
573573009448RGWood, C. R.Cpl.38400496
573573009448AGShields, Joseph R.Sgt.39009913
SOURCE: OO-101, NORTH ATL WG, Dow Field, Bangor, ME, Par. 3. 23 Jul 1944
NOTES: Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Lt Baker was lead qualified with Lt Morse and Lt Hilty. He had flown over in 43-34343.
573573010452PBarta, John J.2/Lt.O681000
573573010452CPRice, Jack H.F/OT131182
573573010452NChandler, Jack J.2/Lt.O766207
573573010452FEWyatt, William B.Cpl.38459949
573573010452RGWagenfuhr, Alvin R.Cpl.38458922
573573010452AGStewart, Gary M.Cpl.34451882
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
573573011444PBaxter, Robert E.2/Lt.O684240
573573011444CPBaldwin, Lawrence H.2/Lt.O689009
573573011444BMadenfort, James2/Lt.O681755
573573011444FEFlannagan, Edward T.Sgt.12092876
573573011444RGStratman, William J.S/Sgt.17169517
573573011444AGMohan, Robert A.Sgt.33205047
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: ADDENDUM: Other documents show that Madenfort's ASN of O671755 in SO-98 is incorrect.
57357301243PBernzen, Frank, Jr.1/Lt.O738335
57357301243CPBuerlein, Homer K.2/Lt.O693616
57357301243BDragonetti, Thomas R.2/Lt.O746658
57357301243FEBrown, Gale F.Sgt.36448267
57357301243RGGrace, Thaddeus H.T/Sgt.34331037
57357301243AGLa Plante, John F.S/Sgt.11035865
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Sgt LaPlante did not fly over with Lt Bernzen. On 03/19/44, Lt Bernzen and crew were shot down (42-95849). Of the crew listed above, Lt Bernzen and Sgts Brown, Grace, and La Plante are all buried in the Normandy Cemetery, as is 2/Lt John D. Hill, 0692789, who was flying as co-pilot, according to the hardback history, which also lists Lt Dragonetti as bombardier; I have assumed that Lt Dragonetti was his regular bombardier. Dave Garnham found confirmation on microfilm of Lt Dragonetti's death. Bernzen's airplane for the flight overseas was 42-95830.
573573013444PBollinger, Clarence M.F/OT121917
573573013444CPWardensky, Warren T.2/Lt.O680343
573573013444BGibson, Richard W.2/Lt.O671343
573573013444FEGallo, Albert L.S/Sgt.31123736
573573013444RGAsh, Ferdinand W.S/Sgt.16157001
573573013444AGKing, Michael J.Sgt.12057704
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: Bollinger returned a 2Lt with serial number 0887199 per Par 4, SO-1, 9th Bombardment Division, 09/25/44, which lists aircrew personnel for return to the ZI.
57357301443PBoone, William R., Jr.Capt.O727844
57357301443BSchweizer, George J.2/Lt.O749823
57357301443NBasco, Elmer E.2/Lt.O765770
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1943. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: On 10/06/44, Lt Boone, flying as first pilot in 43-34309, crash landed. The airplane later went down on the Ahrweiler mission on 12/23/44 and is listed as 574th Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Capt Boone was lead qualified with Lts Schweizer and Basco in the 573rd.
57357301544PBoyd, Ralph H.2/Lt.O691225
57357301544CPStiteler, Quentin W.F/OT122230
57357301544TOGYoung, Glen L.Sgt.37563389
57357301544FETyler, Richard H.Cpl.33098152
57357301544RGCraddock, Kenneth S.Sgt.39856341
57357301544AGWeaver, Joseph P.Sgt.18079799
SOURCE: Softback History. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: From the softback history, on 08/13/44, Lt Boyd's plane was hit by Lt Colsch's plane after the latter's aircraft was hit by a bomb dropped from above, causing loss of control. I had been unable to identify Boyd's crew, but Dave Garnham dug out the above information. He also advised that all were killed or listed as missing except for Lt Boyd, who returned to the Group on Sep 4, 1944 but apparently did not fly any more missions. All remains must have been returned to the ZI except for Sgt Young who is listed in "Return of the Marauder Men" as buried in the Normandy Cemetery.
57357301643PBoylan, Joseph J.1/Lt.O796289
57357301643CPSullens, James A.Capt.O407075
57357301643FEBachman, Melvin L.Sgt.36058330
57357301643RGThomas, Alfis T.Cpl.18193531
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: On 12/23/44 mission in 42-95825, Easy Dog 99, by then Capt Boylan was shot down, but the crew all bailed out. From the 1996 reunion, the following mission crew members were confirmed: 1Lt Homer K. Buerlein (CP) of Bernzen's crew, Capt Norman S. Dudley, Jr., (N) of Adams crew, Capt William L. Smith (B), TSgt Alan E. Adair, 15196591, (RG), who arrived in Sep., SSgt Robert V. Vehr (EG), no other data, and SSgt Edward A. Vichi (RG), no other data. A Pvt Chester E. Seamens, 15086936, flew overseas with Lt Boylan. Smith had been in B-17's earlier and instructed 391st bombardiers in combat bombing. Boylan flew over in 42-95826.
573573017444PCassiday, Clyde E.2/Lt.O536803
573573017444CPMeek, William M.2/Lt.O680676
573573017444BMarines, Archibald R.2/Lt.O672955
573573017444FEMay, Florian F.S/Sgt.36253721
573573017444RGMoody, Robert O.S/Sgt.35373349
573573017444AGTracey, Earl D.S/Sgt.32290463
SOURCE: SO-107, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 19 Apr 1944
NOTES: Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, by then Capt Cassiday was lead qualified with Schweizer (listed elsewhere) and 2Lt William J. Hilty, 0747663. The tail number of the aircraft ferried over (42-107609) comes from SO-36, Hqs 3rd AF Staging Wing, Hunter Field, 02/05/44.
573573018449PChannell, Charles C.2/Lt.O705903
573573018449CPFruchter, Murray S.2/Lt.O714689
573573018449BGabriel, Henry D.2/Lt.O718093
573573018449FEDurham, Henry W.Cpl.19129445
573573018449RGMunson, Lewis C.Cpl.36593931
573573018449AGGalyean, Fredrick F.Cpl.34635733
SOURCE: SO-248, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 14 Sep 1944
NOTES: This crew flew over in 43-34430.
57357301944PClapham, Lloyd M.2/Lt.O690051
57357301944CPDoebler, Reuben I.2/Lt.O818274
57357301944FEFowler, Clarence A.Cpl.38503045
57357301944RGCoe, William J.S/Sgt.13157796
SOURCE: SO-157, Hqs, 3RD AF STG WG, Hunter Field, GA, Par. 9. 5 Jun 1944
NOTES: On 12/10/44, in 43-34183, the left engine caught fire on takeoff; bombs were jettisoned 4 mi west of base. All successfully bailed out except Lt Clapham, whose chute failed to open. All crew members cannot be identified. Clapham flew over in 43-34140.
573573020449PClark, Harry W.2/Lt.O758418
573573020449CPKellar, Harry E., Jr.2/Lt.O713667
573573020449BThomas, Robert E.F/OT2057
573573020449FEHill, Jack B.Cpl.17154803
573573020449RGLogue, John R.Sgt.12062709
573573020449AGMorrison, Ross L.Cpl.38471246
SOURCE: SO-124, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 6. 21 Sep 1944
57357302143PClark, Robert H.1/Lt.O26154
57357302143CPParker, George L.1/Lt.O757263
57357302143BLemmon, Robert F.1/Lt.O666687
57357302143FECulshaw, John R.Sgt.33429297
57357302143RGRollings, William S.Sgt.33499791
57357302143AGSweren, John W.S/Sgt.39197686
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1943. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: Lt Clark flew over as Gilmore's co-pilot in 42-95842, along with Culshaw and Rollings. The crew shown here is identified in the hardback history; it was shot down on 07/28/44 (42-95842). Per the softback history, two chutes were seen; however, Mrs. A. K. Clements (widow of Lt Clark) advises that Clark, Parker, and Sweren survived. TSgt Rollings and SSgt Culshaw are buried in the Normandy Cemetery. Lemmon's remains must have been returned to the ZI; he is mentioned also on one of Logan's entries. Dave Garnham of Bedford, England reports the A/C name Hitch Hiker for 42-95842 and found confirmation on microfilm of Lt. Lemmon's death. Parker's serial number comes from Dave Garnham's database.
573573022444PColsch, John W.1/Lt.O445975
573573022444CPKelley, William J.2/Lt.O688826
573573022444BKohler, John F.2/Lt.O746894
573573022444FEHibbeler, RudolphSgt.38303067
573573022444RGRaymond, Warren D.S/Sgt.16146455
573573022444AGBrandenburg, Verlin H.Sgt.17079342
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: On 05/28/44, hydraulics were shot out (42-95798). On 08/13/44, Lt Colsch's plane (42-95800) was hit by a bomb dropped from above. The resulting loss of control led to a mid-air with 42-95834, a 572nd aircraft, piloted by Lt Boyd. The crew listed above is correct except that Sgt Henry A. Miller replaced Hibbler. Lt Kohler was killed and is buried in the Normandy Cemetery. I have been unable to identify other casualties, whose remains were returned to the ZI.
57357302343PDearing, Raymond B., Jr.1/Lt.O796327
57357302343CPDooley, Joseph E., Jr.Maj.O372031
57357302343FEBlanck, Stanley J.Sgt.35713690
57357302343RGBaldwin, Howard G.Sgt.31313788
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Maj Dooley is listed later as a pilot. The flight over was in 42-95802.
573573024449PDent, Herbert W., Jr.1/Lt.O793079
573573024449CPHagaman, John W., Jr.2/Lt.O797989
573573024449BAllen, Don W.1/Lt.O689123
SOURCE: SO-126, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 24 Sep 1944
NOTES: This crew was made up overseas. They were on the 23 Dec 44 mission to Ahrweiler on which Hagaman was wounded.
573573025444PDillard, Frank P., Jr.2/Lt.O684297
573573025444CPDarden, Frank E.2/Lt.O815850
57357302543BSchweizer, George J.2/Lt.O749823
573573025444FEThurmon, James H.S/Sgt.38385445
573573025444AGCarr, Arlo L.Sgt.36460827
SOURCE: SO-107, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 19 Apr 1944
57357302644PDobda, Michael1/Lt.O816071
57357302644CPSink, Archie A.2/Lt.O814575
57357302644BBennett, Gilbert T.2/Lt.O759886
57357302644FEWeeks, Jeston R.S/Sgt.18061330
57357302644RGUhlig, Emil A.T/Sgt.33623397
57357302644AGBrown, Francis P.S/Sgt.37560657
SOURCE: Both Histories. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: On 02/13/45, flying 42-95822, Black Jack, Lt Dobda caught flak in the right engine after bombs away. A changed format in the hardback history book, listing individuals rather than crews, made it impossible to infer crew makeup; however, an anonymous contributor at the Savannah reunion provided the names listed above, all of whom are listed in the hardback history as missing. Their ranks and serial numbers come from the hardback history. None is listed in "Return of the Marauder Men."
57357302743PDooley, Joseph E., Jr.Maj.O372031
57357302743BMikochik, John P.2/Lt.O678379
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1943. 1 Jan 1943
NOTES: Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, this crew was lead qualified with 1Lt William C. Henley, 0665918, as Navigator. Mikochik had been Abraham's bombardier but was not with him when he went down on the Ahrweiler mission.
573573028452PDuncan, Oliver L.Maj.O406830
573573028452CPBaker, Elbert H., III2/Lt.O2057078
573573028452BXakellis, Peter G.2/Lt.O2069511
573573028452FEAlexander, William G.Cpl.35067327
573573028452RGSimon, Robert L.Sgt.38428092
573573028452AGMack, George E.S/Sgt.31050589
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
573573029446PDunn, Edmund B.2/Lt.O690065
573573029446CPArmstrong, Edwin H.2/Lt.O823230
573573029449TOGHartwell, Oliver W.S/Sgt.12034497
573573029446FEAltic, Clarence B., Jr.Sgt.35552074
573573029446RGSims, James B.S/Sgt.38015137
573573029446AGWagner, John J.Sgt.36485271
SOURCE: SO-157, Hqs, 3RD AF STG WG, Hunter Field, GA, Par. 9. 5 Jun 1944
NOTES: On 12/02/44, in 43-34165, double direct hits from 88's injured Dunn, Sims, and Wagner. A substitute FE was killed, who was probably SSgt Jesse M. Elerbee, as the hardback history lists him as killed; whereas, it lists the Ahrweiler mission crews as missing. Ed Armstrong advises that he then flew 5 missions as Col Williams's co-pilot and then 15 more missions checking out new crews. Dunn flew over in 42-107849. The particulars on Hartwell comes from 391st SO-126, dated 24 Sep 44. That he was aboard 34165 comes from Charlie Hartwell Ford. Since I had the crew without a bombardier and Hartwell without a crew, I have assumed that they belong together. ADDENDUM: Wagner's rank and serial number were found in the Medal Awards sections of the 391BG mission records.
573573030451PEdwards, Atwood L.2/Lt.O719590
573573030451CPHorry, Harold L.2/Lt.O2066537
573573030451BWentworth, Jesse L., Jr.F/OT131572
573573030451FEHiggins, Charles E.Cpl.33511633
573573030451RGGuelzow, Lowell W.Cpl.36817902
573573030451AGEast, Samuel S.Cpl.33360705
SOURCE: SO-5, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 11 Jan 1945
573573031448PEdwards, George A., Jr.1/Lt.O689950
573573031448CPRhoda, Merton J.2/Lt.O817528
573573031448FEMagee, JackS/Sgt.18194521
573573031448RGFranques, Lester E.Sgt.38267498
573573031448AGVelthouse, John J.Sgt.36464278
SOURCE: SO-106, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 12 Aug 1944
NOTES: Lt Edwards crashed on takeoff on 01/16/45 in 44-67840. Lt Edwards is buried in the Epinal Cemetery. An unknown source at the 1996 reunion indicated that a bombardier named Butler flew with this crew. Similarly, a source indicated that Velthouse was killed in action; he is not listed in "Return of the Marauder Men. The source order shows a SSgt John A. Richard, 14061167, as a member of this crew; he is shown with an MOS of 509, which I have been unable to identify. It may be that for an enlisted bombardier. The hardback history shows that a TSgt William J. Coe, 13157796, was killed in January, 1945. I had assumed that he was killed on this flight until one of my current golfing buddies told me that his best boyhood friend had gone to B-26's and was killed in a Jeep accident. His friend was TSgt Coe!
573573032451PEllis, Hayden F., Jr.2/Lt.O719595
573573032451CPJones, Frank R.2/Lt.O2061715
573573032451BZauzig, Charles J., Jr.F/OT131516
573573032451FEJohnson, Kenneth E.Cpl.39135244
573573032451RGJones, Johnnie F.Cpl.16116892
573573032451AGMartin, Edward F.Cpl.31189472
SOURCE: SO-5, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 11 Jan 1945
573573033451PEmmert, Autry C.2/Lt.O719598
573573033451CPKendall, George R.2/Lt.O834447
573573033451BBreed, Royal L.2/Lt.O2068008
573573033451FELustig, NathanCpl.36757754
573573033451RGKamm, Robert E.Cpl.15126729
573573033451AGMcCollum, James R.Cpl.32951129
SOURCE: SO-5, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 11 Jan 1945
573573034453PFlorine, Orville M.2/Lt.O687190
573573034453FEDoss, Wayne E.Cpl.38519356
SOURCE: SO-41, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 14 Mar 1945
NOTES: This was an A-26 aircraft and crew. 43-22618 flown over from the US.
573573035439PGilmore, James H.Capt.O412102
57357303543CPClark, Robert H.1/Lt.O26154
57357303543FECulshaw, John R.Sgt.33429297
57357303543RGRollings, William S.Sgt.33499791
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: A Pvt Donald E. Dennis, 12090640, an Engineer Gunner, flew overseas with this crew. The airplane was 42-95842. See entry for Lt Clark as first pilot. ADDENDUM: 573BS History (reel A0644 page 914) states that Gilmore was Squadron Operations Officer until he was transferred to the newly formed 1st Pathfinder Squadron on 14 February 1944 [see Special Orders No.44 on this website]. Pvt. D. E. Dennis (EG) appears in the crew loading lists for 3 of the group's early missions, but it is not clear what became of him afterwards.
573573036452PGonyer, James E.2/Lt.O758986
573573036452CPJones, Richard V.2/Lt.O721108
573573036452BCash, Homer F.F/OT132553
573573036452FENevolis, Joseph J.Cpl.33608614
573573036452RGHuff, Charles A., Jr.Cpl.38467342
573573036452AGMauth, Floyd F.Cpl.37702992
SOURCE: SO-318, Hqs, 3RD AF STG WG, Hunter Field, GA, Par. 1. 13 Nov 1944
573573037444PGoodson, Robert G.2/Lt.O542798
573573037444CPBerman, Edward P.2/Lt.O816036
573573037444BTaylor, Roscoe L.2/Lt.O749987
573573037444FEEverett, James R.Sgt.34721780
573573037444RGCorrigan, John F.S/Sgt.35535028
573573037444AGRaona, Louis T.Sgt.36129012
SOURCE: SO-107, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 19 Apr 1944
NOTES: On 05/28/44 flak ignited the right engine (42-95850) eventually causing the right wing to fall off, but all survived (those shown were the mission crew).
573573038444PHartman, Louis E.2/Lt.O684328
573573038444CPArneson, Kenneth L.2/Lt.O690884
573573038444BBaker, Joseph A.2/Lt.O737859
573573038444FEPavinski, Adolphe L.S/Sgt.6995380
573573038444RGShearer, Donald R.S/Sgt.15118030
573573038444AGBell, William J.Sgt.19062484
SOURCE: SO-98, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 3. 10 Apr 1944
NOTES: Sgt Bell was killed on 05/28/44 and is buried in the Cambridge Cemetery. Someone at the 1996 reunion confirmed that he was flying that day with Lt Hartman. On 07/05/44, Lt (by then 1st Lt) Hartman's plane (42-107834) was shot down. He and SSgt Pavinski were killed and are buried in the Normandy Cemetery, as is Pvt Edward N. Grove, flying his first mission, according to a source at the 1996 reunion. Mrs. Ethel Burnside, Lt Hartman's sister, recently confirmed that Sgt Grove was flying with Lt. Hartman. The only other change in the mission crew was that 1Lt Donald E. Collins flew as bombardier, Lt Baker having been assigned to Armstrong's crew. ADDENDUM: Baker's correct ASN obtained from General Orders No. 141, 18 May 1944.
573573039452PHinds, Robert O.2/Lt.O721083
573573039452CPLong, Vernon C.2/Lt.O721143
573573039452BDial, Moses D.F/OT132577
573573039452FEPopelish, JohnCpl.33761358
573573039452RGKing, Richard P.Cpl.14193834
573573039452AGMcFarland, Ray A.Cpl.33576073
SOURCE: SO-318, Hqs, 3RD AF STG WG, Hunter Field, GA, Par. 1. 13 Nov 1944
NOTES: This pilot's lastname comes from the Coesfeld taxi sheet. I then found a pilot with this last name in the referenced order, and crew members belong to the 391st BG
57357304043PHolliday, Edward F.2/Lt.O669724
57357304043CPEllertson, Wollert R.2/Lt.O692771
57357304043NFeinberg, Reuben2/Lt.O685569
57357304043FEFiedler, William D.Sgt.36567288
57357304043RGLemaster, Stanley D., Jr.Sgt.35604322
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: According to Rip Collins at the 1996 reunion, Feinberg did not fly over; Collins did, but he then transferred to Armstrong's crew. The airplane for the flight over was 42-95850.
