Squadron Crew Year Month Role Name Rank Serial
5735730004312CPCronin, Joseph F.O693755
SOURCE: 391BG Mission Records: Medal Awards and Crew Loading Lists. 15 Feb 1943
NOTES: Cronin's name appears in the 391BG Mission Records (crew loading lists), but was not listed on the original website. They could appear in one or more website photographs.
57357300043w.cpEllertson, Wollert R.2/Lt.O692771
SOURCE: MACR 04482, 42-95829. 8 May 1944
NOTES: Co-Pilot - low flight, no.3. Direct FLAK hit in left engine, parts blown off.
57357300044w.cpJames, Warren S.2/Lt.O822016
SOURCE: MACR 09530, 42-107595. 12 Oct 1944
NOTES: Co-Pilot - high flight, no.6. Heavy, intense, accurate flak after turning off bomb run. Peters no.4. Hit by flak. 500 feet below. Left engine smoking. Right engine feathered. Still being hit by flak. Losing altitude rapidly. Peters called Cassidy (Flight Leader) to say they were bailing out. No chutes.
57357300044w.unkJames, Warren S.2/Lt.O822016
SOURCE: MACR 12244, 42-95822. 13 Feb 1945
573573000453CPKidd, Donald H.2/Lt.O835215
SOURCE: 391BG Mission Records: Medal Awards and Crew Loading Lists. 15 Feb 1943
NOTES: ASN obtained from SO-228 (see Documents / Orders section of this website).
573573000454w.unkMassoni, Robert J.1/Lt.O782771
SOURCE: MACR 14863, 44-35303. 17 Aug 1945
57357300043w.cpParker, George L.1/Lt.O757263
SOURCE: MACR 05127, 42-95943. 28 May 1944
NOTES: CP for Lt. Clark. Box 2, high flight, no.4. Porter's ship hit by FLAK under right wing. Oil coming out of oil cooler shutter. Dropped back and then pulled back into position but came too far to the right forcing us out of position (Porter no.6 ???). Then crossed beneath our flight, losing altitude.
573573000445CPReeves, Marion L.2/Lt.O678322
SOURCE: General Orders No. 141, Par. 1;HQ, Ninth Air Force 18 May 1944
573573000444w.cpWilson, Gilbert E.F/OT1788
SOURCE: MACR 05547, 42-95850. 28 May 1944
NOTES: Co-Pilot - same flight as Goodson. Smoke coming from oil cooler. Right wheel well aflame.