573573041434PHolliday, Robert L.2/Lt.O683703
573573041434CPRegan, Bernard J.2/Lt.O754196
573573041434BSnyder, Norbert J.2/Lt.O743859
573573041434FEVan Alstyne, William J.Sgt.12168534
573573041434RGGollmer, Eugene A.S/Sgt.13041140
573573041434AGWierny, AnthonySgt.12066915
SOURCE: SO-107, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 19 Apr 1944
NOTES: This crew was transferred from the 572nd Squadron to the 573rd Squadron by Hqs 391st BG SO-80, dated 9 July 1944. The tail number of the aircraft ferried over (42-107597) comes from SO-36, Hqs 3rd AF Staging Wing, Hunter Field, 02/05/44. The following are Hap Holliday's recent comments about his incident of 6 Jul 44. "On returning from the mission of the day and putting our gear down for landing, it was noted that the left gear indicated down but not locked. We pulled out of the landing pattern and retracted and lowered the gear a number of times with the same indication showing up on the instrument. Our engineer said as far as he could tell the gear was down and locked. After two low and slow passes over the tower and being observed with binoculars by the tower personnel, they said they could see nothing wrong. The decision was then made that the instrument wasn't working and we would go ahead and land. As the picture shows, the gear was down but not locked. There were no injuries, and aside from a bent-up propeller and a scuffed-up wing tip, there was no other damage. As you may recall our landing gear worked like a knee with an arm extending up from the gear that fitted into a U-shaped bracket. If the arm was in the bracket the knee effect was the reverse of retraction and the gear would then take the load. After the arm was in the bracket, a pin closed the bracket, and the arm could not come out, hence the down and locked condition. It was found that the pin (for some reason) was in position before the arm was in position and so the gear was still in a retraction condition, and under load it folded up just like being retracted. This is one of the few one main gear and nose wheel landings where the plane came out with very little damage and no crew injuries."
573573042449PJimenez, James A.2/Lt.O689059
573573042449CPDeVries, Roy2/Lt.O557937
573573042449BWorth, Charles J.2/Lt.O712333
573573042449FEKleysteuber, Edward J.Sgt.33148229
573573042449RGWhitson, Roy B.Cpl.34730340
573573042449AGFanucchi, ElioCpl.19013928
SOURCE: SO-121, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 9. 13 Sep 1944
57357304344PKelley, James W.2/Lt.O721775
57357304344CPFisher, George L.Lt.O2066323
57357304344BStutt, Earl D.2/Lt.O2069489
57357304344FEFarrow, Donald A.Sgt.35223730
57357304344RGHoward, Alton H.Sgt.38519365
57357304344AGChominski, Vincent A.Sgt.33810571
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: This pilot's last name first came from the taxi sheet for the first mission on 03/04/45. Alton Howard and Hugh Walker supplied the rest of the information about the crew. Fisher's serial number comes from Dave Garnham's database. ADDENDUM: Serial numbers and correct forenames for Farrow and Chominski come from SO-104 Par 4.
573573044452PLentz, Homer W.2/Lt.O2058081
573573044452CPHutchings, Arden B.2/Lt.O2065005
573573044452NTaucher, Leonard M.2/Lt.O2072039
573573044452FEHiggins, Bill V.Cpl.16145328
573573044452RGCoxen, Harlon F.Cpl.39213789
573573044452AGBertram, John H., Jr.Cpl.19199128
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
573573045444PLloyd, Bryan M.Capt.O661510
573573045449CPPeters, Marvin L. W.2/Lt.O2056206
573573045449NHenley, William C.1/Lt.O665918
573573045449FEMaddox, Rufus S.T/Sgt.14067431
573573045448RGKohn, Robert J.T/Sgt.33025843
573573045449AGBolin, Herbert A.T/Sgt.35405766
SOURCE: SO-248, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 1. 14 Sep 1944
NOTES: The flight over was in 43-34421. See a separate entry for Lt Peters flying as first pilot. He and Kohn are thus listed twice. Stallings of Shoemaker's crew flew as Lloyd's Bombardier on Clarion. Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Lloyd, Stallings, and Henley were lead qualified. Hershel Wilson became co-pilot, replacing Peters, until he upgraded also.
573573046432PLogan, Robert B.1/Lt.O731613
573573046432CPKline, Henry N., Jr.2/Lt.O693686
573573046432FEPacilio, ConstantinoSgt.32499033
573573046432RGLucy, Donald E.Sgt.31110695
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: There are two entries for Logan involving different crews. The partial crew above is the one for the flight overseas. Fred Kelley sent me a picture made in May, 1943, of Logan, himself, and other crew members who he identified (see the other entry). The flight over was in 42-95829.
573573047432PLogan, Robert B.1/Lt.O731613
573573047432CPStevens, Robert J.O673244
57357304743BLemmon, Robert F.1/Lt.O666687
573573047432FEKelley, Fred E.S/Sgt.20761126
573573047432RGMinton, JohnUNK039
573573047432AGHughes, Harold L.13075799
SOURCE: OO-1, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, MacDill Field, FLA, Par. 1. 21 Apr 1943
NOTES: There are two entries for Logan, as I have two completely different crews for him. The source for this crew is Fred Kelley, who sent me a picture of this crew made in May, 1943, and who provided the names. They were pictured in front of a B-26, which he said was named "The Dog." None of these individuals had been in the database except Logan and Kelley. The fact that these individuals were not in the database does not necessarily mean that they did not go overseas with the Group; I may just not have had a source that identified them. The source for the information on Fred is OO-1, Hqs 391st BG, MacDill Field, 04/21/43, Par 1. Re Lt Lemmon, see entry for Lt Robert Clark as first pilot.
57357304844PMay, Winton L.1/Lt.O762049
57357304844BSolomon, Sidney2/Lt.O765742
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: Lts May and Solomon were on the 23 Dec 44 mission. Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Lt May was lead qualified with Lt Solomon and Lt Peters (formerly of Rice's crew).
573573049451PMorris, William C.2/Lt.O720326
573573049451CPStubblefield, John S.2/Lt.O833622
573573049451BSakatos, ConstantineF/OT131620
573573049451FETillotson, Jack W.Cpl.34635678
573573049451RGSmith, Joseph L.Cpl.33757186
573573049451AGMcCormick, PaulCpl.16161026
SOURCE: SO-315, Hqs, 3RD AF STG WG, Hunter Field, GA, Par. 8. 10 Nov 1944
NOTES: Dave Morris reports that his father flew over in 44-67906.
573573050448PMosher, William V.2/Lt.O705766
573573050448CPJacobson, Willard J.2/Lt.O713459
573573050448BMiller, Sumner D.2/Lt.O712199
573573050448FEWogringig, John J.Cpl.33621112
573573050448RGWithers, Charles A.Cpl.39692026
573573050448AGPrice, John M., Jr.Cpl.33584423
SOURCE: OO-101, NORTH ATL WG, Dow Field, Bangor, ME, Par. 3. 23 Jul 1944
NOTES: In 43-34319 on 02/14/45, Lt Mosher had a flat tire on landing, ran off end of runway, and collapsed the nose wheel. Solomon flew as Bombardier with Mosher on Clarion. Mosher flew over in 43-34344.
573573051449PPeters, Marvin L. W.2/Lt.O2056206
573573051449CPMerryman, Victor C.2/Lt.O738213
573573051449FERobert, Jewell E.Sgt.17129729
573573051448RGKohn, Robert J.T/Sgt.33025843
573573051449AGBruce, John V.Sgt.37085934
SOURCE: SO-126, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 24 Sep 1944
NOTES: This crew was made up overseas. Merryman, Bruce, and Robert were assigned to the squadron on the listed order. Per the softback history, Lt Peters, flying as first pilot in 42-107595 on 10/12/44, was seen on single engine with the other engine on fire. The hardback history lists the above crew plus 2Lt Henry D. Gabriel of Lt Channell's crew. None of these people is listed in "Return of the Marauder Men."
573573052432PPorter, Harry D.1/Lt.O731656
57357305243CPBoone, William R., Jr.1/Lt.O727844
573573052432FEBrode, Joseph J.Sgt.36566678
573573052432RGHarris, Richard H.Cpl.13102001
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: This was a crew for the flight overseas. Porter was shot down on 05/28/44 (42-95943). Per the hardback history, the mission crew, in addition to SSgt Harris, were 1Lt Donald E. Cole, CP (from Lt Snyder's crew); 1Lt Wesley W. Carmichael, BN; SSgt Eugene D. Kessler, EG (who had been on Capt Adams's crew; and SSgt John J. Hogan, AG. The softback history indicates that there were 5 survivors; I have not been able to identify who was the casualty. Lt Boone is listed elsewhere as a first pilot. Porter flew over in 42-95828.
57357305344PPutnam, Paul M.2/Lt.O700970
57357305344CPJames, Warren S.2/Lt.O822016
573573053451BZauzig, Charles J., Jr.F/OT131516
57357305344FENowak, Ike S.S/Sgt.18119074
57357305344RGMeriwether, Frank H.T/Sgt.20458305
57357305344AGForston, James T.S/Sgt.38434417
SOURCE: Miscellaneous Sources, 1944. 1 Jan 1944
NOTES: This pilot is listed as a spare on the Ahrweiler taxi sheet. The co-pilot's name comes from the taxi sheet for the mission on 03/04/45. A picture and some details were provided by James's grandson, Alex. The particulars come from Dave Garnham's database. Apparently, the other two crew members were T/Sgt Frank Meriweather, 20458305 and S/Sgt Ike S. Novak, but we do not know the exact crew position for them. NOTE: Zauzig, Meriwether, and Novak are listed on Putnam's crew on SO-104.
573573054432PReidelberger, Paul J.2/Lt.O793172
573573054432CPFuller, Kenneth C.2/Lt.O669698
573573054432NRose, William2/Lt.O672981
573573054432FEDickey, Rex E.S/Sgt.6833731
573573054432RGPerry, JohnS/Sgt.31131714
573573054432AGHardy, John J.Sgt.31140284
SOURCE: SO-64, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Myrtle Beach, SC, Par. 2. 3 Jun 1943
NOTES: These crew members flew together on a ferry mission, per the source order. Crew position assumed based upon listing position. I have no way of knowing whether they flew together regularly.
573573055447PRice, Elma Z.2/Lt.O813420
573573055447CPMoscovic, Frank P.2/Lt.O821061
573573055447BPeters, Donald J.2/Lt.O765679
573573055447FEHetrick, Robert J.Pvt.33435323
57357305544RGShuler, Melvin C., Sr.Cpl.6941952
573573055447AGHume, Thomas W.Cpl.39198466
SOURCE: SO-95, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 3. 29 Jul 1944
NOTES: Lt Rice's airplane (42-95797) was involved in a mid-air with Capt Thorn's on 08/25/44. Per the softback history, Lt Rice then received flak from Guernsey Island and had to ditch nearby as a result. A US destroyer picked up the remaining four crewmen. Cpl Shuler is listed on the Wall of the Brittany Cemetery as missing on this date.
573573056448PSchaffron, Joseph L., Jr.2/Lt.O556028
573573056448CPWright, William E.2/Lt.O713678
57357305643BBasco, Elmer E.2/Lt.O765770
573573056448FEWojciechowski, Gilbert E.Cpl.36657181
573573056448RGJackson, Gerald L.Cpl.36585286
573573056448AGBradley, Frank L.Cpl.37527715
SOURCE: SO-241, Hqs, AAF STA AAF-236, Par. 2. 6 Sep 1944
NOTES: Gil Wojciechowski advises that Basco was transferred to James Doolittle, Jr.'s crew and that Leslie J. Laydon replaced him. I have no record of a pilot named Doolittle, but I have heard that he was in the 391st for a short time. Schaffron flew over in 43-34357.
57357305743PSellers, Lamar, Jr.1/Lt.O793181
57357305743CPJones, Jack S. "Righteous"2/Lt.O796829
57357305743BEdelston, William L.2/Lt.O730715
57357305743FEBoyer, Gerald O.Sgt.37505796
57357305743RGBall, George E.T/Sgt.39174908
57357305743AGVictor, Alan D.S/Sgt.39460601
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Sellers became the Squadron Operations Officer. Mark F. Hopkins, Jr., 1Lt, 0669047, was Navigator. Edelston reports that he was lead Bombardier on 27 missions. The flight over was in 42-95801, Smokey's Coach. NOTE: Victor's forenames and ASN have since been obtained from GO-105. 573BS History (reel A0644 page 1024) states Jones' nickname was "Righteous".
573573058432PShaffner, Lawrence H.1/Lt.O793182
573573058432CPJenson, Neale O.2/Lt.O693561
573573058432FEReib, Carl O.S/Sgt.33270439
573573058432RGTusinac, Raymond W.Cpl.15377074
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Shaffner's airplane for the flight over was 42-95825, Easy Dog 99, which went down on 12/23/44, flown by Boylan. ADDENDUM: Tusinac's correct ASN has been found in various Orders and Medal Awards.
573573059449PShoemaker, Kenneth E.2/Lt.O699782
573573059449CPPisaruck, William2/Lt.O823947
573573059449BStallings, Joe H.2/Lt.O1032613
573573059449FETodd, Stewart W.Cpl.38417827
573573059449RGPendleton, Richard D.M/Sgt.20821220
573573059449AGSturek, Thomas J.Cpl.37480786
SOURCE: SO-121, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 9. 13 Sep 1944
NOTES: On 10/06/44, Lt Shoemaker belly landed in 42-107841, but the airplane was repairable. In "Return of The Marauder Men" Lt Shoemaker is listed under the Wall of the Missing (Ardennes cemetery) as having been killed on 08/07/46, while still a member of the 391st. This date actually was 6 Aug 45. Per t Shoemaker's grandson, Lt Shoemaker was the pilot of an A-26 C (ser # 322598) which departed Cambrai (A-74) at 1600 hours on 06/08/45 He was reported missing by 2000 hours by personnel at Valley, Wales. The only other person aboard was T/Sgt Frank Repar (#20517670) of Cleveland, who was the Crew Chief. The last communication with the ground was by radio, indicating 28 miles visibility at 5000 feet.
573573060453PSlessinger, Maynard2/Lt.O764936
573573060453FECrutchfield, Willis G.Cpl.34811028
SOURCE: SO-41, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 14 Mar 1945
NOTES: 43-22626 was an A-26 aircraft.
57357306143PSloss, William1/Lt.O796895
57357306143CPRooney, Philip M.2/Lt.O757287
57357306143FEMeyer, Roy H.Sgt.18192313
57357306143RGRiley, James D., Jr.Sgt.33547659
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
57357306243PSnyder, Richard J.1/Lt.O672240
57357306243CPCole, Donald E.2/Lt.O692948
57357306243BAubuchon, Lee F.2/Lt.O744226
57357306243FEGratz, CharlesSgt.17121267
57357306243RGCarothers, Loren R.Sgt.36447975
57357306243AGTinney, James H.S/Sgt.38099904
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Wally Ellertson (Wollert R. Ellertson, 2Lt, 0692771) advises me that he was the co-pilot on this crew for 67 missions (finishing in August, 1944). Cole, shown on SO-345, must have been the co-pilot only for the flight overseas. Similarly, Ellertson is shown on this order as Ed Holliday's co-pilot. Ellertson provided Aubuchon and Tinney's names. The airplane Snyder flew over, 42-95823, Baby Doll, crashed on 09/24/44 returning from a ferry mission to France. ADDENDUM: Aubochon's and Tinney's serial numbers, forenames, and ranks have since been obtained from the Medal Awards and Crew Loading Lists of the 391BG Mission Records. Also, Carother's surname amended to Carothers.
573573063452PThomas, Clarence H.2/Lt.O681246
573573063452CPMurphy, Herbert I.F/OT130440
573573063452NMugele, Thomas B.2/Lt.O749977
573573063452FERingey, Lawrence E.S/Sgt.19066438
573573063452RGWood, Hubert A.Cpl.38484944
573573063452AGWernecker, Charles C.Sgt.37414735
SOURCE: SO-23, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 2. 10 Feb 1945
573573064432PThorn, David H.1/Lt.O793198
573573064432CPThomas, Arthur L.2/Lt.O693957
573573064432BCalvert, Russell J.1/Lt.O798744
573573064432FEEvans, Omer L.Sgt.39283161
573573064432RGAnnette, Edward J.T/Sgt.32304424
SOURCE: SO-345, Hqs, AAB Godman Field, KY, Par. 1. 24 Dec 1943
NOTES: Capt Thorn, Lt Thomas, and Sgt Annette were killed on 08/25/44 (42-95802) and are buried in the Brittany Cemetery. Their loss resulted from a mid-air with Lt Rice's airplane. Sgt Meyer of Sloss's crew was flying as Engineer Gunner that day with either this crew or Rice's, as he too was killed and is buried in the Brittany Cemetery. Thorn flew over in 42-95822.
573573065448PWalter, Philip S.2/Lt.O704994
573573065448CPStone, Jack C.2/Lt.O715848
573573065448BMuddiman, Thomas E.2/Lt.O712204
573573065448FEZayonc, Carl M.Cpl.17099675
573573065448RGZipperstein, Irving J.Sgt.15195067
573573065448AGTheis, Earl L.Cpl.37529790
SOURCE: OO-101, NORTH ATL WG, Dow Field, Bangor, ME, Par. 3. 23 Jul 1944
NOTES: Per OO-2, 391st BG, 02/06/45, Lt Walter was lead qualified with Lt Muddiman and Lt Peters (formerly of Rice's crew).
573573066432PWanstreet, William H., Jr.1/Lt.O731706
573573066451CPSynnestvedt, Huard I.2/Lt.O714753
573573066451BSmolder, Estil L.F/OT5627
573573066451FEFloyd, Raymond D.S/Sgt.32290505
573573066451RGMeyer, Frederick P.Cpl.39264093
573573066451AGMacDonald, John A.Cpl.36826054
SOURCE: SO-3, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Par. 1. 9 Jan 1945
NOTES: I could not identify the enlisted men because of the format of the assignment order. With help from Thompson of Adrian's crew, I was able to identify them by a process of elimination, Interestingly, Wanstreet was assigned to the 575th Sqdn in April, 1943 (see OO-1, Hqs 391st BG, MacDill Field, 04/21/43), but apparently did not arrive in the 573rd until 1945.
573573067432PWilliamson, Charles A.2/Lt.O793213
573573067432CPSchwartz, James P.2/Lt.O669794
573573067432NKreiling, Charles H.2/Lt.O672951
573573067432FEWiley, Francis M.S/Sgt.17041487
573573067432RGMcCoy, Roy J.S/Sgt.35309663
SOURCE: SO-64, Hqs, 391st Bombardment Group, Myrtle Beach, SC, Par. 1. 3 Jun 1943
NOTES: These crew members flew together on a ferry mission, per the source order. Crew position assumed based upon listing position . I have no way of knowing whether they flew together regularly.
573573101432PPorter, Harry D.2/Lt.O731656
573573101435CPStokes, Milton R.2/Lt.O796906
573573101432BNWilliams, Billy F.2/Lt.O733244
573573101432EGReib, Carl O.S/Sgt.33270439
57357310143RGGrace, Thaddeus H.S/Sgt.34331037
573573101432AGSanders, George B.Sgt.35303680
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-31759. 1 Jun 1943
NOTES: Take off accident at Myrtle Beach, SC.
Aircraft hit obstruction light with nose wheel during take off. Upon inspection light was found to be too close to end of runway creating a hazard. Lights have since been moved.
573573102432PBarkhurst, George R.2/Lt.O664122
573573102435CPProps, Phillip J.2/Lt.O735658
573573102432BNHolmes, Benjamin L.1/Lt.O729971
573573102432FEMaki, William G.S/Sgt.36196893
573573102432RGMaurer, William J.S/Sgt.37419348
573573102432FEngel, Liebel I.Cpl.35569140
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-17781. 5 Jun 1943
NOTES: On June 5, 1943 at approximately 1545 EWT, B-26B airplane, AF No. 41-17781 pilot 2nd. Lt. George R. Barkhurst, crashed and burned three miles South of Jersey, Georgia, fatally injuring all occupants of the airplane.
The pilot had been flying at a low altitude, estimated by various observers at from 20 to 50 feet, for at least eight miles prior to the point of the crash. Immediately prior to the accident the ship was flying up a slight draw and passed over a house 1/8 of a mile bčhind which was a hill. The tail and both propellers of the plane struck this hill 150 feet from the top, the ship bounced into the air and the left engine stopped. Parts of the airplane were strewn from this point to the point of rest of the airplane. The plane hit the ground again 800 feet from first point of impact and right engine stopped. Ship bounced again and skidded along ground for 770 feet and fuselage broke just forward of upper gun turret, 25 feet before point of rest. Both engines apparently left ship at this point and wing and rest of fuselage then made a 210 feet turn to right and came to rest, on fire. Ship caught fire after first bounce and gasoline exploded when it hit the second time. Fire continued until burned out. Persons arriving at the scene were unable to rescue any of the men trapped in the wreck because of the fire. Statements of all witnesses and prop marks on ground indicate that both engines and airplane were functioning normally at time of accident. An examination of wreckage accounted for all control surfaces in proper place on aircraft or within 150 of point of rest.
There was no evidence that would indicate sabotage. Witnesses state that there was a change in the attitude of the airplane just prior to the accident indicating that the pilot tried to gain altitude suddenly, which, connected with the first marks on the ground when the ship hit, leads to the belief that the ship mushed into the hill.
There is insufficient evidence to place the direct responsibility for this accident. However, it is the opinion of this committee that it was due to the pilot's failing to see the hill in time to change altitude fast enough or to his misjudging the altitude of the hill.
Engel was a Photo Lab Technician.
573573103434PLjunggren, Ernest N.Maj.O25232
573573103432CPReidelberger, Paul J.1/Lt.O793172
57357310343BNMosser, William W.2/Lt.O733216
573573103432FEDickey, Rex E.S/Sgt.6833731
573573103432RGPerry, JohnS/Sgt.31131714
573573103432AGHardy, John J.S/Sgt.31140284
573573103433OTHHodges, Charles B., JRCapt.O917817
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-31754. 11 Jun 1943
NOTES: Dickey and Reidelberger were killed on 11 June 1943. The aircraft crashed due to engine failure and was then destroyed by fire at Bloomfield, KY. 573BS History (reel A0644 page 898 and 952) states that, on a flight from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Godman Field, Kentucky, the pilot gave the order to bail out after developing engine trouble over very mountainous country. When the emergency salvo failed to function, Reidelberger entered the bombardier's compartment and opened the bombay doors. He then assisted his companions to make their exit, and again entered the bombardier's compartment and closed the bombay doors. A critically low altitude being reached, Reidelberger elected to remain and assist the pilot. Hardy was seriously injured on landing, fracturing his spine and suffering broken bones. Dickey died later from his injuries. With the left engine on fire, Ljunggren brought the aircraft down in a field. Reidelberger was trapped in his seat, and, while the plane was burning and with ammunition exploding in the wreckage, Ljunggren's repeated attempts to rescue the co-pilot failed. Ljunggren was seriously burned about the head, arms, and legs. Reidelberger was posthumously awarded the DFC. Reel A0644 page 905 states that Ljunggren was 573BS CO at the time and was briefly replaced by Sullens on 5 Oct 1943, who was subsequently replaced by Dooley on 8 Oct 1943.
57357310443PSellers, Lamar, Jr.1/Lt.O793181
57357310443CPBoylan, Joseph J.2/Lt.O796289
573573104432BNHopkins, Mark F., Jr.2/Lt.O669047
573573104432FEStern, Lewis F.S/Sgt.14065523
57357310443RGOnkst, James E.T/Sgt.35455182
57357310443AGMills, Charles W.S/Sgt.31136900
573573104435XCarter, LloydSgt.15081794
573573104435XWos, Joseph J.M/Sgt.33163261
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-35047. 24 Jun 1943
NOTES: Mid air collision in the vicinity Warrington, NC.
Aircraft was returning from Fort Dix, New Jersey and flying at minimum altitude cross country in formation. Upon reaching a clearing, pilot let down lower than the top level and in doing so struck a telephone line. Aircraft was not damaged to the extent that it could not continue and so completed the trip to Myrtle Beach.
NOTE: It is likely that Wos and Carter were ground crew.
5735731054312PStimm, Howard M.1/Lt.O664467
5735731054312CPDalman, Norwood G.2/Lt.O692952
5735731054312CPDonnelly, Francis J.2/Lt.O693764
573573105432FEWiley, Francis M.S/Sgt.17041487
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95824. 23 Dec 1943
NOTES: All crew were killed in aircraft 42-95824 on 12 December 1943 when it crashed at Colesburg, KY. Apart from Wiley, other crew member roles are a guess. 573BS History (reel A0644 page 907) states Dalman and Donnelly were both co-pilots, and that Stimm was checking both out on night flying.
573573106432PLowenthal, Samuel S.2/Lt.O796845
57357310643CPBidwell, Arthur S.2/Lt.O692850
573573106432BLyon, Theodore G.1/Lt.O732872
573573106432NTurnage, James G., Jr.Capt.O422762
573573106432FEKolb, Paul J.S/SGT.32281557
573573106432RGColvin, Charles R.T/SGT.18135009
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95943. 15 Mar 1944
NOTES: Landing accident at Matching/Sta 166. The pilot was ferrying this ship from AAF station 519 (RAF Grove, Berkshire) after modifications. The pilot apparently made a normal approach but landed a little long (he estimated about 300 yards from the head of the runway). Immediately starting to apply brakes, the pilot claimed the left brake was not holding, which forced him to be easy on the good brake (skid marks by both wheels for the last 75 yards dispute this point and seem to indicate an excessively fast or long landing). At any rate the ship rolled off the end of the runway and the nose wheel collapsed. The fact that the main wheels never got off the end of the runway indicates that at this point the pilot had killed much of his speed, but the continued use of brakes greatly increased the down load on the nose wheel burying it in the soft earth. The extra resistance caused thereby overstressed the nose wheel assembly. It is believed at the accident was due 100% to pilot error, and 70% judgement and 30% technique. Whenever it appears impossible that a stop can be effected before rolling into soft earth, brakes should be released at the last moment to reduce the extra download on the nose wheel with the result that it will continue to roll.
57357310743PBernzen, Frank, Jr.1/Lt.O738335
573573107442CPHill, John D.2/Lt.O692789
57357310743BDragonetti, Thomas R.2/Lt.O746658
57357310743FEBrown, Gale F.S/Sgt.36448267
57357310743RGGrace, Thaddeus H.T/Sgt.34331037
57357310743AGLa Plante, John F.S/Sgt.11035865
SOURCE: MACR 05853, 42-95849. 19 Mar 1944
NOTES: Target: Grismont Military Installation. 42-95849 was flying box 1, first flight, No.2. It was hit by FLAK whilst turning away from the first bomb run and the fabric on left horizontal stabilizer was almost completely shot away. It fell away from formation with a badly smoking left engine. It rejoined the formation for the second bomb run and received a direct hit over the target. The tail was blown off aft of the turret and the aircraft turned over onto its back and fell towards the ground. 3 parachutes were seen, but there were no survivors.
57357310843PAdams, Frank B.Capt.O410126
573573108444CPMeek, William M.2/Lt.O680676
573573108432BWilliams, Billy F.2/Lt.O733244
57357310843FEBachman, Melvin L.Sgt.36058330
57357310843RGThomas, Alfis T.S/Sgt.18193531
573573108442AGSchoerlin, George L.S/Sgt.32173115
SOURCE: MACR 04482, 42-95829. 8 May 1944
NOTES: Target: Bonnieres, France. Adams received direct FLAK hit in his left engine. Bombs were salvoed. 3 parachutes seen leaving from rear of aircraft, 2 from bomb bay. Aircraft appeared to be under control. All crew survived and returned to duty.
573573109432PPorter, Harry D.1/Lt.O731656
57357310943CPCole, Donald E.1/Lt.O692948
573573109442BCarmichael, Wesley W.1/Lt.O741234
57357310943FEKessler, Eugene D.S/Sgt.36447728
573573109432RGHarris, Richard H.S/Sgt.13102001
573573109442AGHogan, John J.S/Sgt.11015495
SOURCE: MACR 05127, 42-95943. 28 May 1944
NOTES: target: Amiens M/Y, France. Box 2, high flight, No.6? Aircraft was hit by FLAK. The right engine was smoking with oil leaking from the oil cooler shutter. Gasoline was streaming from left engine. Kessler and Carmichael were captured soon after the crash. Harris and Porter evaded but were captured at Petite Sains near Arras, France July 1944. The fate of Cole and Hagan is not clear from the report, but other sources show that they successfully evaded capture.
573573110444PGoodson, Robert G.2/Lt.O542798
573573110444CPBerman, Edward P.2/Lt.O816036
573573110444BTaylor, Roscoe L.2/Lt.O749987
573573110444FEEverett, James R.Sgt.34721780
573573110444RGCorrigan, John F.S/Sgt.35535028
573573110444AGRaona, Louis T.Sgt.36129012
SOURCE: MACR 05547, 42-95850. 28 May 1944
NOTES: target: Maisons-Lafitte RR Bridge, France. Goodson's right engine hit by FLAK which burst into flames. He dropped out of formation with engine smoking and went into a shallow dive. 2 chutes were seen by witnesses. The right wing was seen to break off and the aircraft exploded. Goodson states that gunners bailed out through waist window and Officers through bomb bay. Markings of T*R found on wreckage. Everett was suffering from burns. All POW except Raona who evaded.
573573111444AGBell, William J.Sgt.19062484
SOURCE: MACR 06359?, 42-107834. 28 May 1944
NOTES: Bell appears on the US Army and Air Force Casualty Lists. USAAFDATA records state that date of death was 28 May 1944 and the aircraft serial number 42-107834. As no MACR can be found for this aircraft on this date and his name cannot be found in any MACR, I assume that only he was killed whilst flying in this aircraft. He is buried at: Plot G Row 7 Grave 160 Cambridge American Cemetery Cambridge, England. ADDENDUM: 391BG Mission Records show Bell was flying as tail gunner with Hartman in a/c 42-107806 on the afternoon mission of 28 May 1944 (#74). He was killed by FLAK, presumably over the target area. 573BS History (reel A0644 page 928) states that Bell died from wounds on the return to base whilst a fellow gunner was administering first aid.
573573112432PMitchell, Kenneth W.Capt.O731630
5735731124311CPSchiro, Alfred P.2/Lt.O757299
573573112432BFlessing, Donald W.1/Lt.O733172
57357311243NWechsler, Howard1/Lt.O797108
573573112432EGAppeldorn, Philip L.S/Sgt.35650937
573573112432RGWaldrip, Caley B.T/Sgt.14061439
573573112432AGHolland, Thomas H.S/Sgt.20363863
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95804. 29 May 1944
NOTES: Crashed on take off at Stansted/Sta 169. ADDENDUM: Suffered an engine failure on take off for the Orival mission on 29 May 1944. The aircraft flown by Capt. Kenneth W Mitchell, crashed at Mole Hill Green, about 1.5 miles SW of Stansted, Essex. The aircraft took off from runway 03 at Matching Green with 2 x 2,000lb bombs on board. Take-off was normal, but at about 200 feet altitude the right engine cut out, caught again briefly, then completlely cut out. The pilot sounded the alarm bell for a crash landing. Unable to maintain altitude and airspeed, the pilot flew straight ahead, and the co-pilot, Lt. Schiro cut the mixture control and switches for the left engine before the aircraft hit the tops of some trees. The aircraft hit the ground violently at 1130 hours and began to burn before coming to a stop. All the crew escaped before the aircraft exploded four minutes later.
573573113444PHartman, Louis E.1/Lt.O684328
573573113444CPArneson, Kenneth L.2/Lt.O690884
573573113432NCollins, Donald E., (Rip)1/Lt.O669007
573573113444FEPavinski, Adolphe L.S/Sgt.6995380
573573113444RGShearer, Donald R.T/Sgt.15118030
573573113446AGGrove, Edward N.Pvt.13200930
SOURCE: MACR 06359, 42-107834. 5 Jul 1944
NOTES: Target: Senoche F/D. 42-107834 was hit by FLAK and crashed near Foret de Dreux. One witness statement says that Hartman bailed out of top hatch, but was knocked out and failed to open parachute. CP and B suffered burns.
57357311443PClark, Robert H.1/Lt.O26154
57357311443CPParker, George L.1/Lt.O757263
57357311443BLemmon, Robert F.1/Lt.O666687
57357311443FECulshaw, John R.S/Sgt.33429297
57357311443RGRollings, William S.T/Sgt.33499791
57357311443AGSweren, John W.S/Sgt.39197686
SOURCE: MACR 09831, 42-95842. 28 Jul 1944
NOTES: Target: Grosley sur Risle, France. 42-95842 was hit by FLAK in the waist section near Thury Harcourt, France. The aircraft broke into two pieces which were seen to slowly spin down. Three crew were seen to bail out, one from the tail section and two from the forward section. In a subsequent statement, Parker states that he was wounded in his left leg and foot. Lemmon was trapped in the bombardier's compartment of the spinning aircraft, and Culshaw and Rollings had probably been killed when the 88mm shell exploded in the waist section. After bailing out and landing, Parker saw Sweren in the hands of the Germans. Parker was taken to hospital by the Germans for treatment of his wounds. Clark was seen bailing out by Parker, but it is currently unclear what happened to him.
573573115444PCrim, Herman L.2/LT.O747753
573573115444CPBinkley, Walter E.1/LT.O747720
573573115444BRolontz, Robert1/LT.O681808
573573115444EGNicholson, Richard A.S/SGT.17046721
573573115444RGMcFeeters, Harold R.S/SGT.35683202
573573115444AGMoyers, Rayford F.S/SGT.17015660
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-31978. 8 Aug 1944
NOTES: Taxiing accident at RAF Tangmere.
Second Lieutenant Norman L. Crim, O-747753, A.C., in ship B-26B35, AF. No. 41-31978 landed at Tangmere, Sussex (RAF) due to lack of petrol upon return from a combat mission.
When taxiing out for take-off, Lt. Crim did not take due care and caution and taxied into a building near the perimeter strip. This resulted in damage to the left wing of the airplane.
Accident due 100% to pilot's error (carelessness) in not analising the situation when taxiing.
No recommendations.
NOTE: The mission records show that Crim landed away from base after returning from mission #136 on 7th August 1944. After landing, it is likely that the aircraft needed repairs before it was able to leave Tangmere the following day.
573573116444PColsch, John W.1/Lt.O445975
573573116444CPKelley, William J.2/Lt.O688826
573573116444BKohler, John F.1/Lt.O746894
573573116448FEMiller, Henry A.Sgt.39408235
573573116444RGRaymond, Warren D.T/Sgt.16146455
573573116444AGBrandenburg, Verlin H.S/Sgt.17079342
SOURCE: MACR 07648, 42-95800. 13 Aug 1944
NOTES: Target: Cherisy RR Bridge, France. 42-95800 (Low flight, No.4. - Kohler) hit by FLAK, collided with adjacent aircraft 42-95834 (No. 5 - Boyd). Both aircraft broke apart and went into a spin. Coincidentally, low flight passed underneath lead flight at exactly the time of bomb release, which may mean that aircraft was struck by falling bomb from lead flight.
57357311744PBoyd, Ralph H.2/Lt.O691225
57357311744CPStiteler, Quentin W.F/OT122230
57357311744TOGTyler, Richard H.Cpl.33098152
57357311744FECraddock, Kenneth S.Sgt.39856341
57357311744RGWeaver, Joseph P.S/Sgt.18079799
57357311744AGYoung, Glen L.Sgt.37563389
SOURCE: MACR 07649, 42-95834. 13 Aug 1944
NOTES: Target: Cherisy RR Bridge, France. 42-95800 (Low flight, No.4. - Kohler) hit by FLAK, collided with adjacent aircraft 42-95834 (No. 5 - Boyd). Both aircraft broke apart and went into a spin. Coincidentally, low flight passed underneath lead flight at exactly the time of bomb release, which may mean that aircraft was struck by falling bomb from lead flight.
573573118432PBarker, Frederick E.2/Lt.O738331
573573118444CPReynolds, John J.2/Lt.O544730
57357311843NNetherton, William S.2/Lt.O807281
573573118432EGCrawford, Fred P.T/SGT.15331343
57357311843RGPuterka, JohnT/SGT.36224677
573573118444X (P)Walker, Hugh H.1/Lt.O670677
573573118444X (EG)Loukes, Eldon A.S/SGT.16013816
573573118444X (EG)Schaefer, Earl A.S/SGT.32280968
573573118444X (RG)Duerr, Warren G.S/SGT.11072788
573573118444X (RG)Mosher, Walter L., Jr.T/SGT.31218641
573573118448XBistagne, Mathieu T.2/Lt.O865793
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95801. 24 Aug 1944
NOTES: Landing accident at RAF Friston.
On 24 August 1944, at about 1615, Lieutenant Frederick E. Barker filed a clearance for a ferry trip to Friston Air Field. Previously, flying control at AAF Station 166 had called flying control at Friston and they reported the field in good condition and cleared us for a B-26 landing there. On arriving at Friston the pilot contacted flying control and was cleared for an immediate landing. Even though there was intermittent precipitation in the area; it was impossible for the pilot to ascertain the condition of the field from the air, and the slippery, soggy field was not reported to the pilot by flying control. A good landing was reported by the crew, however, there was not enough traction on the grass field to stop the B-26 at the end of the runway. In the opinion of the committee the cause for the accident would be considered entirely on the judgement of flying control. There are no recommendations.

The statement by 2/Lt. John J. Reynolds states:
1. On 24 August 1944 at about 1615, we were circling Friston air field. I, as co-pilot, contacted the tower for landing instructions and received them. We were to touch down on the very end of the field on a short strip of steel matting. We made a normal approach to a landing and the pilot, Lt Barker, decided that we would overshoot: so we went around again ano made another normal approach with wheels down and flaps down at approximately 140 m.p.h. to the runway. We touched the runway first on the steel matting and rolled until we hit the first hill on the runway where we bounced into the air again. We settled back down and everything was normal and under control. The pilot held the nose wheel off the ground to lose speed, but not for long as the runway is not too long. When the pilot put the nose on the ground and tried to apply the brakes, they did not respond to the pressure. At this time, we were about three fourths of the way down the runway and still traveling approxiwately 100 m.p.h. The pilot tried to apply the brakes again and found them to be no good. He then tried to ground loop the airplane, but could not. We saw that a crash was coming and relayed that information to the crew. I did not have time to pull up the wheels, but I cut off the mixture control and master and ignition switches before we hit the dirt embankment at the end of the runway. As we hit the embankment, the nose and main wheels were sheared off and we went over it and into a gravel pit on the other side of the embankment, which pit is about 30 to 40 feet deep and 55 feet wide. The last I can remember clearly is the plane crashing into the pit while I was holding the wheel in the forward position with one hand and opening the hatch with the other.
2. After the crash, I can remember being helped out of the plane by Lt Netherton who was riding in the radio compartment and remember seeing Sgt Schaefer and Puterka trying to get to the pilot and get him out of the airplane. The right engine was on fire but not burning too badly at that time. After. The above Sgts succeeded in getting the pilot out of the aircraft, Sgt Puterka went back and started throwing dirt upon the burning engine, and Sgt Schaefer continued to help Lt Barker up the hill and to the ambulance. Everyone was given immediate medical attention of the highest kind.
3. The weather at the time we arrived at Friston was a moderate rain, with visibility at approximately 1 to 2 miles. It would clear up in places and visibility would increase to 3 miles. On the field itself it was raining and the ground was soggy and slick. The tower cleared us to land at their field and did not report the slippery runway.

Barker, Netherton, Walker, and Bistagne sustained major injuries in the crash; the rest of the crew received minor injuries.

The reason for this flight was to ferry 2 minimal flight crews to Friston in order to fly 2 of the group's aircraft back to Station 166. These aircraft were likely to be 42-107671 (two cylinders out of lost engine) piloted by L/Col. Ljunggren, and 42-95808 (right horizontal stabilizer had 3 ribs broken, left engine mechanical failure) piloted by Capt. Jannsen. Both aircraft made emergency landings at Friston returning from mission #139 on 9 August 1944, and it is likely that repairs to these had been completed.

These personnel were all members of the 572nd Bomb Squadron, but flying a 573rd Bomb Squadron aircraft. Bistagne's role is not annotated on the report and no record of him has currently been found in the group's records.
ADDENDUM: Accident report for 43-22603 on 21 April 1945 shows that Bistagne was Engineering Officer.
573573119447PRice, Elma Z.2/LT.O813420
573573119447CPMoscovic, Frank P.2/LT.O821061
573573119447BPeters, Donald J.2/LT.O765679
573573119447EGHetrick, Robert J.Sgt.33435323
57357311944RGShuler, Melvin C., Sr.Sgt.6941952
573573119447AGHume, Thomas W.Sgt.39198466
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95797. 25 Aug 1944
NOTES: Target: Brest/Penscorff Coastal Defences. Mid-air collision between stabilizer of lead flight No.4 (42-95802 - Thorn) and left propellor of No.6 (42-95797 - Rice).

The statement by Rice in the accident report states "Returning from a combat sortie on the afternoon of August 25, 1944, number four ship in our lead flight was running low on gas and called up that he was going to leave the formation and land on the Cherbourg Peninsula for gas. I was flying left wing of number four ship, and acknowledged his call. I saw his plane leave the formation to the rear and well below me. I began to pull up on the lead element of the flight. Some time elapsed, when the plane came up from my left and under me. The instant I saw the plane coming up, I immediately try to pull up to avoid a collision but it was impossible.

The plane tore my left wing up a bit, and bent the left propeller, rendering the left engine inoperative. I immediately feathered the prop, and by the time I had the plane under control, I was to the left of course. With the bad wing, I could not hold my altitude. We broke below the overcast at approximately 3000 feet, just off the coast of the German held Island of Jersey, at which time we received intent accurate flak. I immediately tried to turn back to sea, at this time they shot my right engine out. [Peters (bombardier) reported in his statement that the engineer had tried to call Shuler on the interphone, but had not received an answer. Peters also stated that he saw Shuler lying against the skin of the ship, presumably dead or seriously injured.]

We immediately prepared for ditching. We ditched approximately 6 to 8 miles off the southeast coast of Jersey. [Witnesses state that Rice made a beautiful landing on the water. The aircraft floated for 5 to 10 seconds before its nose sank and the its tail rose up, and then it completely sank 5 to 10 seconds later.] After we hit the water, Captain Rutledge circled overhead and dropped a dinghy, and the naval vessel not far away shot a fix on him and got our position. The co-pilot, bombardier, engineer and myself hung on to a one-man dinghy for 1 hour and 20 minutes. We were picked up by a small boat sent out from the US Destroyer escort, and carried back and put on board the escort. My tail gunner bailed out the instant of the collision, and my radio operator was hit by flak at Jersey.

We remained with the escort overnight where we received excellent treatment from the Navy. PT boats picked us up the next morning, August 26, and carried us into Cherbourg, where we were taken to the 298th General Hospital. We were put under their care for a twenty-four hour observation. My bombardier had a dislocated shoulder and it was put back in place by the naval doctor. When we were released by the hospital we went to the Counter Intelligence Corps Headquarters and got orders so we could catch a plane back to England. We arrived in London the afternoon of August 27, and the Intelligence Dept got in touch with our base and transportation was arranged for the trip to our home field."

NOTE: According to his Escape & Evasion report, Hume landed in the sea near the French island of Brehat off the coast of Brittany and was rescued by a French fishing boat. He was then taken to the French mainland, where the FFI took him to a hotel in St. Quay. The FFI later took him to St. Brieuc where he was delivered to Allied Forces. He later returned to England by C-47. The crew loading lists show that Hume never flew with Rice, or any other 391st crew again, so it is likely that he was returned to the US because of his knowledge of some members of the French Resistance forces.

573573120432PThorn, David H.Capt.O793198
573573120432CPThomas, Arthur L.1/Lt.O693957
573573120432BParks, William H.1/Lt.O673256
573573120432NCalvert, Russell J.1/Lt.O798744
573573120432FEEvans, Omer L.S/Sgt.39283161
57357312043FEMeyer, Roy H.S/Sgt.18192313
573573120432RGAnnette, Edward J.T/Sgt.32304424
573573120442AGNorland, Carl E.S/Sgt.32251657
SOURCE: MACR 08058, 42-95802. 25 Aug 1944
NOTES: Target: Brest/Penscorff Coastal Defences. Mid-air collision between stabilizer of lead flight No.4 (42-95802 - Thorn) and left propellor of No.6 (42-95797 - Rice). Thorn lowered landing gear, one man bailed out, then aircraft went into spin. Calvert, who managed to bail out and was picked up by fishermen, stated that Thorn was low on gas and planned to land in Cherbourg and left the formation, but then decided to rejoin the formation and follow them to Cherbourg.
573573121449PPeters, Marvin L. W.2/Lt.O2056206
573573121449CPMerryman, Victor C.2/Lt.O738213
573573121449BGabriel, Henry D.2/Lt.O718093
573573121449FERobert, Jewell E.S/Sgt.17129729
573573121448RGKohn, Robert J.T/Sgt.33025843
573573121449AGBruce, John V.S/Sgt.37085934
SOURCE: MACR 09530, 42-107595. 12 Oct 1944
NOTES: Target: Grevenbroich. Peters was flying high flight, No.4. His aircraft was hit by FLAK whilst on the bomb run. His left engine began smoking and then his right engine failed 10 seconds before bomb release. After the turn away from the target, the formation was subject to heavy, intense, and accurate FLAK. Peters' aircraft lost speed and altitude rapidly, and he called Cassidy (the flight leader) to say that his crew were bailing out.
573573122449PAbraham, Clayton S.2/LT.O751078
573573122449CPBovie, Verne H.2/LT.O715700
57357312243BMikochik, John P.2/LT.O678379
573573122449EGChristiansen, ErikS/SGT.39012577
573573122449RGLemon, Floyd R.T/SGT.15017620
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34454. 13 Oct 1944
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Roye-Amy/A-73.
On October 13, 1944, Clayton S. Abraham, 2nd Lt, AC, was taxiing to his hardstand after landing from a non-operational flight in B-26G10, AAF #43-34454. Lt. Abraham allowed his attention to be entirely occupied with avoiding bad spots in the perimeter strip, and in doing so failed to pay proper attention to a parked truck. He struck the truck with about six (6) feet of his right wing, resulting in major damage to the aircraft.
5735731234411ACCSeck, Robert W.Sgt.18002000
573573123435RMGoodrich, William M., JrS/Sgt.32446868
573573123RMMoore, William L.Cpl.36539231
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34319. 29 Nov 1944
NOTES: Ground accident at Roye/Amy (A-73).

1. During the preflight of Airplane Serial #43-34319 by Sgt. Robert W. Seck (Assistant Crew Chief), ASN 18002000, on the morning of 29 November 1944 at 0630: Sgt Seck had completed the preflight inspection with exception of checking the blowers. While in the process of shifting the blowers, Sgt Seck heard a loud report on the left engine. He immediately stopped both engines and got out of the airplane to investigate.

2. He then discovered that the airplane had moved forward during the preflight, and the left propeller had struck a Weapons Carrier "USA #2182513", that had been parked in front of the Airplane during the preflight. The Propeller tips were bent upward approximately 4", necessitating a Propeller change.

3. S/Sgt William M. Goodrich, ASN 32446868, and Cpl. William L. Moore, ASN 36539231, were in the airplane checking the radio equipment at this time, S/Sgt Goodrich being in the radio compartment and Cpl. Moore in the Co-pilot's seat. Due to darkness the men were unable to see outside of the airplane, and none of them realized that the airplane had moved until the accident occurred. It is believed that during the preflight the wheel chocks were blown from under the wheels and Sgt Seck accidently released the left brake while in the process of changing blowers.

57357312444PClapham, Lloyd M.1/Lt.O690051
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34183. 11 Dec 1944
NOTES: Killed in crash 5 miles west of A-73 in 43-34183 due to engine failure.
57357312543PBoylan, Joseph J.Capt.O796289
57357312543CPBuerlein, Homer K.1/Lt.O693616
573573125447BSmith, William L.Capt.O659599
57357312543NDudley, Norman S., Jr.Capt.O669017
573573125448FEVehr, Robert U.S/Sgt.35794203
573573125449RGAdair, Alan E.T/Sgt.15196591
573573125448AGVichi, Edward A.S/Sgt.32867763
SOURCE: MACR 11662, 42-95825. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Target: Ahrweiler, Germany. Formation attacked by 50 to 75 enemy aircraft attacking in waves of 10 to 15 aircraft. 42-95825 was in a 3 ship lead flight and bombing was by flight in trail. Enemy aircraft had already attacked the low and high flights. After the lead flight turned off target, 30 enemy aircraft made single attacks from the rear. Abraham in 42-107747 wavered in formation and then dropped back. Explosive shells were seen striking Boylan in 42-95825. The wings, fuselage, and nacelles were hit. His speed fell to 180 and he nosed aircraft down. All crew survived and became POW. The only remaining aircraft of the lead flight, Dillard in 42-107806, then climbed and joined the lead flight of the box ahead.
573573126449PAbraham, Clayton S.1/Lt.O751078
573573126449CPBovie, Verne H.2/Lt.O715700
573573126448TOGWilson, WoodrowS/Sgt.13106559
573573126449FEChristiansen, ErikS/Sgt.39012577
573573126449RGLemon, Floyd R.T/Sgt.15017620
573573126449AGMurphy, Melvin E.S/Sgt.13115935
SOURCE: MACR 11663, 42-107747. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Target: Ahrweiler, Germany. Formation attacked by 50 to 75 enemy aircraft attacking in waves of 10 to 15 aircraft. 42-107747 was hit in rear and crew unable to control aircraft. Bovie states that Murphy may have bailed out as he saw another chute above him when he bailed out. Bovie saw the rest of crew in the aircraft wreckage.
573573127449PCox, Wilbur G.Capt.O791676
573573127449CPWinegar, Dan P.2/Lt.O768360
5735731274410BOstrom, Paul R.1/Lt.O731219
573573127447NTodd, Ernest E.1/Lt.O706986
573573127449FEMooney, Ira L.T/Sgt.13044644
573573127449RGVizi, Salvatore A.T/Sgt.32380447
573573127449AGBohm, Charles J.T/Sgt.32012302
SOURCE: MACR 14626, 42-95878. 23 Dec 1944
NOTES: Assigned to 574BS, 391BG, 9AF USAAF. Transferred to 1st Pathfinder Sqn, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) bombing mission to Euskirchen railroad bridge in B-26 42-95878 'Weary Lera' shot down by flak while leading 322BG crashed in flames near Bonn, Germany. (source: AAM -
573573128448PBaker, Kenneth L.2/Lt.O705098
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34447. 14 Jan 1945
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Roye/Amy (A-73).
573573129448PEdwards, George A., Jr.1/Lt.O689950
573573129448CPRhoda, Merton J.1/Lt.O817528
573573129BButler, Charles W.2/Lt.O722693
573573129448FEFranques, Lester E.S/Sgt.38267498
57357312944RGCoe, William J.T/Sgt.13157796
573573129448AGVelthouse, John J.S/Sgt.36464278
SOURCE: Accident Report, 44-67840. 16 Jan 1945
NOTES: KCRT at A-73. On 16 January 1945, 1st Lieutenant George A. Edwards took off on a combat mission in a B-26G15 aircraft, AF number for 44-67840, and crashed immediately after take-off. He was scheduled to fly No. 4 position in the high flight of the first box, and took off in the proper order in the formation. Ship carried bomb load of 2 x 2,000 lbs. G. P., fused 1/10 nose and non-delay tail. Take-off, as observed by personnel in the control tower and at other vantage points on the ground, appeared to be normal in every respect. Lieutenant Edwards started his take off run approximately 20 seconds behind the No. 3 ship of his flight and seemed to experience no difficulty in leaving the ground, his ship becoming airborne about two-thirds of the way down the runway. He had attained about 50 feet of altitude and had retracted his landing gear, when his left wing was seen to dip and the ship went into a turn to the left, meanwhile losing altitude rapidly. Examination of the marks left on the ground by the aircraft indicates that the left wing first struck the ground just off the upwind end of the take-off runway. After this first contact, the aircraft remained airborne for approximately 100 yards and then crashed into the ground. Both engines were turned off and the plane broke in two at the point just forward of the top turret. The forward part skidded about 100 yards beyond the engines and the tail section, which remained fairly close together. Personnel arriving immediately after the crash found the forward section on fire. The work of removing personnel from the wreck began at once and all crew members except the pilot had been removed when the bombs, still contained in the bomb bay, exploded. This explosion occurred approximately 10 minutes after the aircraft had crashed. Inspection of the two engine assemblies showed that the left and right engine propellers had lost 3 and 2 blades respectively, the complete blade in each case having been torn in its entirety from the propeller hub. Cause: 100% material failure. The board feels that this accident was the result of either complete or partial failure of the left engine immediately after take-off. Recommendations none. ADDENDUM: Edwards and Coe were pinned in the wreckage and died in the explosion. Although Velthouse escaped from the wreckage, he was killed by the concussion from the bombs. Rhoda and Butler received major injuries, with Franques suffering minor injuries. One of the medics, Pfc. George P. Thomas, was also injured by the explosion.
57357313044PDobda, Michael1/Lt.O816071
57357313044CPSink, Archie A.2/Lt.O814575
57357313044BBennett, Gilbert T.2/Lt.O759886
57357313044FEWeeks, Jeston R.S/Sgt.18061330
57357313044RGUhlig, Emil A.T/Sgt.33623397
57357313044AGBrown, Francis P.S/Sgt.37560657
SOURCE: MACR 12244, 42-95822. 13 Feb 1945
NOTES: Target: Euskirchen, Germany. 42-95822 direct flak hit on right engine and navigator compartment. The engine caught fire, the aircraft lost speed, peeled to right under control. 1, then 2 parachutes seen. The aircraft then went into a flat spin and then broke in two at the aft bomb bay. 2 more parachutes were seen to emerge from the front section. The crew later stated that the bombardier had got out of nose but couldn't get his parachute from the radio room due to an intense fire that had spread from the bomb bay.
573573131448PMosher, William V.2/Lt.O705766
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34319. 14 Feb 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Roye/A-73.
573573132451PEdwards, Atwood L.2/Lt.O719590
573573132451CPHorry, Harold L.2/Lt.O2066537
573573132451BWentworth, Jesse L., Jr.F/OT131572
573573132451FEHiggins, Charles E.Sgt.33511633
573573132451RGGuelzow, Lowell W.Sgt.36817902
573573132451AGEast, Samuel S.Sgt.33360705
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-35252. 12 Mar 1945
NOTES: Take off accident at Roye/A-73. On 12th March 1945, 2nd Lieutenant Atwood L. Edwards was scheduled to fly a B-26C25 aircraft, AF No. 41-35252, on a combat bombing mission. Edwards started his take-off on runway 10 in the normal procedure. He had reached the speed just under that at which the aircraft becomes airborne, when the tire of the right main gear deflated. He at once cut the throttle and held aircraft straight until right gear collapsed, causing the aircraft to swerve to the right off the runway. After leaving runway the right strut dug into the ground, turning the aircraft 90 degrees and bringing it to a stop. Main gear was wrecked and right wing was buckled. Cause: 100% material failure; aircraft structure. Recommendations: none.
573573133452PLentz, Homer W.2/Lt.O2058081
573573133452CPHutchings, Arden B.2/Lt.O2065005
573573133452BTaucher, Leonard M.2/Lt.O2072039
573573133452FEHiggins, Bill V.Sgt.16145328
573573133452RGCoxen, Harlon F.Cpl.39213789
573573133452AGBertram, John H., Jr.Sgt.19199128
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-95820. 12 Mar 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Roye/A-73. On 12th March 1945, 2nd Lieutenant Homer W. Lentz was scheduled to fly a B-26B45, AF No. 42-95820 on a local night transition mission. He received instructions for landing from the tower and then gave his co-pilot permission to land the plane. Because of ground haze he did not turn on the landing lights until in the round-out of the approach. When the lights came on, he saw that they were not lined up with the landing runway; instead of, they were to the right. Pilot gave co-pilot verbal orders to go around, which the co-pilot did not hear. At the same time the pilot retracted the wheels, and the co-pilot proceeded to land the aircraft with wheels partially retracted. Aircraft was completely wrecked due to this action. Cause: 100% pilot error. Poor judgement, in that incorrect decision was made. Recommendations: none.
573573134448PWalter, Philip S.1/Lt.O704994
573573134448CPStone, Jack C.1/Lt.O715848
573573134448BMuddiman, Thomas E.1/Lt.O712204
573573134448EGZayonc, Carl M.S/Sgt.17099675
573573134448RGZipperstein, Irving J.T/Sgt.15195067
573573134448AGTheis, Earl L.S/Sgt.37529790
SOURCE: Accident Report, 42-107806. 21 Mar 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Roye/A-73. On 21 March 1945, 1st Lieutenant Philip S. Walter was flying a B-26C45 aircraft, AF No. 42-107806, on a local night training mission. Lieutenant Walter made normal traffic pattern dropping his wheels while our base leg. He asserts positively, that gear indicator was in down and locked position before landing. He landed ship on runway to 28 approximately 50 yards from end of runway. After rolling approximately 2,500 feet, nose wheel was let down and brakes applied. As brakes were applied, the right main gear collapsed. The right engine and propeller have major damages, the right wing-tip, aileron, wheel-well doors, engine cowling and fuselage were damaged. In view of the fact that the down-lock was not actuated, it could not have engaged the switch which actuates gear indicator, gear indicator could not have possibly shown down and locked for right gear operation. Cause: 100% pilot error, carelessness. Pilot and co-pilot failed to accurately check the gear indicator prior to landing. Recommendations: None.
5735731354412PWalmsley, Robert E.O711050
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-39146. 25 Mar 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Perrone/A-73.
573573136446PDunn, Edmund B.2/Lt.O690065
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-39348. 11 Apr 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Roye/A-73.
573573137448PBaker, Kenneth L.1/Lt.O705098
573573137448BMorse, Keith A.1/Lt.O712203
573573137449NHenley, William C.Capt.O665918
573573137448AGWozniak, Richard J.S/Sgt.13124684
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22603. 21 Apr 1945
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Maastricht/Beek (Y-44).

On 21 April 1945, 1st Lt Kenneth L. Baker, was flying an-A-26C25 aircraft, A.F. #43-22603 on an operational mission. While returning from the mission, adverse weather conditions existed at the home base, Lt. Baker lost the home field, because of low ceilings and very poor visibility. He located Y-44, and made a decision to land there. This field is under construction and has no flying control. After landing, Lt Baker had to turn around at end of runway, to proceed to taxi-strip, as there were no strips at end of runway, onto which he could turn. Another aircraft landing behind him, made him taxi directly off the runway, in order to-avoid a collision of two aircraft. In so doing, the right wheel dropped into a hole, causing right prop to dig into the ground.

All three blades of the right prop were bent. One of two bombs, which had hung up, because of faulty shackles, fell, and slightly damaged the bomb-bay doors.

Immediate cause: Taxied into hole with right wheel damaging right prop blades.
Underlying cause: Pilot had to get off rurway to avoid landing aircraft colliding with his aircraft and no taxi strips were available at end of runway.
Responsibility: Airport terrain, one-hundred percent (100%).
Recommendations: None.

573573138448PWalter, Philip S.Capt.O704994
573573138448OBaker, Kenneth L.Capt.O705098
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22645. 4 May 1945
NOTES: Ground accident at Maastricht-Beek (Y-44).

On May 4 1945, Capt Philip S. Walter, flying A-26C25 type aircraft A.F. #43-22645, landed away from base at Station Y-44. After taking off from Y-44 and returning to base, Capt Walter found that the tips of his ship's left propeller blades had been damaged. Flight characteristics had been normal on return trip and Capt Walter had been unaware of his propeller striking any obstruction.

Upon return to Y-44 to ascertain the cause of damage, Capt Walter found a loose section of Hessian matting in the hardstand in which he had been parked. The matting showed a two-foot cut which was evidently caused by a turning propeller. The ground beneath the matting was soft enough to allow the plane's weight to depress the center of the section, thereby elevating its edge to a height which would allow it to be sucked into a rapidly revolving propeller.

Immediate Cause: Left propeller struck Hessian Matting.
Underlying Cause: Loose section of Hessian Matting was drawn into path of revolving propeller by propeller suction when engines were run up.
Responsibility: 100% Airport Terrain.
Recommendations: None.

573573139452PDuncan, Oliver L.Maj.O406830
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-39243. 21 May 1945
NOTES: Landing accident destroyed by fire at Wattisham/Sta 377.
573573140449PWilson, Hershel D.2/Lt.O758669
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-30411. 17 Jun 1945
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Vitry-en-Artois/B-50.
573573141449PJimenez, James A.2/Lt.O689059
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22667. 20 Jun 1945
NOTES: Taxiing accident at Vitry-en-Artois/B-50.
573573142453PJordan, John D.2/Lt.O836807
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-30411. 24 Jun 1945
NOTES: Take off accident due to engine failure at Vitry/ 7mi NW B-50. ASN and rank from Air Medal Awards, GO 6, Hq, 9th Air Division, 15 May 1945 (Reel B0427 page 1398).
573573143453PFlorine, Orville M.2/Lt.O687190
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-39590. 25 Jun 1945
NOTES: Crashed belly landing at Vitry/B-50.
573573144449PHagaman, John W., Jr.2/Lt.O797989
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-22601. 6 Jul 1945
NOTES: Landing accident at Rosieres/B-87.
573573145449PShoemaker, Kenneth E.1/Lt.O699782
573573145458CCRepar, Frank J.T/Sgt.20517870
SOURCE: MACR 14885, 43-22598. 6 Aug 1945
NOTES: It is assumed Shoemaker crashed landed at sea whilst on ferry mission.
573573146451PRichmond, Manley O.Maj.O401055
573573146458CPSowers, Elbert J.1/Lt.O2058029
573573146458NHanna, Robert C.1/Lt.O732466
573573146451CCGross, John K.S/Sgt.37316654
SOURCE: MACR 14863, 44-35303. 17 Aug 1945
NOTES: At 06:09, Major Richmond and crew left Marignane, France in A-26C Invader 44-35303 on route to Marrakech. The crew and aircraft were on a ferry mission and returning to the US. At 06:39 after reaching 8,000 feet and levelling off on course the aircraft was seen, by the 2 other aircraft accompanying (#4176 - Massoni and #9560 - MacFarren), to go into vertical dive. Wreckage was later seen floating in the sea south of Marseilles. It was reported that one body was seen floating in the water, and a life raft was dropped. However, when the life raft was later recovered, no survivors were found.
573573147448PWalter, Philip S.1/Lt.O704994
573573147448CPStone, Jack C.2/Lt.O715848
573573147448BMuddiman, Thomas E.2/Lt.O712204
573573147448EGZayonc, Carl M.S/Sgt.17099675
573573147448RGZipperstein, Irving J.T/Sgt.15195067
573573147448AGTheis, Earl L.S/Sgt.37529790
SOURCE: Accident Report, 43-34454. 5 Jan 1945
NOTES: Ground looped at Roye/A-73.

On 5th of January 1945 first Lieutenant Walter was flying a B26G10 aircraft, AF number 43-34454 on a combat mission. The mission was recalled 5 minutes before fighter rendezvous. Lieutenant Walter returned to the field in formation and prepared for a normal formation landing. After a normal approach and landing Lieutenant Walter had a blow out of his left main gear tire approximately 100 yards after touchdown. The pilot endeavored to keep the airplane straight and was successful for a short interval; however, the slippery condition of the runway finally caused him to slide off of the left edge. When the aircraft struck the soft soil it spun around and skidded, tearing off the right main gear, breaking the right wing and buckling the fuselage.

Cause: The accident was caused by 100% material failure, i.e. tire blew out.

Recommendations: None.

NOTE: This was a 573BS crew flying a 574BS aircraft.

573573148439PGilmore, James H.Capt.O412102
5735731484312CPDefoe, Donald G.2/Lt.O693011
5735731484312BBlackburn, Denny R.2/Lt.O744235
573573148432NJohnston, Harry W.1/Lt.O669053
573573148432EGBrode, Joseph J.Sgt.36566678
57357314843RGMilner, Harold R.T/Sgt.35459616
5735731484312TGBurkett, Bryce E.S/Sgt.19062183
SOURCE: SO-44, Hqs, IX Bomber Command, Par. 16 - transfer of air crew to 1st Pathfinder Squadron (M) Provisional. 14 Feb 1944
NOTES: Crew transferred to 1st Pathfinder Squadron (M) Provisional before 391st BG flew their first combat mission.
57357314944PBjork, Paul A.2/Lt.O684251
573573149444CPWilson, Gilbert E.F/OT1788
573573149NGreico, Joseph1/Lt.O792460
57357314944EGOrtega, JohnSgt.39282866
57357314944RGMass, Lloyd W.S/Sgt.35549183
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-17994. 5 Apr 1944
NOTES: Aircraft type B-26-B4, No. 41-17994 crashed on take off, immediately after becoming airborne, due to loss of power in the right engine. With this loss of power, after being airborne, the aircraft lost airspeed and altitude rapidly, forcing crash landing.
The investigating committee is convinced that the pilot used good judgement in making a wheels up landing after loss of airspeed. Also the committee find it impossible to determine any cause other than loss of power in right engine.
A proper and efficient pre-flight check was made. There are no recommendations for action to prevent repetition.
NOTE: This accident occurred at RAF Toome Bridge, Northern Ireland (a replacement crew training center) before this crew (except Greico) were assigned to the 573rd Bomb Squadron.
573573150435PBoyette, Norment G.2/Lt.O795349
573573150432CPAbernathy, William E.1/Lt.O731778
573573150439BDavis, John O.2/Lt.O741244
573573150432NKreiling, Charles H.2/Lt.O672951
57357315043CCParnell, Morris S.T/Sgt.18010718
SOURCE: Accident Report, 41-35067. 8 Oct 1943
NOTES: All crew were killed in aircraft 41-35067 on 8 October 1943 when it crashed after it got into an uncontrollable spin. Roles are assumed from existing role data and rank. Although Boyette's role was deduced as CP by elimination, he is attributed as Pilot on the accident report. Davis' forename comes from 573BS History (reel A0644 page 905), which also states that Parnell was a crew chief. Davis's ASN from 391BG Medical Journal (Reel B0427 page 1046).
ADDENDUM: Accident Report has since been received and details have been updated accordingly. Abernath's ASN is shown as O-731776. This crew was previously listed as crew #391101.
57357315244PMay, Winton L.2/Lt.O762049
573573152CPMichuda, Anton G.2/Lt.O819573
573573152BDoyle, William H., C2/Lt.O766161
573573152EGMaggini, Franklin L.Cpl.39127813
573573152RGLarue, Laverne F.Cpl.37663319
573573152AGHanewinckel, Gerald L.Cpl.39553104
SOURCE: SO-72, Hqs, AAB Barksdale Field, LA, Par. 11. 12 Mar 1944
NOTES: Apart from Doyle, this crew flew their first mission with the 573th Bomb Squadron on 1 August 1944. According to the crew loading lists, Sgt. Woodrow Wilson regularly flew as this crew’s togglier.
573573153449PCox, Wilbur G.Capt.O791676
573573153449CPFrick, Ralph L.2/Lt.O781276
573573153449BHorner, George S.Capt.O72635
573573153449EGMooney, Ira L.T/Sgt.13044644
573573153449RGVizi, Salvatore A.T/Sgt.32380447
573573153449AGBohm, Charles J.S/Sgt.32012302
SOURCE: SO-266, Par. 5; HQ, 70th Replacement Depot - Assignment of crews to various Bomb Groups. 22 Sep 1944
NOTES: Apart from Frick, this crew flew their first mission with the 573th Bomb Squadron on 7 October 1944. According to the crew loading lists, 2/Lt. Dan P. Winegar flew as this crew’s co-pilot. Frick flew as co-pilot with a number of different crews, and transferred from the 573rd to the 574th Bomb Squadron after December 1944. Winegar became the co-pilot of Cox’s crew who later were assigned to the 1st Pathfinder Squadron. Winegar and the rest of Cox’s crew were all KIA whilst leading the 322nd Bomb Group on 23 December 1944.
573573154449PWilson, Hershel D.2/Lt.O758669
573573154449CPMerryman, Victor C.2/Lt.O738213
573573154449BAllen, Don W.1/Lt.O689123
573573154449EGRobert, Jewell E.Sgt.17129729
573573154449RGJorgensen, Paul P.S/Sgt.19072783
573573154449AGFehrenkamp, Leroy G.Sgt.38243234
SOURCE: SO-266, Par. 5; HQ, 70th Replacement Depot - Assignment of crews to various Bomb Groups. 22 Sep 1944
NOTES: As per the order, this tentative crew was assigned to the group on 22 September 1944. The crew loading lists show this crew was split up and flew with various other crews. Most were assigned to the 573rd Bomb Squadron, except for Wegenek, Gould, and Harvey who were assigned to the 572nd.